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Throne Names

8 Throne names related to or that mean throne for boys, listing Throne baby names 1-8. Anthony, Cyrus, Oscar and Titus are popular names. Absalom, Melbourne, Modred and Uziah are uncommon names. View Throne baby names below for name meanings or search Throne names for girls.

Absalom ... He connived to steal his father's throne ... [7]

Anthony ... sat on the throne and had a tempestuous political career with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt ... [32]

Cyrus ... It may also derive from the Persian word for "throne". Historical ... [2]

Melbourne ... when Queen Victoria was on the throne. [8]

Modred ... Modred is Arthur's illegitimate son who attempts to claim his father's throne ... [1]

Oscar ... who ascended the throne of Sweden as Oscar I (or Oskar I). Thus ... [4]

Titus ... Before assuming the imperial throne ... [2]

Uziah ... He was on the throne when Isaiah was prophesying. [1]

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Derby ... Also the name of a hat with a hard round crown ... [2]

Abbott ... An abbot is the head of a religious community of monks living in a monastery ... [11]

Gerald ... [Jerry] [33]

Alun ... Alun became popular after it was used as a bardic name by John Blackwell (19th century).

Carson ... TV hosts Johnny Carson ... [5]

Ammon ... The town of Ammam in Jordan is situated in what was Ammon. [2]

Ackerley ... Place name. Surname used as a given name. [8]

Bing ... "The hollow shaped like a pot." ...

Abel ... he is a pre-Christian martyr and is invoked as a saint in the litany for the dying ... [8]

Popularity of Throne names: Anthony, Cyrus, Oscar, Titus