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4 Return names that mean return for boys, listing Return baby names 1-4. Nestor is a popular name. Nehemiah, Orestes and Orpheus are uncommon names. View Return baby names below for name meanings or search Return names for girls.

Nehemiah ... Biblical: the prophet assigned to lead the Jews on their return to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon ... [3]

Nestor ... who longed for the Trojan War to be finished so he could return to his home in Greece ... [4]

Orestes ... Upon the king's return from the Trojan War ... [3]

Orpheus ... The gods were so moved by his music that they agreed to her return on the condition that Orpheus not look back at her as he led her upward to the sky ... [2]

Popularity of Return names: Nehemiah, Nestor

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Yanai ... "He will answer." ...

Kiran ... "Beam of light." [2]

Alan ... with a boom around the 1950s influenced by the popularity of actor Alan Ladd ... [25]

Tarquin ... This event led to the downfall of the Tarquins and the change of elected consuls to rule Rome instead ... [3]

Leron ... "The circle." ...

Milan ... In Hindi it is derived from a Sanskrit expression meaning "a coming together" ...

Siegfried ... Name of the hero of Wagner's "Ring" cycle of operas ... [6]

Barker ... a barker is also someone who delivers a glib sales talk to attract customers. [1]

Twyford ... "Double river crossing." ...

Boyd ... Actor Boyd Gaines. [1]

Gaines ... [Gains] [3]

Nestor ... Also possibly "homecoming" ... [4]

Mead ... [Meed] [2]

Granger ... Grange organizations in the agricultural parts of America used to offer services to farm communities. [2]

Dorian ... in Oscar Wilde's novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" ... [6]

Price ... [3]