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Cy- baby names and what they mean, with 22 results. Cy- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity during 1950-1959 (ADOPTION OF 1.65%) and are now significantly less popular (ADOPTION 0.03%, 98.3%), with names like Cynthia falling out of fashion. Cyree (TOP 90%) and Cymbal (86%) are common Cy- last names. Here is the list of Cy- names for boys.

Cy- names

Cyanea - Cyrene | Cyrilla - Cytherea

Cyanea - Cyrene

Derivative of Greek language. "Sky blue." Cyanna is a slightly prominent baby name. See also Chana.

Cybilla, Cybill1, Cybil1, Cybele1
Var. of Sibyl. Based on Greek element. "Prophetess, oracle." Unusual. Compare Cybill and common -ll last names Covill (UPPER 28%), Chill (28%).

Cybele2, var. Cybille, Cybel
Root fr. Greek language. "Great mother of the gods." Cybeli and Sabele are creative variations.

Cybill2, Cybil2, Cybele3
Forms of Sybil. Stems fr. Greek language. "Prophetess, oracle." Cybele, Cybil and Cybill are not often adopted as children's names.

Cybil3, var. Cybill3
Source fr. Greek word. "Great mother of the gods." Scarce as girls' names, but Cybil and Cybill are similar to the more conventional Sybil.

Sydney and variants

Cydnie, Cydney1
Forms of Sydney. From Old English word. "Wide island." Cydnie is unconventional as a birth name among the versions of Sydney.

Cydney2, var. Cydnee
Based on Old English. "Wide island." Cydnee is unconventional as a girls' name among the forms of Cydney.

Form of Seema. Source fr. Hebrew, Aramaic words. "Treasure." Cyma is rarely occurring as a women's name. See also Cyn.

Source fr. Greek element. "Flourishing, expecting a baby." Only sporadically used as a birth name. See also Cama.

Cymbeline, var. Cymbaline
Origin fr. Gaelic element. "Sun lord." Uncommon. Cymbeline and Cymbaline are not listed in the US Demographics.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cy- names: Cydney, Cyndi, Cyndy, Cyntha, Cynthia

Root fr. Greek word. "Thistly plant." Not widespread. Cynara is not found in the US Census. See also Cyndra.

Cindy and variants

Cyndy1, Cyndie1, Cyndi1, Cyndee1
Var. of Cindy. Origin fr. English, Greek elements. "From Mount Kynthos." Cyndee and Cyndie are more unique as birth names among the versions of Cindy.

Form of Cinnamon. Derivative of Greek word. .. It is the inner bark of .. Not in popularity charts.

Form of Hyacinth. Root fr. Greek word. "Hyacinth." Not in Top 2000. See also Cynda.

Cynthia and variants

Cynthia, var. Cytia, Cythia, Cyntia, Cynthya, Cynthea, Cynthie, Cyntha, Cynth2, Cynnie, Cyndra, Cyndy2, Cyndie2, Cyndia, Cyndi2, Cynda, Cyndee2, Cyn
Root fr. Greek element. "From Mount Kynthos." Well-used, with usage of 0.028% for Cynthia, Cytia, etc. as baby names in 2015, though lower than 0.03% the previous year.

Cyprienne1, Cypriana
Forms of Cipriana. Derived fr. Italian element. "From Cyprus." Unusual, with the -nne suffix for Cyprienne, like Corrienne, Corrianne.

Cypris, var. Cyprienne2, Cyprien, Cyprianne, Cypriane
Derived fr. Greek. "From the island of Cyprus." Unique, with the -ris suffix for Cypris, like Chris, Cloris.

Cyra, var. Cyrah1, Cy
Based on Greek word. "Lord." Cyra, Cy and Cyrah were not Top birth names in 2015.

Cyrilla, Cyrah2
Var. of Cira. Derivative of Greek word. "Lord." Outside Top 2000.

Cyrene, var. Cyrina, Cyrena
Root fr. Greek word. "Sovereign queen." Cyrene, Cyrena and Cyrina are unusual as baby names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Cy- names for girls.

1. Cyanea - Cyrene
Cyanea, Sibyl [Cybil, Cybele, Cybill, Cybilla], Cybele [Cybel, Cybille], Sybil [Cybil, Cybele, Cybill], Cybil [Cybill], Sydney [Cydney, Cydnie], Cydney [Cydnee], Seema [Cyma], Cyma, Cymbeline [Cymbaline], Cynara, Cindy [Cyndi, Cyndy, Cyndee, Cyndie], Cinnamon [Cynnamon], Hyacinth [Cynth], Cynthia [Cynth, Cytia, Cyntia, Cythia, Cyntha, Cynthya, Cynthie, Cynthea, ..], Cipriana [Cypriana, Cyprienne], Cypris [Cyprien, Cypriane, Cyprianne, Cyprienne], Cyra [Cy, Cyrah], Cira [Cyrah, Cyrilla], Cyrene [Cyrena, Cyrina]

Cyrilla [Cyrille], Cytherea

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