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73 River names that mean river for boys, listing River baby names 1-20. Cary, Christopher, Clarence, Clyde, Dana and Dane are popular names. Achilles, Alford, Alun, Ardian, Avon, Baptist, Bayou, Branch, Cimarron, Colwyn, Conway, Creek, Danube and Dart are uncommon names. View River baby names below for name meanings or search River names for girls.

Achilles ... having been dipped in the River Styx by his mother ... [15]

Alford ... "The old river-ford." [2]

Alun ... It is also the name of a river and a regional name in Wales ...

Ardian ... Ardian is derived from the river Arda in Northern Italy ...

Avon ... "River." ... The name of several rivers in England ...

Baptist ... The Christian prophet John the Baptist baptized Jesus with water in the River Jordan ... [5]

Bayou Geography name: a slow-moving river or swamp.

Branch ... A place name that probably refers to a branch in a river or a path.

Cary Surname and place name from an old Celtic river name ... [2]

Christopher ... The legend of Saint Christopher as the patron saint of travelers grew from the story of a giant who made his living carrying people across a river ... [32]

Cimarron Place name: a city in western Kansas and a river that runs 650 miles across the Great Plains from New Mexico to Oklahoma ... [3]

Clarence ... "One who lives near the River Clare." From a Celtic river name not connected with the given name Clare ... [11]

Clyde ... Place name: the River Clyde in Scotland which flows through Glasgow ... [1]

Colwyn ... Place name for a river in Wales. [2]

Conway ... "Holy river; hound of the plain." ... [1]

Creek "Small river." ... [1]

Dana ... Also possibly a place name referring to an English river ... [2]

Dane ... or if the person lived near the English River Dane ... [5]

Danube Geography name: the second largest river in Europe ... [1]

Dart ... Place name: the river Dart is a small river in southern England ... Dartmouth is a town at the mouth of the river ...

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