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Page 1 of 3. 46 Young names that mean young for boys, listing Young baby names 1-20. Albert, Buck, Bud, Colin and Devin are popular names. Amal, Aviv, Bala, Balfour, Baron, Becher, Bowen, Brigham, Caius, Camilo, Channing, Cockrell, Colt, Comus and Corbett are uncommon names. View Young baby names below for name meanings or search Young names for girls.

Albert ... made famous by Albert Einstein who devised the theory of relativity as a young man ... [27]

Amal ... Familiar to Americans as the young hero of Giancarlo Menotti's often-performed opera ... [3]

Aviv ... It can also mean "young grain".

Bala ... "Young one." [1]

Balfour ... David Balfour is the young, idealistic hero ... [4]

Baron ... "Young warrior." ... [4]

Becher ... "Young man, first born."

Bowen ... "Son of Owen; son of the young one." [2]

Brigham ... Mormon leader Brigham Young. [3]

Buck ... used as a given name or nickname that denotes a robust and spirited young man ... [4]

Bud ... It can also refer to a sprouting plant or a young boy ... [4]

Caius ... This referred to the minature soldier's footwear he wore when he was young ... [7]

Camilo ... Could possibly be traced back to the young girls who assisted at pagan religious ceremonies ... [2]

Channing ... "Young wolf; official of the church." ... [6]

Cockrell ... "Young rooster." [2]

Colin ... "Young creature." ... [6]

Colt ... "Young horse; frisky." ... [3]

Comus ... He is usually represented in art as a young man with a torch and a goblet.

Corbett ... "Young crow." [2]

Devin ... May also possibly mean "young deer" ... [5]

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Popularity of Young names: Albert, Baron, Bowen, Buck, Bud, Camilo, Channing, Colin, Colt, CorbettPopularity of Young names: Devin