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Al- baby names and what they mean, with 135 results. Al- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names reached its highest 2 decades ago (adoption of 5.88%) and is somewhat less today (adoption 3.64%, 38.1%), with names like Alma becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable birth names among these are Alexa (#32), Alina (#172), Alaina (#176), Alessandra (#276) and Alaia (#664), while Albino (top 7%) and Alsip (12%) are familiar Al- surnames. Here is the list of Al- names for boys.

Al- names

Alaia - Albreda | Alby - Aleeza | Alegra - Alicia | Alida - Alizah | Alla - Aloisa | Aloisia - Alumina | Alura - Alzena

Alaia - Albreda

Alaia and variantsAlaia, var. Alaya, Alayah
From Arabic, Hebrew, Basque words. "Exalted, sublime; to ascend; joyful." Alaa is also a somewhat popular girl's name.

Elaine and variantsAlaina1, Alayna1, Alayne1, Allaine1
Forms of Elaine. Derivative of Greek word. "Sun ray." Common, and Alaina, Alayna are similar to popular surnames Arbona (top 53%), Antuna (14%), with the -na suffix.

Alaine and variantsAlaine1, var. Alaina2, Alane1, Alayna2, Alayne2, Aleine, Alaynna, Alenne, Aleyne1, Allaine2, Alleen1, Allayne, Alleine, Allena1, Allene1, Allyn1, Alline
From Old German element. "Precious." Usage of Alaine, Alayna, etc. as children's names in 2015 was up 5% compared to the year before.

Alair, var. Allaire
Based on Latin word. "Cheerful." Alair and Allaire are irregularly used as women's names, and Allaire is found regularly (top 10%) as a surname.

Root fr. Greek. "War-like." Alala is not often used as a children's name. See also Ayala.

Source fr. Hawaiian language. "Ripe, precious." A rare birth name. See also Alma.

Alana and variantsAlana, var. Alaina3, Alaine2, Alanah, Alane2, Alanis, Alani, Alanna, Alannah1, Alawna, Alene, Alayne3, Aleyna, Aleynah, Aleyne2, Allana, Alie1, Alleen2, Allena2, Allene2, Alleyne, Alleynah, Allina, Allinah, Allyn2, Alona, Allyna, Alonna
Source fr. Old German, Hawaiian. "Precious; awakening." Usage of Alana and variants as girls' names in 2015 was up 32.1% compared to 10 years ago.

Source fr. Old German element. "Precious." Alannah has risen in favor as a children's name since the 1880s. See also Alonna.

Based on Old German element. "Ready for battle." Not that popular as a baby name.

Source fr. Native American Indian. "Sweet gum tree." Agaqua and Alaaga are creative forms.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Alaia, Alaina, Alana, Alanah, Alane

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Alani, Alanis, Alanna, Alannah, Alaya

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Alayah, Alayna, Alaysia, Alba, Albert

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Alberta, Albertha, Albertina, Albertine, Albina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Alene, Aleyna, Ali, Allana, Alleen

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Allena, Allene, Alli, Allie, Alline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Ally, Allyn, Alona, Alonna, Alva

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Al- names: Alverta, Alvina

Alarice, var. Alarica, Alaricka, Alarieka, Allaryce
Stems fr. Old German language. "Noble, regal ruler." Not in Top 2000.

Alastair, var. Alasdair, Alastrina, Alastriona
From Scottish, Greek. "Man's defender." Uncommon. Alastair and variants are not listed in the US Census.

Var. of Zlata. From Czechoslovakian, Slavic. "Golden." Outside Top 2000.

Origin fr. Hawaiian language. "Light of dawn or sunset glow." Rare, with the favored feminine -la suffix, like Adela.

Invented name similar to Malaysia. Adoption of Alaysia as a birth name in 2015 was 75.4% more than a decade ago. See also Aloysia.

Alba and variantsAlba1, var. Albane, Albia, Albina1, Albine, Albinka1, Albinia1, Alby, Alva1
Origin fr. Latin. "White." Usage of Albina and Alva as baby names has fallen off circa 1890-1899.

Alberga, var. Alberge
Based on Latin, Old German words. "White; noble." Outside Top 2000.

