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Cath- baby names and what they mean, with 6 results. Cath- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity during 1950-1959 (usage of 1.08%) and are now much less widespread (usage 0.12%, 88.7% less), with names such as Cathy going out of style.

Cath- names

Cathaleen - Cathy

Kathleen and variantsCathaleen1, Cathaline1, Cathleen1
Forms of Kathleen. Stems fr. Irish, Greek elements. "Pure." Unique, with the common feminine-sounding -leen ending for Cathaleen, Cathleen, like Caileen.

Katherine and variantsCathaleen2, Cathaline2, Catharin1, Catharina1, Catharine1, Catharyna1, Cathee1, Catharyne1, Cathelina1, Catherina1, Catherine1, Catheryn1, Cathie1, Cathiryn1, Cathirin1, Cathleen2, Cathline1, Cathlyne1, Cathrine1, Cathrinn1, Cathrynn1, Cathryn1, Cathy1, Cathye1
Forms of Katherine. From Greek element. "Pure." Popular, and Catharine, Catherine (34%), Cathrine are comparable to common -rine last names Crumrine (top 11%), Carine (55%).

Catherine and variantsCatherine2, var. Cath1, Catha, Cathaleen3, Cathaline3, Catharin2, Catharina2, Cathatyna, Catharine2, Catharyna2, Catharyne2, Cathe, Cathee2, Catheirn, Cathelina2, Cathelin, Cathelle, Cathenne, Catheren, Catherin, Catherina2, Cathern, Catherinn, Catheryn2, Cathi1, Cathie2, Cathirin2, Cathiryn2, Cathlene, Cathleen3, Cathline2, Cathlyne2, Cathrine2, Cathrinn2, Cathryn2, Cathrynn2, Cathryne, Cathy2, Cathye2, Cathyleen
From Greek word. "Pure." Catherine (upper 1%), Cathy (4%), Cathleen (15%), Cathryn (22%), Cathrine (28%), Catharine (30%), Cathie (35%), Cathi (46%), Cathern (81%), Catheryn (93%), Catherin (93%) and Catherina (100%) are conventional feminine names.

Kathy and variantsCathie3, Cathy3
Var. of Kathy. From Greek word. "Pure." Used somewhat frequently as birth names, Cathie and Cathy are similar to the familiar Cathi.

Cathleen4, var. Cathaleen4
Source fr. Greek word. "Pure." Cathleen is commonplace as a birth name compared to Cathaleen.

Cathy and variantsCathy4, var. Cath2, Cathi2, Cathia, Cathie4
Root fr. Greek language. "Pure." Less popular today. Cathy was the version last found (2004) in the Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Cath- names for girls.

1. Cathaleen - Cathy
Kathleen [Cathleen, Cathaleen, Cathaline], Katherine [Cathy, Cathye, Cathryn, Cathline, Cathlyne, Cathrine, Cathrinn, Cathrynn, ..], Catherine [Cathy, Cathye, Cathryn, Cathrinn, Cathrine, Cathrynn, Cathryne, Cathyleen, ..], Kathy [Cathy, Cathie], Cathleen [Cathaleen], Cathy [Cath, Cathi, Cathia, Cathie]

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