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He- baby names and what they mean, with 62 results. These girl names were at the height of their popularity 115 years ago (adoption of 5.4%) and are now much less common (adoption 0.2%, down 96.4%), with names like Hettie falling out of fashion. Heavenly (#967) and Heaven (#351) are two of the more contemporarily stylish girl names in this list, while Hedden (top 6%) and Healey (2%) are popular He- last names. Here is the list of He- names for boys.

He- names

Heather - Helga | Helga - Herbertine | Hermia - Hetty | Heulog - Heulwen

Heather - Helga

Heather and variantsHeather, var. Heath, Hether
Root fr. Middle English word. Flower name .. Common as surnames, and Heather (top 13%), Hether (82%) are comparable to common -her surnames Homsher (top 35%), Huether (15%).

Heaven and variantsHeaven, var. Heavenly
Based on Old English language. "Sky; abode of God." Adoption of Heaven and forms was more pronounced among parents 10 years ago and is almost as widespread now.

Root fr. Greek. "Young." Hebe is an atypical women's name.

Var. of Habiba. Derivative of Arabic word. "Loved one." Not in popularity charts.

Hedda and variantsHedda1, var. Heda1, Heddi, Heddie, Hedi, Hedvige1, Hedvig1, Hedwig1, Hedwiga1, Hedy1, Hetta
Stems fr. Old German word. "Contention and strife." Heda exists regularly (top 94%) as a surname.

Hedia1, var. Hediah1, Hedya, Hedyah
Derivative of Hebrew word. "Jehovah's echo." Hedia, Hedya, etc. are uncommon as baby names.

Hedlea, Hedleigh, Hedley, Hedlie, Hedly
Var. of Hadley. Origin fr. Old English language. "Heather meadow." Hedlea, Hedleigh, etc. are not often adopted as baby names.

Edwige and variantsHedvig2, Hedwig2, Hedwige1
Var. of Edwige. Origin fr. French, Old German words. "Contention and strife." Adoption of Hedwig and forms was more pronounced among parents in the 1890s, but now, Hedwig has become less stylish.

Origin fr. Welsh language. "Peace and white, fair, blessed." Hedwenn is scarcely used as a women's name.

Hedwig3, var. Hedda2, Hedvig3, Hedviga, Hedvige2, Hedwige2, Hedwiga2, Hedy2
Root fr. Old German. "Contention and strife." Hedwig (upper 42%) and Hedy (66%) are conventional feminine names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of He- names: Heather, Heaven, Heavenly, Hedvig, Hedwig

Top 2000 baby names ranking of He- names: Hedy, Heide, Heidi, Heidy, Helaine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of He- names: Helen, Helena, Helene, Helga, Hellen

Hedy and variantsHedy3, var. Heda2, Hedia2, Hediah2, Hedyla
Origin fr. Greek, Hebrew languages. "Delightful, sweet; my echo." Heda, Hedia, Hediah and Hedyla are more unconventional as girls' names among the variations of Hedy.

Form of Adelaide. Based on Old German language. "Noble kind." A very common girls' name (#343 in 2015), Heidi is also recorded frequently as a feminine first name. See also Hedda.

Heidi and variantsHeidi2, var. Heida, Heide, Heidee, Heidey, Heidy
Derivative of Old German. "Exalted nature." Heida, Heidee and Heidey are more rarefied as birth names among the versions of Heidi.

Derived fr. Spanish, German languages. "Greek." Scarce as a baby name. See also Helodea.

Form of Elaine. Stems fr. Greek word. "Sun ray." Adoption of Helaine was higher 75 years ago. See also Melaine.

Eleanor and variantsHeleanor1, Heleanor2, Helen1, Helena1, Helenora, Helene1
Var. of Eleanor. From Old French, Old German. "Other, foreign." Popularly used, with usage of 0.066% for Heleanor and variants as birth names in 2015, but lower than 0.069% in 2014.

Source fr. Welsh element. Name of a semi legendary seventh .. Haledd and Hilledd are creative forms.

Helen and variantsHelen2, var. Helaina, Helaine2, Helana, Heleanor3, Heleena, Heleen, Heleentje, Helenore, Helena2, Helenna, Helenann, Helene2, Helia, Hella1, Hellena, Hellen, Hellene, Hellenor, Hellia
Derivative of Greek. "Sun ray." Adoption of Helen, Heleentje, etc. as children's names in 2015 was 4.3% less than 2014.

Helga and variantsHelga1, var. Hege, Helje, Hella2, Helle
Source fr. Scandinavian, Old Norse languages. "Prosperous, successful; holy." Hege, Helje, Hella and Helle are more rare as birth names among the variant forms of Helga.

Form of Elga. Stems fr. Slavic language. "Holy, sacred." Adoption of Helga soared a century ago. See also Helsa.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for He- names for girls.

1. Heather - Helga
Heather [Heath, Hether], Heaven [Heavenly], Hebe, Habiba [Hebiba], Hedda [Hedy, Hetta, Hedwig, Hedwiga, ..], Hedia [Hedya, Hediah, Hedyah], Hadley [Hedly, Hedley, Hedlie, Hedleigh, ..], Edwige [Hedvig, Hedwig, Hedwige], Hedwenn, Hedwig [Hedy, Hedvige, Hedwige, Hedwiga, ..], Hedy [Heda, Hedia, Hediah, Hedyla], Adelaide [Heidi], Heidi [Heidy, Heide, Heidey, Heidee, ..], Heladia, Elaine [Helaine], Eleanor [Helen, Helena, Helene, Helenora, ..], Heledd, Helen [Hellia, Hellene, Hellena, Hellenor, ..], Helga [Hege, Helje, Hella, Helle], Elga [Helga]

Olga [Helga], Halima [Helima], Hildegard [Hellee], Wilhelmina [Helma, Helmina, Helminette], Hilma [Helma], Elodie [Helodea, Helodia, Helodie], Louise [Heloisa, Heloise], Heloise [Heloisa], Eloise [Heloise], Helsa [Helisa], Elizabeth [Helsa], Elsa [Helsa], Hema, Hena, Hannah [Hena], Henoheno, Henrietta [Hette, Hetty, Hetta, Hettie, ..], Hephzibah [Hepsy, Hepzi, Hepzia, Hepzibah, ..], Hera, Herbertine

Erma [Hermia, Hermine, Herminie, Hermione], Hermia [Hermila, Hermilda, Herminia], Hermine, Herminia [Hermia, Hermina, Hermine], Hermione [Hermia, Hermina, Hermine, Herminia, ..], Chermona [Hermona, Hermonah, Hermonach], Hermosa, Hero, Herodias, Eroica [Heroica], Ersilia [Hersila, Hersilia], Hersilia [Hersila], Eartha [Herta, Hertha], Hertha [Herta], Hesper [Hespera, Hesperia], Esther [Hetty, Hester, Hesther], Hester [Hetty, Hestia, Hettie, Hesther], Asta [Hester], Hestia, Mehitabel [Hetty]

Heulog, Heulwen

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