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6 Side names related to or that mean side for boys, listing Side baby names 1-6. Brant, Cliff and Clifford are popular names. Amory, Dooley and Temani are uncommon names. View Side baby names below for name meanings or search Side names for girls.

Amory ... "This Side of Paradise" ... [4]

Brant ... a Mohawk and renowned strategist who fought on the British side during the American Revolution ... [4]

Cliff ... "Cliff-side slope." ... [3]

Clifford ... "Cliff-side ford." ... [4]

Dooley ... a fictitious Irish bartender on Chicago's West Side ...

Temani ... It literally means "on the right side" ... [2]

Related words: actor, bank, birth, bluff, board, book, border, boundary, branch, camp, character, coast, con, direction, edge, eye, family, fashion, favor, figure, hand, hero, hillside, house, lead, ledge, lee, lesser, light, lines, march, minor, philosophy, place, position, pride, protagonist, race, respect, school, seed, shore, sinister, skin, slope, stand, straight, support, system, team, twist, universe, villain, wing. Partial list of 14 results related to side below. Click on above related words for more results.

Aaron ... actor Aaron Eckhart. [37]

Antenor ... "Combatant, antagonist." ...

Manfred ... Used by Bryon for an antihero in an epic poem. [5]

Abbott ... the name may have originated as a teasing nickname for a man with the grave and pious attitude associated with an abbot ... [11]

Bancroft ... [Bank] [5]

Hooper ... Occupational name. Hoops are the metal circles used to bind barrels.

Benoni ... knew she was dying after his birth and called him Benoni, but Jacob, his father ...

Martin ... a man of mixed Spanish and Indian blood ... [17]

Hutton ... "Settlement on the bluff." ... [1]

Bingo Name of a very popular board game ...

Almanzo ... Surname. Famous from the "Little House" books ...

Clayborne ... "Brook near a clay-bed; border near a clay-bed." ... [7]

Ainsley ... which is borne by a powerful family long established in the Scottish borders. [7]

Freeman ... "A free man, one freed from bound servitude to an overlord." ... [7]

Popularity of Side names: Brant, Cliff, Clifford