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Ca- baby names and what they mean, with 135 results. Adoption of these girl names reached its apex in the 1940s (adoption of 6.2%) and has become significantly lower since (adoption 1.9%, 69.4% less), with names such as Caryn becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable baby names in this compilation are Caroline (#62), Cali (#232), Camila (#43), Catalina (#325) and Callie (#196), while Carillo (top 5%) and Cage (4%) are common Ca- surnames. Here is the list of Ca- names for boys.

Ca- names

Cabalina - Caitrionagh | Cala - Callula | Calpurnia - Candra | Candra - Carey | Cari - Carnation | Carol - Cassie | Cassiopeia - Cayla

Cabalina - Caitrionagh

Root fr. Spanish, Latin words. "Having to do with horses." Caralina is a moderately common kid's name.

Form of Claudia. Stems fr. Latin. "Lame." Uncommon. Compare Cacau and common -au surnames Compau (upper 72%), Cau (72%). See also Cacy.

Var. of Cecilia. Source fr. Latin, Old Welsh words. "Blind; sixth." Caceli and Casel are creative variations. See also Camelia.

Acacia and variantsCacia, Cacie, Casey, Casha, Cassie1, Casia, Cassy, Caysha
Var. of Acacia. From Greek language. "Thorny tree." Casey and Cassie have faded in popularity as children's names since the 1980s.

Cadence and variantsCadence, var. Cadance, Cadena, Cadenza1, Cady1
Root fr. Latin. "With rhythm." Cady and forms were popular as birth names a decade ago and are less popular today.

Form of Kadenza. From Latin language. "With rhythm." Cadenza was not a Top birth name in 2015.

Stems fr. French element. "Younger." Cadette was not among 2015's Top names. See also Nadette.

Based on Irish. "Beautiful, graceful." Uncommon. Cadhla (cf. Camela) uses the feminine -la suffix. See also Caihla.

Cady and variantsCady2, var. Cade, Cadee, Cadey, Cadi, Cadye, Cadie, Caidie
Based on Greek language. "Pure." Somewhat common as birth names, Cadey, Cady, etc. are comparable to the common Cathy.

Kayla and variantsCaela, Caihla, Caila, Cala, Cayla, Calla, Caylie1
Var. of Kayla. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Slim and fair." Usage of Cayla and variants peaked in 1999 and is lower today, with Cayla going out of style.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Cadance, Cadence, Cady, Caelyn, Cailey

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Cailin, Cailyn, Caitlan, Caitlin, Caitlyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Caitlynn, Calla, Caren, Cari, Carin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Caron, Carri, Caryn, Casey, Cassey

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Cassi, Cassie, Cassy, Catalina, Catarina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Cate, Catelyn, Catharine, Catherine, Catheryn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Cathie, Cathleen, Cathrine, Cathryn, Cathy

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ca- names: Catina, Catlin, Catrina, Cayla, Caylie, Caylin

Derived fr. Vietnamese word. "Feminine." Not in Top 2000. Unisex name.

Kalila and variantsCailey, Cailie, Caylie2
Forms of Kalila. Origin fr. Arabic word. "Darling, beloved." Somewhat common as girls' names, Caylie, Cailey, etc. are pronounced like the common Cayla.

Cailin and variantsCailin, var. Caelan, Caelyn1, Caileen, Cailyn1, Caylin1
Origin fr. Gaelic language. "Girl." Cailin, Caelyn, etc. are rarely found as women's names.

Form of Ceinwen. Origin fr. Welsh. "Beautiful and white, blessed." Also used for boys. Cain is rarely adopted as a children's name.

Kate and variantsCait1, Caitie1, Cate1, Catee, Catie1, Catey
Var. of Kate. .. Writer Kate Chopin. Cait, Caitie, Catee, Catey and Catie are more rarefied as girls' names among the variant forms of Kate.

Katherine and variantsCait2, Caitlin1, Caitlinn1, Caitrin1, Caitriona, Caitrine, Caitrionagh1, Caity1, Caren, Carin, Cari, Caron, Caronne, Carren, Carrin, Carri, Carron, Caryn, Carynn, Cassey, Cass, Cassi, Cassie2, Cat, Cataleena, Cataleen, Catalin, Catalina, Cataline, Catarine, Catarina, Cate2, Cateline1, Caterina, Cathaline, Cathaleen, Catharin, Catharina, Catharine, Catharyne, Catharyna, Cathee, Cathelina, Catherina, Catheryn, Catherine, Cathie, Cathirin, Cathiryn, Cathline, Cathleen, Cathlyne, Cathrine, Cathrinn, Cathrynn, Cathryn, Cathy, Cathye, Cati, Catina, Catie2, Catlaina, Catreen, Catreina1, Catrina1, Catrin, Catrine, Catriona1, Catrionagh1, Caty, Catryna, Cay, Caye
Var. of Katherine. From Greek word. "Pure." Caitlin, Cari, Caryn, Cassie, Catharine, Catherine, Cathleen, Cathrine, Cathryn, Cathy, Catina and Catrina have diminished in popularity as birth names circa 1880-1889.

