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Ama- baby names and what they mean, with 30 results. Ama- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the 1980s (adoption of 2.49%) and have become much less widespread since (adoption 0.29%, 88.5%), with names such as Amanda becoming less trendy. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Amalia (#828), Amara (#461), Amari (#475), Amaris (#789) and Amaya (#212), while Amano (top 25%) and Amann (7%) are conventional Ama- last names.

Ama- names

Ama - Amanpreet | Amantha - Amaya

Ama - Amanpreet

Origin fr. Ghanaian. "Born on Saturday." Adoption of Ama grew in the 1890s.

Amabel1, var. Ama2, Amabelle
Source fr. Latin. "Lovable, amiable." Common, and Amabel is comparable to popular last names Arambel (top 95%), Asbel (77%), which also end with -bel.

Amabel2, Amable, Amaybel, Amaybelle, Amayble
Var. of Mabel. Stems fr. English, Latin elements. "Lovable." Ajabel and Amayne are creative variations.

Amada and variantsAmada1, var. Amadea1, Amadia, Amadita, Amata1
Based on Latin. "Lovable." Amada is widely used as a children's name among these variations.

Amada2, Amata2
Var. of Amy. From Old French, Latin languages. "Beloved." Amada and variants were popular as birth names 95 years ago.

Amadea2, var. Amadee
Derived fr. Latin. "God's love." Amadea and Amadee are not Top 2000 names.

Amadore, var. Amadora
Root fr. Italian. "Gift of love." Amadore and Amadora are unconventional as feminine names.

Amala and variantsAmala, var. Amahl, Amahla, Amal
From Arabic language. "Hope." Amala, Amahl, etc. became more trendy in 2015, rising on average +59 positions as birth names with Amal gaining the most.

Emily and variantsAmalea1, Amalia1, Amalie1
Forms of Emily. Source fr. Latin element. "Rival; laborious; eager." Amalia and variants were favored as baby names in 2015.

Amalea2, Amalee, Amaleta, Amalia2, Amalie2, Amalina, Amalija, Amaline, Amalita, Amaliya, Amaly, Amalyna, Amalya, Amalyne, Amalyta
Var. of Amelia. Origin fr. Latin, Old German languages. "Rival, eager work." Usage of Amalea, Amalya, etc. as birth names in 2015 was 10.9% more than a year ago.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ama- names: Ama, Amada, Amal, Amalia, Amalie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ama- names: Amanda, Amani

Amalfi, var. Amalfey
.. Italian town and part of coastline .. Amalfi and Amalfey are scarcely used as female names, and Amalfi is found commonly (upper 97%) as a last name.

Amalida, var. Amaleeda
Origin fr. Old German word. "Hardworking woman." Amalida and Amaleeda were not Top birth names in 2015.

Amalinda, Amalynda
Var. of Amelinda. Stems fr. Latin, Spanish. Combined form of "beloved" and "pretty". Amalinda and Amalynda are uncommon as birth names.

Amalthea, var. Amaltheia
Derivative of Greek language. Greek mythology .. Amalthea and Amaltheia are rarely adopted as children's names.

Derived fr. Hebrew. "Loyal, faithful." A rare children's name. See also Amata.

Amanda and variantsAmanda, var. Amada3, Amandah, Amandi, Amandie, Amandine, Amata3, Amandy
Source fr. Latin word. "Fit to be loved, lovable." Amata (upper 65%), Amanda (69%) and Amada (88%) appear often as surnames.

Amande, Amandina
Forms of Almond. .. May refer to skin tone, or .. Not in Top 2000.

Derived fr. Hindi word. "Lamp of peace." Not in popularity charts. See also Amande.

Source fr. Kiswahili element. "Peace." Unisex name. Prominent, with usage of 0.018% for Amani as a birth name in 2015, though lower than 0.021% the previous year.

Based on Hindi word. "One who loves peace." Amanpreet was not a Top birth name in 2015.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ama- names for girls.

1. Ama - Amanpreet
Ama, Amabel [Ama, Amabelle], Mabel [Amabel, Amable, Amaybel, Amayble, Amaybelle], Amada [Amata, Amadia, Amadea, Amadita], Amy [Amada, Amata], Amadea [Amadee], Amadore [Amadora], Amala [Amal, Amahl, Amahla], Emily [Amalea, Amalia, Amalie], Amelia [Amaly, Amalya, Amalita, Amaline, Amaliya, Amalyne, Amalyta, Amalyna, ..], Amalfi [Amalfey], Amalida [Amaleeda], Amelinda [Amalinda, Amalynda], Amalthea [Amaltheia], Amana, Amanda [Amata, Amada, Amandi, Amandy, Amandah, Amandie, Amandine], Almond [Amande, Amandina], Amandeep, Amani, Amanpreet

Amantha, Amapola [Ama], Amara [Amargo, Amarra, Amargoe, Amargot, Amarinda], Amarantha [Amarande, Amaranta, Amarante, Amaranthe], Amarilla, Amaris [Amari, Amarit, Amariah, Amarissa], Amaryllis [Amarilis], Amata, Amethyst [Amathyst, Amatista], Amaya [Amaia]

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