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Turkey Names

4 Turkey names related to or that mean turkey for boys, listing Turkey baby names 1-4. Anatole, Antioco, Mustafa and Turk are uncommon names. View Turkey baby names below for name meanings or search Turkey names for girls.

Anatole ... Anatolia is a region of Turkey ... [8]

Antioco ... Antioch is a city in what is now Turkey that was a center of Christianity from around 300 AD until the 18th century. [3]

Mustafa ... Also the name of a Turkish general who helped found modern Turkey. [1]

Turk ... "From Turkey." [1]

Related words: chick, rooster, tom. Partial list of 16 results related to turkey below. Click on above related words for more results.

Buster ... Derived from the word "bust", from "burst" ...

Charles ... [Chick] [27]

Drake ... Originally Drake designated the man who kept the inn with the dragon trademark ... English explorer Sir Francis Drake. [4]

Donald ... Linked nowadays to the cartoon duck created by Disney ... [1]

Fulton ... "Settlement of the fowl; people's estate." ...

Frost ... Poet Robert Frost.

Fry ... [Fryer] [2]

Gannet ... "Goose." ... [1]

Skeet ... Skeet shooting is a sport about shooting a a clay "pigeon" or tossed target with a rifle ...

Hancock ... May possibly relate to poultry ... [1]

Coburn ... meaning "stream of the rooster" ... [4]

Berger ... Occupational name. Game show host Tom Bergeron. [1]

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