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Char- baby names and what they mean, with 27 results. Char- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex in 2015 (ADOPTION OF 1%), except for names like Charity which have fallen out of style. The most fashionable girl names in this list are Charlotte (#9), Charlie (#207), Charlee (#282), Charleigh (#528) and Charley (#517), while Chartier (TOP 4%) and Charlier (22%) are conventional Char- last names.

Char- names

Charalin - Charlesetta | Charlie - Charo

Charalin - Charlesetta

Charilynn, Charilyn, Charelynn, Charelyn, Charelin, Charalynne, Charalin, Charalyn
Var. of Cherilyn. Source fr. French word. "Dear." Rare. Charalyn (compare Coralyn) uses the unconventional feminine -alyn suffix.

Chardonnay, var. Chardonay
Name of the grape and the .. Rare. Compare Chardonnay, Chardonay with popular surnames Chanay (TOP 85%), Caroway (99%), which also end with -ay.

Var. of Cherie. Source fr. French language. "Dear, darling." Charle (TOP 84%), Chadee (99%) are familiar last names. See also Cherye.

Charrela, Charela
Forms of Harela. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "The Lord's mountain." Charela and Charrela were not among 2015's Top names.

Charyl1, Charil, Charelle1, Charell
Var. of Cheryl. Source fr. French, Greek. "Cherry fruit; green gemstone." Scarce. Charell and variants are not found in the US Census.

Cha- and variants

Charis1, Charice1, Charelle2
Var. of Cha-. Based on American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Charis is prevalent (TOP 84%) as a given name, whereas Charelle and Charice are irregularly used.

Form of Sharon. From Hebrew language. "A fertile plain." Chain and Chanin are creative forms. See also Caron.

Charis and variants

Charis2, var. Charysse, Charista, Charisse1, Charissa1, Charisha1, Charish1, Charisa, Charise, Charie, Charice2, Chari, Charese, Charesa, Chareese1
From Greek element. "Grace." Less widespread today. Charis was the variant last listed (2014) in the Top 2000.

Charisha2, Charish2
Var. of Cherish. Derivative of English, Old French words. "To treasure and care for; dear." Rare as girls' names, but Charish and Charisha are similar to the more common Charissa.


Charisma1, var. Charisma2
Origin fr. Greek word. "Blessing." Charisma is unique as a female name. See also Charissa.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Char- names: Charis, Charise, Charisma, Charissa, Charisse

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Char- names: Charity, Charla, Charlee, Charleen, Charlene

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Char- names: Charlesetta, Charli, Charlie, Charline, Charlotta

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Char- names: Charlotte, Charly, Charlyn, Charlyne, Charmaine


Root fr. Greek element. "Grace." Used somewhat frequently as a baby name, Charissa is similar to the common Carisa. See also Charisa.

Form of Carissa. Stems fr. Latin, Greek languages. "Beloved; grace." A moderately quaint children's name nowadays, but Charissa still exists frequently as a feminine first name. See also Corissa.


Form of Cerise. Stems fr. English, French. "Cherry." Charisse was popular as a birth name in the 1970s. See also Chrissee.

Derivative of Hindi. "Of pleasant character." A rare birth name nowadays, though Charita still occurs commonly as a first name for women. See also Charitey.

Charity and variants

Charity, var. Charty, Chariza, Charitye, Chariti, Charitey, Charitee, Charisse3, Charita2, Charissa4, Charis3, Chariety, Charidy, Chareese2
Derivative of Latin word. "Dear, beloved." Charis and variants rose in popularity during 1970-1979 and are now less popular, with Charity going out of style.

Carol and variants

Charyl2, Charmion, Charmian, Charmaine, Charmain, Charlotte, Charlene1, Charlotta, Charlena1, Charleen1, Charla1
Forms of Carol. From Old German word. "Free man." Usage of Charlene and Charmaine as girls' names has dwindled since the 1940s.

Caroline and variants

Charlyne1, Charline1, Charlene2, Charlena2, Charleena1, Charleen2, Charla2
Var. of Caroline. Based on Old German word. "Free man." Somewhat common as birth names, Charla, Charlena, etc. are similar to the popular Carli.

Charla and variants

Charla3, var. Charlynn1, Charlyn1, Charly, Charlie1, Charli, Charlene3, Charlee
Stems fr. Old German word. "Free man." Charlee, Charli and Charlie have grown progressively more popular with parents since the 1880s.

Charlene and variants

Charlene4, var. Charlita, Charlisa, Charline2, Charlynn2, Charlyne2, Charlyn2, Charlien, Charlina, Charlie2, Charlena3, Charleesa, Charleene, Charleena2, Charlayne, Charleen3, Charlanna, Charlaine, Charla4, Char
Derived fr. Old German word. "Free man." Charlie (TOP 28%), Charleen (33%) and Charlyn (86%) are familiar as given names.

Charlesetta and variants

Charlesetta, var. Charlice, Charlesina, Charlesette
From Old German. "Free man." Used somewhat frequently as children's names, Charlice, Charlesetta, etc. are comparable to the common Charlie.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Char- names for girls.

1. Charalin - Charlesetta
Cherilyn [Charalyn, Charalin, Charelin, Charelyn, Charilyn, Charelynn, Charilynn, Charalynne], Chardonnay [Chardonay], Cherie [Charee], Harela [Charela, Charrela], Cheryl [Charyl, Charil, Charell, Charelle], Cha- [Charis, Charice, Charelle], Sharon [Charin], Charis [Charish, Charise, Charisa, Charisha, Charissa, Charista, Charisse, Charysse, ..], Cherish [Charish, Charisha], Charisma [Charisma], Charissa, Carissa [Charissa], Cerise [Charisse], Charita, Charity [Charty, Charita, Chariti, Chariza, Charisse, Charitee, Charitey, Charitye, ..], Carol [Charyl, Charmain, Charlene, Charmian, Charmion, Charlotta, Charmaine, Charlotte, ..], Caroline [Charla, Charleen, Charlyne, Charlena, Charline, Charlene, Charleena], Charla [Charli, Charly, Charlee, Charlie, Charlyn, Charlene, Charlynn], Charlene [Charlyn, Charlina, Charlien, Charlyne, Charlynn, Charlisa, Charline, Charlita, ..], Charlesetta [Charlice, Charlesina, Charlesette]

Charlie [Charyl, Charli, Charly, Charlea, Charlee, Charley, Charleigh], Charlize, Charlotte [Charo, Charty, Charyl, Charmian, Charmion, Charolett, Charolette, ..], Carmen [Charmaine], Charmaine [Charmyn, Charmese, Charmene, Charmian, Charmion, Charmyan, Charmisa, Charmine, ..], Charmian [Charmin, Charmyan, Charmiane], Charo

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