Alberta and variantsAlberta, var. Al, Albert, Albertha, Alberthine, Albertine, Albertina, Ali, Alie2, Alli, Ally, Allie, Alverta
Origin fr. Old English. "Noble, bright." Ali, Allie and Ally are in the Top 2000.

Albinia and variantsAlbinia2, var. Alba2, Albina2, Albinka2, Alva2, Alvina
Source fr. Latin language. "White, fair." Alba (top 23%), Albina (38%), Alva (27%) and Alvina (27%) are familiar as given names, whereas Albinia and Albinka are unusual.

Source fr. Old German word. "Elf counsel." Unique. Albreda, similar to Aleida, Alleda, ends with -da. See also Alfredah.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Al- names for girls.

1. Alaia - Albreda
Alaia [Alayah, ..], Elaine [Allaine, ..], Alaine [Allyn, ..], Alair [Allaire], Alala, Alamea, Alana [Alonna, ..], Alannah, Alanza, Alaqua, Alarice [Allaryce, ..], Alastair [Alastriona, ..], Zlata [Alatinka], Alaula, Alaysia, Alba [Alva, ..], Alberga [Alberge], Alberta [Alverta, ..], Albinia [Alvina, ..], Albreda

Ailbhe [Alvy, ..], Alcestis, Alcina [Alzina, ..], Alcinda [Allcinda, ..], Alda [Alida, ..], Aldina, Aldis [Aldith], Ailith [Aldith], Aldona, Aldonza, Aldora [Aldara], Helen [Alyona, ..], Eleanor [Allinor, ..], Elise [Alease], Electra [Alectra], Aledwen, Aileen [Alline, ..], Eileen [Aline, ..], Elysia [Aleeysia], Aleeza [Alitza, ..]

Alegra [Allegria, ..], Alena [Alenka], Olena [Alena], Alesia [Alessia], Alessandra [Alyssandra, ..], Alesta, Aleta [Allette, ..], Alethea [Alithia, ..], Alex [Alix], Alexandra [Alyxandra, ..], Alexandria, Alexis [Alyx, ..], Alfonsine [Alphonsine, ..], Alfreda [Allie, ..], Elfrida [Alfrieda, ..], Ali, Aliana [Alianna], Adelaide [Alyosha, ..], Alice [Alyssa, ..], Alicia [Alyssia, ..]

Alida [Alydah, ..], Alika, Aliki, Alima, Alina [Alyne, ..], Alinda, Aline, Adeline [Aline], Alisa [Alyssah, ..], Alison [Alysoun, ..], Elissa [Alyssa, ..], Alita, Alivette, Olivia [Alyvia, ..], Alix [Alissandrine, ..], Elixyvett [Alixyvetta, ..], Elizabeth [Alixyveth], Aliya [Alliah, ..], Eliza [Alizah, ..], Alizah [Alyza, ..]

Alla [Alya, ..], Ella [Alla], Allegra [Allie, ..], Halleli [Alleluia], Allena [Alynne, ..], Mallory [Allerie], Allie [Ally, ..], Elmira [Almyra, ..], Allura [Alura, ..], Allyriane, Alma [Allma, ..], Almarine [Almerine, ..], Almeda [Almitah, ..], Elmina [Almina, ..], Almera [Almyra, ..], Almodine, Almond [Almondine, ..], Aloe, Aloha, Louise [Aloysia, ..]

Aloisia [Aloysia, ..], Aloma, Elena [Alona], Alona [Alonia, ..], Alondra [Alandra], Alonsa [Alonza], Alouette [Alowette, ..], Heloise [Aloysia], Eloise [Aloysia], Alpha [Alfa], Alphonsine, Alta [Altha, ..], Altagracia [Altagrazia, ..], Altaira [Altair], Althea [Althia, ..], Altheda, Aludra, Alufa, Aluma [Alumit, ..], Alumina [Allumina]

Alura [Allura, ..], Alva [Alvit, ..], Alvar [Alvera, ..], Alvara, Alvarita, Elvina [Alvinia, ..], Alvera, Alverdine, Alvina [Alwyne, ..], Elvira [Alvira], Alvita, Alya, Alysia [Alyssia], Alyssa [Alyssia, ..], Alzena [Alzina, ..]

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