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Fred- baby names and what they mean, with 7 results. Fred- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex 115 years ago (USAGE OF 0.1%), but now, names such as Freda have gone out of style. Fredin (TOP 32%) and Freden (89%) are familiar Fred- last names.

Fred- names

Fred - Frederica

Winifred and variantsFredy1, Fredi1, Freddy1, Freddie1, Fred1
Forms of Winifred. Derived fr. Welsh, Old English. "Holy, blessed reconciliation; joy and peace." Freidy is also a moderately common birth name.

Alfreda and variantsFredy2, Fredi2, Freddy2, Freddie2, Freddi1, Freda1, Fred2
Forms of Alfreda. Derivative of Old German, Old English. "Elf or magical counsel." Popular, and Freddi, Fredi are similar to common last names Foldi (UPPER 66%), Faridi (58%), with the -di suffix.

Freda and variantsFreda2, var. Freddie3
Stems fr. Old German language. "Peaceful." Usage of Freda and Freddie as birth names has waned circa the 1900s.

Elfrida and variantsFreddy3, Freddi2, Freda3
Forms of Elfrida. Derivative of Latin, Old English words. "Elf, magical being strength." Somewhat common as girls' names, Freda, Freddi, etc. sound like the common Fred.

Frieda and variantsFredda, Freda4
Var. of Frieda. From German word. "Lady." Used somewhat frequently as birth names, Freda and Fredda are similar to the popular Fredia.

Fredella, var. Fredelle
Combined form of Freda and Ella. Fredella and Fredelle are scarcely used first names, and Fredella appears frequently (top 77%) as a last name.

Frederica and variantsFrederica, var. Fredrikke, Fredrika, Fredricia, Fredie, Fredia, Fredi3, Frederine, Frederique, Frederika, Frederickina, Fredericka, Freddy4, Freddie4, Freddey, Freddi3, Freddee, Fredalena, Freda5, Fred3
Origin fr. Old German element. "Peaceful ruler." Used somewhat widely as children's names, Freda, Frederica, etc. sound like the conventional Freeda.

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1. Fred - Frederica
Winifred [Fred, Fredy, Fredi, Freddy, Freddie], Alfreda [Fred, Fredy, Fredi, Freda, Freddy, Freddi, Freddie], Freda [Freddie], Elfrida [Freda, Freddi, Freddy], Frieda [Freda, Fredda], Fredella [Fredelle], Frederica [Fredi, Fredia, Fredie, Fredrika, Frederine, Fredrikke, Fredricia, Frederique, ..]

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