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Ji- baby names and what they mean, with 27 results. Ji- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its highest during the years 1970-1979 (adoption of 0.4%) and has become significantly lower since (adoption 0.1%, 80.1%), with names such as Jillian falling out of fashion. Jimena (#456) is the most fashionable name for newborns in this list, while Jia (top 16%) and Jiwani (29%) are common Ji- last names.

Ji- names

Jiacintha - Jinnet | Jinni - Jiulia

Jiacintha - Jinnet

Var. of Giacinta. Derived fr. Italian, Greek languages. "Hyacinth." Not in popularity charts. See also Jacinthia.

Jiana and variantsJiana, var. Jianna
Stems fr. American language. Phonetic form of Gianna, and Italian .. Jaiana is also a marginally prominent kid's name.

Var. of Eva. Source fr. Hebrew element. "Life, animal." Not widespread. Jieva is not listed in the US Demographics.

Jill and variantsJill, var. Jil, Jilian1, Jilana, Jillan1, Jillane1, Jillana1, Jillayne1, Jilleen, Jillene1, Jillian1, Jilli, Jillianne1, Jillie, Jilly, Jillyan1
From Latin language. "Youthful." Jill (cf. Will, Vill) is a common -ill suffix last name.

Jilleesa, Jilleisa
Var. of Jaleesa. Modern name .. Unique, with the unusual feminine -esa ending for Jilleesa, like Jaleesa.

Gillian and variantsJillian2, Jillianne2, Jillyan2
Forms of Gillian. From Latin word. "Youthful." Jillian is a frequently occurring (upper 14%) feminine name, whereas Jillianne and Jillyan are scarcely used.

Jillian3, var. Jilian2, Jiliana, Jillaine, Jillan2, Jillane2, Jillana2, Jillanne, Jillayne2, Jillene2, Jilliana, Jillesa, Jilliane, Jilliann, Jillianna, Jillyan3, Jillianne3, Jillyanna, Jillyanne
Root fr. Latin word. "Youthful." Usage of Jillian and variants as children's names in 2015 was down 13% compared to the year before.

Origin fr. Spanish element. "Heard." Adoption of Jimena as a birth name in 2015 was 6.5% less than the previous decade. See also Jamina.

Derivative of Chinese word. "Gold." Jin is familiar (upper 57%) as a women's name, and occurs often (upper 4%) as a surname.

Stems fr. Swahili word. "Named child." Jina grew in popularity 45 years ago. See also Jan.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ji- names: Jianna, Jill, Jillian, Jimena, Jina, Jinnie

Jinae, Jinnea
Forms of Janae. Stems fr. American. .. Janai is also a Biblical male .. Jenea and Jinea are creative variations.

Ginny and variantsJinee, Jinnie1, Jinny1
Var. of Ginny. Derived fr. Latin. "Virgin." Adoption of Jinny and forms was up in the 1890s.

Form of Jeannine. Stems fr. French, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Not in popularity charts. See also Jeneen.

Jineeva, Jineva
Var. of Geneva. Origin fr. Old French. "Juniper tree." Rare as children's names, but Jineeva and Jineva are similar to the more conventional Jeneva.

Jinella, Jinelle
Var. of Janelle. .. See also Jeanelle. Jinella and Jinelle are atypical as female names.

Var. of Jenessa. Combination of Jennifer and Vanessa, or .. Jinessa was not a Top birth name in 2015. See also Janeesa.

Form of Ginger. Source fr. English word. "Pep, liveliness; ginger." Unusual. Jinger (compare Juniper, Jenefer) ends with -er. See also Jinjer.

Jinia, Jinjer, Jinnie2, Jinny2
Forms of Virginia. Origin fr. Latin. "Maiden." Jinnie and Jinny are more popular as girls' names compared to Jinia, Jinjer.

Var. of Jane. Derived fr. Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Jinna was not among 2015's Top names. See also Jeena.

Jinnet, Jinnett
Forms of Janet. Derived fr. Scottish. Originally a diminutive of Jane, from .. Unusual. Jinnet and Jinnett are not listed in the US Demographics.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ji- names for girls.

1. Jiacintha - Jinnet
Giacinta [Jiacintha], Jiana [Jianna], Eva [Jieva], Jill [Jilli, Jilly, Jillie, Jillene, Jillyan, Jilleen, Jillian, Jillianne, ..], Jaleesa [Jilleesa, Jilleisa], Gillian [Jillyan, Jillian, Jillianne], Jillian [Jillyan, Jilliane, Jilliana, Jilliann, Jillianne, Jillyanna, Jillyanne, Jillianna, ..], Jimena, Jin, Jina, Janae [Jinae, Jinnea], Ginny [Jinny, Jinee, Jinnie], Jeannine [Jineen], Geneva [Jineva, Jineeva], Janelle [Jinella, Jinelle], Jenessa [Jinessa], Ginger [Jinger], Virginia [Jinny, Jinia, Jinnie, Jinjer], Jane [Jinna], Janet [Jinnet, Jinnett]

Jenny [Jinni, Jinny], Jinny [Jinna, Jinni, Jinnie, Jinnee], Jinx [Jinxx], Joy [Jioia, Jioya], Jiselle [Jisela, Jizelle], Giulia [Jiulia, Jiuliya, Jiyulia, Jiuliana], Julia [Jiulia]

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