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Bel- baby names and what they mean, with 16 results. Bel- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the year 2010 (USAGE OF 0.5%) and are somewhat less popular today (USAGE 0.3%, DOWN 33%), with names such as Belle becoming less in vogue. Belen (#757) is the most contemporarily stylish birth name among these, while Belote (TOP 11%) and Bellah (13%) are popular Bel- last names.

Bel- names

Bel - Belva

Isabel and variants

Bellita1, Belle1, Bella1, Bell1, Belita1, Belia, Belicia, Bel1
Forms of Isabel. Derived fr. Hebrew element. "God is my oath." Beila is also a marginally prominent kid's name.

Arabella and variants

Belle2, Bella2, Bel2
Var. of Arabella. Stems fr. Latin word. "Prayerful." Belle (UPPER 5%), like Beville (UPPER 14%), Welle (13%), is a popular -lle suffix surname.

The name is used in English .. Not in Top 2000. See also Bellina.


Based on Spanish element. "Bethlehem." Adoption of Belen as a birth name in 2016 was up 39.3% compared to the previous year. See also Helen.

Form of Rosa. Stems fr. Latin language. "Rose." Beliarosa is rarely used as a birth name.

Belinda and variants

Belinda1, var. Belynda, Bellynda, Bellinda, Belle3, Belindra, Bel3, Belenda
Based on Italian language. "Beautiful." Belinda and Belle have trended downward in favor as children's names since the 1880s.

Belita2, var. Bellita2
Derived fr. Spanish. "Little beauty." Belita and Bellita are unique as baby names.

Elizabeth and variants

Belle4, Bella3, Bell2, Belita3
Forms of Elizabeth. Origin fr. Hebrew. "God is my oath." Belita is rarefied as a baby name among the versions of Elizabeth.


Based on English word. .. Also surname used as given name. Unisex name. Usage of Bell for girls has dwindled circa 1880-1889.

Bella and variants

Bella4, var. Belva1, Bellissa, Belle5, Bell4, Bel4
Derivative of Italian, Latin words. "Beautiful." Adoption of Bella, Bel, etc. as children's names in 2016 was down 3.7% compared to 2015.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bel- names: Belen, Belia, Belinda, Bell, Bella

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bel- names: Belle, Belva, Belvia

Origin fr. Italian. "Blond." Not generally used as a birth name, Bellanca exists more often as a surname.

Var. of Blanche. Derivative of Old French, Old German words. "White, pure." Bellanca is an uncommon women's name, occurring often (TOP 23%) as a surname.


Form of Amabel. Source fr. Latin language. "Lovable, amiable." Belle is familiar (UPPER 25%) as a feminine name, and is found regularly (UPPER 5%) as a surname. See also Billey.

Belle and variants

Belle7, var. Belvia, Belva2, Bellina, Bellette, Bella5, Belisse, Bell5, Belinda2
Derivative of French word. "Beautiful." Belle and variants became more trendy in 2016, rising on average +9 positions as girls' names with Belle gaining the most.

Bellona, var. Belona
Based on Latin language. "Goddess of battle." Compare last names Bellone, Bellora.

Belva and variants

Belva3, var. Bellva
.. Author Belva Plain. Somewhat common as baby names, Belva and Bellva are similar to the conventional Melva.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Bel- names for girls.

1. Bel - Belva
Isabel [Bel, Bell, Belle, Bella, Belia, Belita, Bellita, Belicia], Arabella [Bel, Belle, Bella], Belanna, Belen, Rosa [Beliarosa], Belinda [Bel, Belle, Belynda, Belenda, Bellynda, Bellinda, Belindra], Belita [Bellita], Elizabeth [Bell, Belle, Bella, Belita], Bell, Bella [Bel, Bell, Belva, Belle, Bellissa], Bellanca, Blanche [Bellanca], Amabel [Belle], Belle [Bell, Belva, Bella, Belvia, Bellina, Belisse, Belinda, Bellette], Bellona [Belona], Belva [Bellva]

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