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Ja- baby names and what they mean, with 66 results. Ja- names are used more often as masculine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity 65 years ago (usage of 3.2%) and are now significantly less conventional (usage 1.3%, 60%), with names such as Jazmin going out of style. The most trendy girl names among these are Jayleen (#424), Jaylene (#708), Jayde (#861), Jaliyah (#583) and Jazlynn (#770), while Jager (top 6%) and Jara (3%) are familiar Ja- last names. Here is the list of Ja- names for boys.

Ja- names

Ja- - Jaidee | Jaime - Janessa | Janet - Jasolin | Jassica - Jazzlyn

Ja- - Jaidee

Ja- and variantsJa-, var. Jacodi, Jaconda, Jakayla, Jakeisha, Jakisha, Jakira, Jakiya, Jalaina, Jalaine, Jalea, Jalayna, Jaleesa, Jaleese, Jalena, Jalicia, Jalessa, Jalisa, Jalissa, Jaliyah, Jamaine, Jalyn, Jamari, Jameisha, Jameka, Jamiesha, Jamesha, Jamika, Jamisha, Janecia, Janeese, Janeesa, Janeille, Janiel, Janielle, Janique, Janika, Janisha1, Janisha2, Janora, Jaral, Jarae, Javona, Jazelle
Source fr. American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Jaral occurs commonly (upper 82%) as a last name.

Jacaranda, var. Jacarannda, Jacarranda, Jakaranda
.. a tree with purple blossoms that .. Uncommon. Jacaranda, var., like Jaconda, end with the unusual feminine -nda.

Hyacinth and variantsJacenta1, Jacinda1, Jacinta1, Jacintha1, Jackie1, Jacinthe1, Jacky1, Jacynth1
Forms of Hyacinth. Origin fr. Greek word. "Hyacinth." Popular, and Jacenta, Jacinta are comparable to common last names Jenista (upper 87%), Junta (76%), which also end with -ta.

Jacey and variantsJacey1, var. Jacee, Jacelyn, Jaci, Jacine, Jaicee, Jacy1, Jaycee, Jaycie
Root fr. American word. Phonetic variant based on the initials .. Jacelyn is a recognizable (upper 76%) given name.

Jacinda and variantsJacinda2, var. Jacenda, Jacenia, Jacenta2, Jacey2, Jacindia, Jacie, Jacinna, Jacinta2, Jacinth, Jacinthe2, Jacintha2, Jacinthia, Jacy2, Jacynth2, Jacynthe, Jacyntha, Jacynthia
Stems fr. Spanish, Greek. Variant of Hyacinth, a flower name. Jacinda, Jacey, Jacie, Jacinta and Jacy are more prevalent as children's names among these variant forms.

Giacinta and variantsJacinta3, Jacintha3, Jacynth3
Var. of Giacinta. Derived fr. Italian, Greek languages. "Hyacinth." Jacinta is commonly occurring (top 41%) as a female name, while Jacintha and Jacynth are sparsely used.

Jackie and variantsJackie2, var. Jackee1, Jackey, Jacki1, Jacky2, Jacquetta1, Jacque, Jacquey, Jacqui1, Jacquie
Diminutive and pet form of Jacqueline .. Somewhat common as girls' names, Jackie, Jacquetta, etc. are comparable to the familiar Jacie.

Jaclyn and variantsJaclyn1, var. Jackleen, Jacklyn1, Jacklynn, Jaclynn, Jaklyn1, Jakleen1
Origin fr. American language. .. Made familiar by actress Jaclyn Smith. Usage of Jacklyn and Jaclyn as children's names has diminished since 1980-1989.

Jacobina and variantsJacobina, var. Jackee2, Jackie3, Jackobina, Jacky3, Jacobetta, Jacoba, Jacobette, Jacobine, Jacobyna, Jakobine, Jakobina
Source fr. Hebrew element. "He who supplants." Usage of Jackie as a baby name has decreased circa 1960-1969.

Jacqueline and variantsJacqueline, var. Jacalin, Jacalyn, Jacalynn, Jackalin, Jackelyn, Jackalinne, Jacketta, Jackette, Jacki2, Jacklin, Jackie4, Jacklyn2, Jacklynne, Jackqueline, Jaclin, Jacky4, Jaclyn2, Jacolyn, Jacqi, Jacqualine, Jacqlyn, Jacqualyn, Jacquel, Jacquelean, Jacquelin, Jacqueleen, Jacquelina, Jacquella, Jacquelle, Jacquelyne, Jacquelyn1, Jacquelynn, Jacquelynne, Jacquenetta, Jacquetta2, Jacquenette, Jacquette, Jacqui2, Jacquine, Jakleen2, Jaculine, Jaklyn2, Jaquelin, Jaqueline, Jaquelynn, Jaquelyn, Jaquith
Derived fr. French, Hebrew words. "He who supplants." Jacalin, Jacalynn, Jackalin, Jackalinne and Jacketta are more rarefied as girls' names among the variations of Jacqueline.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jacalyn, Jacelyn, Jacey, Jaci, Jacie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jacinda, Jacinta, Jackelyn, Jacki, Jackie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jacklyn, Jackqueline, Jaclyn, Jaclynn, Jacqualine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jacque, Jacquelin, Jacqueline, Jacquelyn, Jacquelyne

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jacquelynn, Jacquie, Jacy, Jada, Jade

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jaden, Jadyn, Jaeda, Jael, Jaelyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jahzara, Jaida, Jaiden, Jakayla, Jakiya

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jaleesa, Jalessa, Jalisa, Jalissa, Jaliyah

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jalyn, Jameka, Jamesha, Jamika, Jaquelin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jaqueline, Jaquelyn, Jaya, Jaycee, Jaycie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jayda, Jayde, Jayden, Jaylee, Jayleen

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ja- names: Jaylene, Jaylynn, Jazelle

Jacquelyn and variantsJacquelyn2, var. Jacklyn3, Jaclyn3
Respelling of Jacqueline with the lyn .. Jacklyn, Jaclyn and Jacquelyn are more common as children's names compared to other variations.

