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Gi- baby names and what they mean, with 61 results. Usage of these girl names was at its apex in 2011 (adoption of 0.7%) and is somewhat less today (adoption 0.4%, 35% less), with names like Ginger becoming somewhat outmoded. Gia (#373), Giavanna (#987) and Giovanna (#811) are three of the more trendy names for newborns in this list, while Giang (top 8%) and Gier (12%) are conventional Gi- last names. Here is the list of Gi- names for boys.

Gi- names

Giacinda - Gillian | Gilly - Giovanna | Giovanna - Giustina | Giustinia

Giacinda - Gillian

Giacinda, Giacintha1, Giacinthia
Forms of Jacinda. From Spanish, Greek words. Variant of Hyacinth, a flower name. Outside Top 2000.

Giacinta1, var. Giacintha2
Root fr. Italian, Greek languages. "Hyacinth." Unusual, but Giacinta is similar to common last names Ganta (upper 80%), Guinta (19%), which also end with -nta.

Giacinta2, Giacintia
Forms of Hyacinth. Derivative of Greek element. "Hyacinth." Giacinta and Giacintia were not among 2015's Top names.

Johnna and variantsGiana1, Gianna1, Giovanna1
Var. of Johnna. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Gianna appears commonly (top 95%) as a last name.

Form of Jenessa. Combination of Jennifer and Vanessa, or .. Ginessa is a somewhat common baby name. See also Genessa.

Form of Janet. Root fr. Scottish. Originally a diminutive of Jane, from .. Gianetta is not in the Top 2000. See also Ginnette.

Gianina1, var. Gianetta2, Giannina1, Giannine, Ginetta, Ginnette, Ginette1
Root fr. Italian, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Gianino (top 23%), Gianna (95%) are familiar surnames.

Jane and variantsGianina2, Gianna2, Giovanna2
Forms of Jane. Root fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Adoption of Gianina, Gianna, etc. as baby names in 2015 was up 4.1% compared to a year ago.

Gianna and variantsGianna3, var. Gia, Giana2, Ginara, Gianina3, Giannina2, Gianella, Gionna
Root fr. Italian, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." Gia (top 75%), Gianella (66%) and Gianna (95%) appear frequently as last names.

Giardeena, Giardena, Giardina
Forms of Jardina. Possibly a variant of Jordan (Hebrew) .. Uncommon. Giardeena, Giardena, similar to Galena, end with the feminine -ena.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gi- names: Gia, Giana, Gianna, Gigi, Gilda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gi- names: Gillian, Gillie, Gina, Ginger, Ginny, Giovanna

Virginia and variantsGigi1, Gina, Ginella, Ginelle, Ginger, Ginette2, Gingia, Ginia, Ginnee, Ginnie, Ginni, Ginny, Ginya
Var. of Virginia. Derivative of Latin. "Maiden." Gina is in the Top 2000.

From French language. .. Originally a pet form of the .. Somewhat atypical as a birth name, Gigi exists fairly frequently as a last name. See also Gisa.

Gila1, Gilah1, Gilana1
Var. of Geila. Derivative of Hebrew. "Joy." Not in popularity charts.

Gilana2, var. Gila2, Gilah2
Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Joy." Gilana, Gila and Gilah are not Top 2000 names.

Gilberte and variantsGilberte, var. Gigi3, Gilberta, Gilbertha, Gilberthe, Gilbertine, Gilbertina, Gill1, Gillie1, Gilly1
Root fr. Old German element. "Bright promise." Gigi (upper 77%), Gill (1%), Gillie (14%) and Gilly (22%) appear frequently as last names.

Source fr. Old English word. "Entire, total, sacrifice." Gilda is a frequently occurring (top 22%) first name, and occurs frequently (top 95%) as a last name. See also Goldy.

From Greek. "Young goat." Not that prominent as a children's name, Gilette occurs more commonly as a last name.

Gilia, var. Giliah, Giliya, Giliyah
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Joy of the Lord." Not Top 2000 names.

Gillan1, Gislaine
Var. of Ghislaine. Source fr. Old French element. "Pledge, hostage." Scarce as birth names, but Gillan and Gislaine are comparable to the more common Gillian.

Gillian and variantsGillian, var. Gilian, Giliana, Gill2, Gillan2, Gillianne, Gillianna, Gillie2, Gilly2, Gillyanne
Based on Latin word. "Youthful." Gill (upper 1%), Gillan (11%), Gillian (8%), Gillie (14%) and Gilly (22%) exist commonly as last names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Gi- names for girls.

1. Giacinda - Gillian
Jacinda [Giacinda, Giacintha, Giacinthia], Giacinta [Giacintha], Hyacinth [Giacinta, Giacintia], Johnna [Giana, Gianna, Giovanna], Jenessa [Gianessa], Janet [Gianetta], Gianina [Ginetta, Ginette, Giannine, Ginnette, ..], Jane [Gianna, Gianina, Giovanna], Gianna [Gionna, Gianina, Giannina, Gianella, ..], Jardina [Giardina, Giardena, Giardeena], Virginia [Ginni, Ginny, Ginya, Ginnie, ..], Gigi, Geila [Gila, Gilah, Gilana], Gilana [Gila, Gilah], Gilberte [Gill, Gilly, Gillie, Gilbertine, ..], Gilda, Gilette, Gilia [Giliah, Giliya, Giliyah], Ghislaine [Gillan, Gislaine], Gillian [Gilly, Gillie, Gillianne, Gillyanne, ..]

Gilly, Eugenia [Gina], Jina [Gina], Genevieve [Gina, Ginevra], Regina [Gina], Gina [Ginna, Ginette], Geneva [Ginebra, Ginevra, Ginevre], Guinevere [Ginevra], Ginevra, Ginger [Gingee, Gingie, Ginjer], Genista [Ginista], Ginny [Ginnie, Ginnee, Ginelle, Ginette], Gioconda, Jocosa [Giocosa], Gioia [Gioya], Joy [Gioia, Gioya], Giordana, Georgia [Giorgia, Giorgina, Giorgyna], Georgina [Giorgina], Johanna [Giovanna]

Giovanna [Giovana, Giavanna], Jovita [Giovita], Gypsy [Gipsy, Gipsee, Gipsey], Geraldine [Giralda], Giselle [Giza, Gizela, Gizella, Gizelle, ..], Ghita [Gita], Gita [Gitika], Gitana [Gitane, Gitanna], Gitanjali [Gitanjoli], Gytha [Githa], Gitta [Gitte], Brigitte [Gitte], Judith [Giuditta], Juliet [Giuletta], Julia [Giuliana, Giulianna, Giulianne, Giulietta, ..], Giulia [Giula, Giullia, Giuliana, Giulietta], Juliana [Giuliana], Giuliana [Giulia], Giuseppina [Giuseppa], Justine [Giustina]

Giustinia [Giustina]

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