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Jan- baby names and what they mean, with 23 results. Jan- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names was at its most widespread in the 1950s (usage of 2.66%) and has become much less since (usage 0.16%, 94% less), with names such as Janet becoming less stylish. Janessa (#721) is the most chic birth name in this compilation, while Jang (top 4%) and Jani (14%) are conventional Jan- last names.

Jan- names

Jan - Janine | Janita - Janthia

Jan - Janine

Jan and variantsJan1, var. Jana1, Janah1, Janina1, Janine1, Jann, Jannah1, Janna1, Janne
Derived fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Jana was among 2015's Top names.

Johnna and variantsJana2, Janna2
Forms of Johnna. Derivative of Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Janya is also a slightly prominent baby name.

Jana and variantsJana3, var. Janah2, Janalee, Janalyn, Janalynn, Janceena, Janna3, Janica1, Jannah2, Jannalee, Jannie, Janny1
Origin fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Common as surnames. Compare Jana (upper 41%), Janceena, Janna and popular -na last names Juna (upper 100%), Vana (17%).

Janae and variantsJanae1, var. Janaea, Janaeh, Janah3, Janai, Janais, Janaya, Janay, Janaye1, Janea, Jannae
Based on American language. .. Janai is also a Biblical male .. Popular as girls' names, Janae, Janais, etc. sound like the familiar Jonie.

Jancis, var. Jances, Jancess
Based on Hebrew, Latin words. "Frenchman; God is gracious." Sparing use. Jancis, Jances and Jancess are not found in the US Demographics.

Jane and variantsJane, var. Jan2, Jana4, Janae2, Janaye2, Jandy, Janeen1, Janeczka, Janel1, Janela, Janelba1, Janella1, Janean, Janelle1, Janeane, Janee, Janene1, Janerita, Janet1, Janessa1, Janeta1, Janeth1, Janetta1, Janette1, Jania, Janey, Janica2, Janice1, Janie1, Janina2, Janique1, Janine2, Janis1, Janise1, Janit1, Janka, Jannel, Janna4, Jannelle1, Janney, Janny2, Jany
Based on Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Usage of Jane and variants as children's names in 2015 was 1.8% more than a decade ago.

Janecia, Janeesa, Janeese, Janeille, Janiel, Janika, Janielle1, Janique2, Janisha1, Janisha2, Janora
Forms of Ja-. Derivative of American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Janecia, Janisha, etc. are seldom found as female names.

Janelle and variantsJanelle2, var. Janel2, Janelba2, Janell, Janella2, Janellie, Janiella, Janely, Janielle2, Jannelle2
.. See also Jeanelle. Adoption of Janelle and variants as birth names in 2015 was 39.1% more than a decade ago.

Form of Jeanelle. Stems fr. English element. Diminutive form of Jeanne. Usage of Janelle as a birth name in 2015 was 39.1% more than the previous decade. See also Jonella.

Janessa and variantsJanessa2, var. Janesse1, Janissa, Jannessa
Derivative of American word. .. See also Ja . Janessa is commonplace as a girls' name among these variations.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Jan, Jana, Janae, Janai, Janay

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Janaya, Jane, Janea, Janean, Janee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Janeen, Janel, Janell, Janelle, Janely

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Janene, Janessa, Janet, Janeth, Janett

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Janetta, Janette, Janey, Jania, Janice

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Janie, Janiece, Janina, Janine, Janis

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Janise, Jann, Janna, Jannah, Jannet

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Jan- names: Jannette, Janney, Jannie, Janyce

Var. of Jenessa. Combination of Jennifer and Vanessa, or .. Janessa is common (top 54%) as a female name. See also Jennessa.

Janet and variantsJanet2, var. Janeta2, Janeth2, Janett, Janetta2, Janette2, Jannet, Janit2, Janneth, Janetta3, Jannette, Janot
Based on Scottish element. Originally a diminutive of Jane, from .. Janet, Janeth, Janett, Janetta, Janette, Jannet and Jannette are more generally used as birth names among these variant forms.

Var. of Genevieve. Origin fr. French. .. Geneviève is the French version .. Sparing use. Janeva is not listed in the US Census. See also Jonevah.

Janeva2, Janevra
Var. of Geneva. Stems fr. Old French language. "Juniper tree." Janeva and Janevra are unique as birth names.

Janice and variantsJanice2, var. Janeece, Janess, Janessa4, Janesse2, Janessia, Janiece, Janicia, Janique3, Janis2, Janise2, Janiss, Jannis, Jannice, Janyce
Origin fr. Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Usage of Janice and Janis as girls' names has diminished since 1940-1949.

Form of Eugenia. Derivative of Greek language. "Noble aristocrat." Janie was favored during 1880-1889 and is now less widespread, with Janie becoming less stylish. See also Jeane.

Form of Guinevere. Root fr. Welsh. "Fair and smooth." Janifer is a sparsely used female name, registering commonly (upper 70%) as a last name. See also Jenyfer.

Gianina and variantsJanina3, Janine3
Var. of Gianina. Derived fr. Italian, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Janina and Janine are more generally used as birth names among the variant forms of Gianina.

Jeannine and variantsJanine4, Jannine1
Var. of Jeannine. Origin fr. French, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Used somewhat widely as baby names, Janine and Jannine are comparable to the conventional Janene.

Janine and variantsJanine5, var. Janeen2, Janene2, Janina4, Jannina, Jannine2
Derived fr. English language. Simplified form of Jeannine. Jannina and Jannine are more unique as girls' names among the versions of Janine.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Jan- names for girls.

1. Jan - Janine
Jan [Jana, Jann, Janna, Janne, Janah, Jannah, Janine, Janina], Johnna [Jana, Janna], Jana [Janny, Janna, Janica, Jannah, Jannie, Janalynn, Janceena, Jannalee, ..], Janae [Janay, Janai, Janah, Janea, Janais, Janaya, Janaye, Jannae, ..], Jancis [Jances, Jancess], Jane [Jany, Janka, Janna, Janit, Janny, Janney, Jannel, Jannelle, ..], Ja- [Janiel, Janora, Janika, Janisha, Janique, Janeille, Janielle, ..], Janelle [Janell, Janely, Janella, Janelba, Janielle, Janellie, Jannelle, Janiella, ..], Jeanelle [Janelle], Janessa [Janesse, Janissa, Jannessa], Jenessa [Janessa], Janet [Janot, Janit, Jannet, Janette, Janneth, Janetta, Jannette, ..], Genevieve [Janeva], Geneva [Janeva, Janevra], Janice [Janis, Janise, Janyce, Janiss, Jannis, Janiece, Janique, Jannice, ..], Eugenia [Janie], Guinevere [Janifer], Gianina [Janina, Janine], Jeannine [Janine, Jannine], Janine [Janeen, Janene, Janina, Jannina, Jannine]

Juanita [Janita], Janoah [Janowa], Ianthe [Janthia]

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