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Treasure Names

3 Treasure names that mean treasure for boys, listing Treasure baby names 1-3. Jasper is a popular name. Gaspar and Kaspar are uncommon names. View Treasure baby names below for name meanings or search Treasure names for girls.

Gaspar Possibly Persian, "he who guards the treasure" ... [9]

Jasper ... Also possibly (Persian) "treasure holder" ... [4]

Kaspar Variant of Caspar (Persian) "keeper of the treasure" ... [1]

Related words: abundance, bear, cash, diamond, fortune, foster, gold, guard, ideal, independence, jewel, joy, library, material, money, museum, nurse, pearl, pool, pride, prize, provisions, rick, store, stores, value, wealth, winner, worship. Partial list of 17 results related to treasure below. Click on above related words for more results.

Asher ... was promised a life blessed with abundance ... [2]

Ardal ... "High or bear-like valor." [1]

Cash ... Singer Johnny Cash. [1]

Bancroft ... Huwe Howe Bancroft was a prominent historian in the western America whose collection forms the nucleus of the Bancroft Library of the University of California. [5]

Diamond ... Actor Lou Diamond Phillips.

Habakkuk ... "Embrace." ... [2]

Ayers ... "Heir to a fortune."

Forest ... [Foster] [5]

Rhodes ... who gave his name to both a country (Rhodesia) and a scholarship fund for outstanding students from England's former colonies to study at Oxford in England ... [3]

Chantrey ... was an endowment of funds to support the singing (chanting) of masses for an individual's soul. [1]

Garner ... Actor James Garner. [2]

Alamar ... "Gilded, covered with gold." ... [1]

Alvar ... meaning "all guard" in Old German ... [5]

Jaeger ... is an Aramaic name meaning "heap of stones; marker". [2]

Akira ... "Bright, clear, ideal."

Carroll ... Signer of the Declaration of Independence Charles Carroll. [6]

Diamond ... A jewel name ...

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