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275 Saint names that mean saint for boys, listing Saint baby names 101-120. David, Demetrius, Denis, Dominic, Don, Edgar, Edmund, Edward, Edwin and Elmo are popular names. Declan, Delphin, Desiderio, Dionysius, Dunstan, Edan, Efisio, Egbert, Eldred and Eloi are uncommon names. View Saint baby names below for name meanings.

David ... Saint David (sixth century) is the patron saint of Wales ... [21]

Declan ... The name of an Irish saint (sixth century) ...

Delphin ... Saint Delphin (fourth century) was a French bishop ... [8]

Demetrius ... Saint Demetrius (fourth century) ... together with Saint George ... was patron saint of the Crusaders ... [19]

Denis ... Saint Denis (third century) was the first bishop of Paris and is the patron saint of France ... [1]

Desiderio ... Saint Desiderius was a seventh-century bishop and martyr in France ... [11]

Dionysius ... Also the name of a man converted by Saint Paul ... [7]

Dominic ... Saint Dominic was the founder of an important monastic order ... [16]

Don ... Donnan was a seventh-century Irish saint ... [5]

Dunstan ... Place name. Saint Dunstan (10th century) restored the monastery system in England after the devastating Viking raids of previous decades. [3]

Edan ... A saint's name. [1]

Edgar ... Name of an English king and saint ... [11]

Edmund ... Name of a popular king and saint of East Anglia in the ninth century ... [16]

Edward ... King Edward the Confessor (11th century) was also a saint and came to be venerated in Europe as a model of a Christian king ... [19]

Edwin ... Saint Edwin (seventh century) was king of Northumbria and a martyr ... [10]

Efisio ... Saint Paul wrote two of his letters to the Ephesians ...

Egbert ... Name of two eight-century English saints and a ninth-century king of Wessex ...

Eldred ... From Ealdraed. Saint Eldred (ninth century) was a Benedictine killed by Vikings. [2]

Elmo ... the name of a fourth-century bishop-martyr who is patron saint of sailors ... The electrical phenomenon sometimes seen in the rigging of ships at sea is called Saint Elmo's fire ... [1]

Eloi ... Saint Eligius was a sixth century French metalworker and engraver of coins who later founded a monastery and a convent ... He is patron saint of blacksmiths, watchmakers ... [3]

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