Jade and variantsJade, var. Jada, Jadeana, Jadee, Jaden, Jadien, Jadeyn, Jadine, Jadira, Jadra, Jadrienne, Jadrian, Jady, Jadyn, Jaeda, Jaide, Jaida, Jaiden, Jaidra, Jayda, Jaydee, Jayde, Jayden, Jaydra
Source fr. English language. "Precious stone." Adoption of Jadien and variants was more pronounced in 2005 and has become diminished, with Jayden becoming less stylish.

Jadwige, var. Jadwiga
Source fr. Polish language. "Safety in battle." Jadwina and Jadwine are creative forms.

Jae and variantsJae, var. Jaelana, Jaeleah, Jaeleen, Jaelyn, Jaenelle, Jaena, Jaenette, Jaya, Jaylee, Jaylene, Jayleen, Jaylynn
Source fr. American, Latin elements. "Blue crested bird." Jae and variants became more popular in 2015, gaining +87 positions as children's names with Jaylene gaining the most.

Jael and variantsJael, var. Jaelle, Jayel, Jayil
Derivative of Hebrew language. "Mountain goat." Jael is widely used as a children's name among these variations.

Jaffa1, var. Jafit
Based on Hebrew word. "Beautiful." Jaffa and Jafit are scarce feminine names, and Jaffa exists often (top 49%) as a surname.

Form of Yaffa. Stems fr. Hebrew. "Lovely." Not Top 2000 name.

Jahnelle, Jahnel, Jahnell
Forms of Johnella. Stems fr. Hebrew. "God is gracious." Jannell is a somewhat common birth name.

Derived fr. African language. "Blessed princess." Jahzara grew in popularity in 2010.

Form of Haidee. From Greek language. "Well-behaved, modest." Uncommon as a baby name, but Jaidee is similar to the more familiar Jaiden. See also Judee.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ja- names for girls.

1. Ja- - Jaidee
Ja- [Jarae, Jaral, Javona, Jazelle, ..], Jacaranda [Jakaranda, Jacarannda, Jacarranda], Hyacinth [Jacky, Jackie, Jacynth, Jacinthe, ..], Jacey [Jacy, Jaicee, Jaycee, Jaycie, ..], Jacinda [Jacynth, Jacyntha, Jacynthe, Jacynthia, ..], Giacinta [Jacynth, Jacinta, Jacintha], Jackie [Jacqui, Jacquie, Jacquey, Jacquetta, ..], Jaclyn [Jaklyn, Jaclynn, Jakleen, Jacklynn, ..], Jacobina [Jacobine, Jacobyna, Jakobina, Jakobine, ..], Jacqueline [Jaquith, Jaquelyn, Jaqueline, Jaquelynn, ..], Jacquelyn [Jaclyn, Jacklyn], Jade [Jayde, Jaydee, Jayden, Jaydra, ..], Jadwige [Jadwiga], Jae [Jaylee, Jayleen, Jaylene, Jaylynn, ..], Jael [Jayil, Jayel, Jaelle], Jaffa [Jafit], Yaffa [Jaffa], Johnella [Jahnel, Jahnell, Jahnelle], Jahzara, Haidee [Jaidee]

Jaime [Jamey, Jamie, Jayme, Jaymee, ..], Jelena [Jalena, Jalaina, Jalayna, Jalaine], Jaleesa [Jaliza, Jaleisa], Jamaica [Jamaeca, Jamaika], Jameelah [Jamilah, Jamilia, Jamilla, Jamille, ..], Jamesina [Jamesetta, Jamesette], Jamie [Jayme, Jammie, Jaymee, Jaymie, ..], Jamila [Jamilah, Jamilla, Jamille, Jamillia, ..], Jemima [Jamina], Jamison, Jan [Jann, Janna, Janne, Jannah, ..], Johnna [Jana, Janna], Jana [Janny, Jannah, Jannie, Jannalee, ..], Janae [Janea, Janaya, Janaye, Jannae, ..], Jancis [Jances, Jancess], Jane [Jayne, Jayni, Jaynie, Jaynell, ..], Jeanelle [Janelle], Janelle [Janely, Janiella, Janielle, Jannelle, ..], Janessa [Janesse, Janissa, Jannessa], Jenessa [Janessa]

Janet [Janot, Janetta, Janneth, Jannette, ..], Genevieve [Janeva], Geneva [Janeva, Janevra], Janice [Janiss, Jannis, Janyce, Jannice, ..], Eugenia [Janie], Guinevere [Janifer], Gianina [Janina, Janine], Jeannine [Janine, Jannine], Janine [Janene, Janina, Jannina, Jannine, ..], Juanita [Janita], Janoah [Janowa], Ianthe [Janthia], Jordan [Jardena], Jardina [Jardyna, Jardeena, Jardeina], Jarica [Jarika, Jareeca, Jareika, Jarrica], Germaine [Jarmaine], Jerusha [Jarusha], Jessenia [Jasenia], Jasmine [Jazzmon, Jazzmyn, Jazzmine, Jazzmynn, ..], Jocelyn [Jasolin]

Jessica [Jassica], Javiera, Jaxine, Jay [Jayla, Jaylah, Jaylan, Jaylene, ..], Jaya, Jazzlyn [Jazzy, Jazmina, Jazmaine, Jazzalyn, ..]

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