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Revolutionary Names

13 Revolutionary names that mean revolutionary for boys, listing Revolutionary baby names 1-13. Ethan, Fidel, Joseph, Marion, Nathan and Paul are popular names. Bolivar, Che, Cornwallis, Gage, Hale, Hampton and Lafayette are uncommon names. View Revolutionary baby names below for name meanings.

Bolivar ... The revolutionary Simon Bolivar (19th century) helped to liberate much of northern South America from Spanish rule. [2]

Che ... Latin-American revolutionary Che Guevara.

Cornwallis ... Famous English general in the revolutionary War George Cornwallis lost the battle of Yorktown to Washington and Lafayette ...

Ethan ... American patriot Ethan Allen was a famous Revolutionary War leader ... [4]

Fidel ... the revolutionary who became president-for-life of Cuba. [12]

Gage ... The British General Thomas Gage was Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. [1]

Hale ... Nathan Hale was a Revolutionary War hero famous for saying "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country". [5]

Hampton ... South Carolina planter Wade Hampton was an important soldier in the Revolutionary War and his grandson (of the same name) was a prominent Confederate general and later ... [1]

Joseph ... revolutionary Che Guevara ... [43]

Lafayette ... was only 20 when he came to serve four years in the American Revolutionary cause ...

Marion ... Revolutionary war soldier Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion. [1]

Nathan ... American Revolutionary hero Nathan Hale ... [5]

Paul ... Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere ... [26]

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Charles ... [Charley] [27]

Cuba ... since 1959 a Communist country under the control of Fidel Castro ...

Fabian ... [21]

Abiel ... Biblical name that the Puritans used in America ... [5]

Adam ... he was the first man created from the red earth of Eden ... [24]

Yancy ... giving us the word "Yankee" ... [3]

Garron ... and generally refers to an undersized and much-despised beast ... [9]