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Fr- baby names and what they mean, with 20 results. Fr- names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in the 1910s (USAGE OF 1.57%) and have become much less common since (USAGE 0.2%, DOWN 87%), with names like Francine falling out of fashion. Freya (#266), Frida (#694) and Francesca (#467) are three of the more trendy girl names among these, while Friday (TOP 3%) and Friel (5%) are popular Fr- last names. Here is the list of Fr- names for boys.

Fr- names

Fran - Fruma

Fran and variants

Fran1, var. Franny1, Frannie1, Franni1, Frannee, Frani
Derivative of Latin language. "French." Fran (cf. Gran, Cran) is a popular -ran suffix surname.

Francene and variants

Francene1, var. Franceen1
Variant spelling of Francine. Less widespread today. Francene was the variant last listed (1960-1969) in the Top 2000.

Frances and variants

Frances, var. Fronia, Franziska, Franzi, Franzetta, Fransabelle, Fransabella, Franny2, Frannie2, Franni2, Frankie1, Franky, Franki, Franka, Frank, Frania, Franie, Francyne, Francoise, Franciska1, Francine1, Francisca1, Francie, Francia, Franci, Francey, Franchesca1, Francette, Francetta, Francess, Francene2, Francesca1, Franceline, Francee, France, Fran2
From Latin word. "French." Francesca has risen in popularity as a girls' name since 1880-1889.

Francesca and variants

Francesca2, var. Franciska2, Francisca2, Franchesca2, Franchesa, Franca, Franceska
Stems fr. Italian, Latin languages. "French." Francesca, Franchesca and Francisca are more generally used as birth names among these forms.

Francine and variants

Francine2, var. Francina, Francille, Francene3, Francena, Franceen2
Derived fr. French, Latin elements. "French." Francine has diminished in favor as a birth name since the 1950s.

Franisbel, var. Franisbelle, Franisbella
Elaboration of Fran, influenced by Isabel .. Franisbel, Franisbella and Franisbelle are rarely found as feminine names.


Pet form of Frances, Francesca or .. Also a boys' name. Used widely as a baby name, Frankie is similar to the popular Francie.

Frayda, var. Freydel, Freyde, Freyda, Fraydel, Frayde
Stems fr. Yiddish. "Joy." Fraydel and variants were not among 2018's Top names.

Alfreda and variants

Frydah, Fryda1, Friedah1, Frieda1, Freeda1, Freedah, Fredy1, Fredi1, Freddy1, Freddi1, Freddie1, Freda1, Fred1
Forms of Alfreda. From Old German, Old English. "Elf or magical counsel." Adoption of Frieda and forms grew in the 1890s, but now, Freda has become less stylish.

Winifred and variants

Fredy2, Fredi2, Freddy2, Freddie2, Fred2
Var. of Winifred. From Welsh, Old English. "Holy, blessed reconciliation; joy and peace." Fred and Freddie are more common as birth names among the forms of Winifred.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Fran, France, Francene, Frances, Francesca

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Franchesca, Francie, Francina, Francine, Francisca

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Frank, Frankie, Fred, Freda, Fredda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Freddie, Frederica, Fredericka, Fredia, Freeda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Freida, Freya, Frida, Frieda, Fronia

Elfrida and variants

Fryda2, Friede, Friedah2, Frieda2, Freeda2, Frida1, Freddy3, Freddi2, Freda2
Forms of Elfrida. Stems fr. Latin, Old English words. "Elf, magical being strength." Used somewhat frequently as girls' names, Freda, Fryda, etc. are comparable to the familiar Freya.

Freda and variants

Freda3, var. Frydda, Frieda3, Frida2, Freida, Freddie3, Freeda3, Freada
Origin fr. Old German. "Peaceful." Adoption of Freeda and forms soared a century ago and is now reduced, with Freda becoming somewhat outmoded.

Fredella, var. Fredelle
Combined form of Freda and Ella. Uncommon. Fredella (cf. Fidella) ends with the androgynous -lla.

Frederica and variants

Frederica, var. Friederike, Frerika, Fredrikke, Fredrika, Fredie, Fredricia, Fredia, Fredi3, Frederique, Frederika, Frederine, Frederickina, Fredericka, Freddy4, Freddi3, Freddie4, Freddey, Freddee, Fredalena, Fred3, Freda4
Origin fr. Old German. "Peaceful ruler." Somewhat popular as baby names, Freda, Frederica, etc. are pronounced like the familiar Fredda.

Freya and variants

Freya, var. Fraya
Root fr. Scottish, Old Norse words. "Lady." Freya and Fraya became more trendy in 2018, gaining +39 rankings as children's names with Freya leading the upswing.

Frieda and variants

Frieda4, var. Frida3, Fredda, Freda5
Derivative of German element. "Lady." Freda (UPPER 9%) and Frieda (63%) exist often as surnames.

Friedelinde, var. Friedalinda
Derivative of German word. "Gentle peace." Friedelinde and Friedalinda were not Top birth names in 2018.

Fritzi, var. Fritzie
Root fr. Old German. "Peaceful ruler." Fritzi and Fritzie are not Top 2000 names.

Derivative of Latin language. "Fruitful." Fructuosa is unique as a birth name.

Origin fr. Yiddish language. "Pious, deeply religious." Fruma is not a Top 2000 name.