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30 Second names that mean second for boys, listing Second baby names 1-20. Abel, Adrian, Alfred, Galen and Justin are popular names. Aniketos, Archimedes, Aristotle, Boaz, Da-, Danube, Darnley, De-, Eustace, Gaius, Hadrian, Ja-, Je-, Jedidiah and Jiro are uncommon names. View Second baby names below for name meanings or search Second names for girls.

Abel ... the second son of Adam and Eve ... [8]

Adrian ... The name was borne by the Roman emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus (second century AD) ... [27]

Alfred ... Queen Victoria named her second son Alfred ... [21]

Aniketos ... The name has survived in a small way in Catholic countries because of a second-century martyred pope who was later canonized. [3]

Archimedes ... The name of a brilliant Greek mathematician in the second century BC. [2]

Aristotle ... and given prominence in recent years by the fame of Jacqueline Kennedy's second husband ... [6]

Boaz ... including the second husband of Ruth ... [2]

Da- ... Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable ... [24]

Danube Geography name: the second largest river in Europe ... [1]

Darnley ... was the second husband of Mary ...

De- ... Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable ... Capitalizing the second syllable is optional ... [39]

Eustace ... Saint Eustace (second century) was a Roman general who was converted and martyred ... [11]

Gaius ... and the name of a Roman jurist in the second century ... [7]

Galen ... The name of a second-century Greek physician whose research provided a basis for accepted medical practices for 1500 years. [15]

Hadrian ... The Roman emperor Hadrianus (second century AD) was a gifted writer and architect ... [4]

Ja- ... Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable ... [17]

Je- ... Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable. [10]

Jedidiah ... David's second son by Bathsheba. [4]

Jiro ... "Second son."

Justin ... Saint Justin (second century) was a Greek philosopher who wrote of the moral values of Christianity ... [18]

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