Caitlin and variantsCaitlin2, var. Caelin, Caelyn2, Caetlin, Cailen, Cailyn2, Cailene, Cailynn, Cait3, Caiti, Caitilin, Caitie2, Caitlan, Caitland, Caitlandt, Caitlen, Caitlann, Caitlinn2, Caitlyn1, Caitlyne, Caitrin2, Caitlynn, Caity2, Calen, Calin, Calynn, Calyn, Catelan, Cateline2, Catelinn, Catelynn, Catelyn, Catlain, Catlin, Catline, Catlynn, Catlyn, Catriona2, Cayelin, Caylen, Caylyn, Caylin2
From Old French, Greek languages. "Pure." Adoption of Caitlin and variants as baby names in 2015 was 77.1% less than the previous decade.

Kaitlin and variantsCaitlin3, Caitlyn2
Forms of Kaitlin. Phonetic form of Caitlin .. Caitlin and Caitlyn are Top 2000 baby names.

Origin fr. Greek language. "Pure." Unusual. Caitrin (cf. Carrin, Carin) uses the common -rin suffix. See also Kaitrin.

Katrina and variantsCaitrionagh2, Catreena, Catreina2, Catrina2, Catrionagh2, Catriona3
Forms of Katrina. Stems fr. Greek word. "Pure." Less widespread today. Catrina was the form last recorded (2005) in the Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ca- names for girls.

1. Cabalina - Caitrionagh
Cabalina, Claudia [Cacau], Cecilia [Cacelia], Acacia [Caysha, ..], Cadence [Cady, ..], Kadenza [Cadenza], Cadette, Cadhla, Cady [Caidie, ..], Kayla [Caylie, ..], Cai, Kalila [Caylie, ..], Cailin [Caylin, ..], Ceinwen [Cain], Kate [Catie, ..], Katherine [Caye, ..], Caitlin [Caylyn, ..], Kaitlin [Caitlyn, ..], Caitrin, Katrina [Catrionagh, ..]

Cala, Kallista [Cally, ..], Calandra [Calynda, ..], Calantha [Cally, ..], Caledonia, Selena [Calina, ..], Selina [Calina, ..], Kaylee [Cayley, ..], Calico, Calida [Callida, ..], California, Calista [Calysta, ..], Calla, Callan [Calynn, ..], Callidora, Callie [Cally, ..], Kallie [Callie], Calligenia, Calliope [Callyope, ..], Callula

Calpurnia, Caltha, Calvina [Calvinne, ..], Calypso [Callypso, ..], Cambria [Cambree, ..], Camellia [Cammelia, ..], Kamea [Cameo], Cameo [Cammeo], Cameron [Camryn, ..], Camilla [Camylle, ..], Kamilla [Cammie, ..], Campbell, Canada, Candace [Candyce, ..], Candelaria [Candeloria, ..], Candia, Candice [Candyss, ..], Candida [Candy, ..], Kandace [Candy, ..], Chandra [Candra]

Candra, Candy [Candie, ..], Canna, Cantara, Caoilainn [Caelyn, ..], Caoimhe, Caparina [Caprina], Capri [Capree], Kapri [Caprice], Caprice [Caprise, ..], Capucine, Kara [Carita, ..], Cara [Carry, ..], Carabelle [Carrabelle, ..], Carden [Cardon, ..], Careen [Carreen], Karen [Carynne, ..], Charis [Carrissa, ..], Caresse [Carressa, ..], Carey [Cary, ..]

Cari, Ceridwen [Cari], Charity [Carita, ..], Carina [Carita, ..], Corinna [Carynne, ..], Corinne [Carrine, ..], Carinthia, Charisma [Carisma], Carissa [Carrissa, ..], Carita [Caritta], Carla [Carlyse, ..], Charlotte [Carlyne, ..], Carlene [Carlyn, ..], Carlin [Carling], Carlotta [Carlota], Carly [Carlyta, ..], Carmel [Carmy, ..], Carmen [Carmyta, ..], Carna [Carnyella, ..], Carnation

Carol [Caryll, ..], Carolina, Caroline [Cary, ..], Carolyn [Carylon, ..], Caron [Carron, ..], Carondelet [Carondella, ..], Carrie [Cary, ..], Carrington [Carington], Carson [Cason], Carwen, Caryl, Carys [Caris], Casey [Cazzi, ..], Casilda [Cassilda], Casiphia, Cass [Cassy, ..], Cassandra [Cassy, ..], Cassia, Cassidy [Cassity, ..], Cassie [Casy, ..]

Cassiopeia [Cassiopia], Castalia [Castallia], Catarina [Caterina, ..], Kathleen [Cathleen, ..], Catherine [Cazzy, ..], Kathy [Cathy, ..], Cathleen [Catlin, ..], Cathy [Cathie, ..], Catrice [Catreece], Catrin, Catriona [Catroina, ..], Colleen [Cauleyne, ..], Cavanaugh [Cavanagh], Kay [Caye], Cayla [Caylie, ..]

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