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Victorian Names

9 Victorian names related to or that mean victorian for boys, listing Victorian baby names 1-9. Arthur, Bertram, Cecil and Trevor are popular names. Ewart, Garnett, Gillies, Plantagenet and Ransom are uncommon names. View Victorian baby names below for name meanings or search Victorian names for girls.

Arthur ... Tennyson's "Idylls of the King" (19th century) and the Victorian romanticism of things medieval and of Arthurian legend in particular promoted its use ... [Aart, Arrt, Art, Artair, Arte, ... 12 more]

Bertram ... This name was adopted by Normans and revived in the Victorian era ... [Bart, Bartram, Beltran, Beltrano, Bert, ... 8 more]

Cecil ... Cecil Rhodes was an industrialist and founder of Rhodesia in the Victorian era ... [Cecilio, Cecilius, Cecyl, Celio]

Ewart ... probably first used as a given name in honor of the Victorian statesman William Ewart Gladstone (19th century) ... [Evart, Evarts, Evert, Ewert]

Garnett ... boys may have been named for a famous Victorian soldier ... [Garnet]

Gillies ... In Scotland in Victorian times ... [Ghilles, Ghillies, Gilles, Gillis, Gilliss]

Plantagenet ... Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope named his powerful English duke "Plantagenet Palliser".

Ransom ... Used as first name mainly in the late Victorian era. [Ransome]

Trevor ... Used outside of Wales in the Victorian era ... [Trefor, Trevar, Trever]

Related words: classical, medieval, narrow, puritan. Partial list of 11 results related to victorian below. Click on above related words for more results.

Alaric ... Alaric I was the Gothic king of the Visigoths who plundered Rome in AD 410 ... [Al, Alarick, Alarico, Aleric, Alerick, ... 9 more]

Apollo ... Apollo has come to symbolize the classical and intellectual aspects of thought ... [Apollon, Apollos, Apolo]

Penn ... he forsook the comforts of a genteel life to found Pennsylvania (in Latin, "Penn's woods") ... [Pen]

Addison ... a medieval (and occasional modern) pet form of Adam ... [Ad, Addeson, Addie, Addy, Adison, ... 1 more]

Anscom ... Place name. "Combe" is an Old English term for a deep, narrow valley. [Anscomb, Anscombe, Anscoombe]

Abiel ... Biblical name that the Puritans used in America ... [Abiell, Abyel, Abyell, Ahbiel, Aviel]

Top 1000 ranking of Victorian names: Arthur, Bertram, Cecil, Garnett, Ransom, Trevor

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