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K baby names and what they mean, with 278 results. The trendier birth names in this list are Kali (#267), Kamila (#328), Kennedy (#57), Kenzie (#277) and Kora (#623), while Kallas (top 9%) and Kerlin (10%) are popular K- last names. Here is the list of K- names for boys.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kacee, Kacey, Kaci, Kacie, Kacy

Ka- and variantsKa-, var. Kaleesha, Kalisa, Kalisha, Kalyssa, Kalissa, Kamara, Kamari, Kaneesha, Kamesha, Kaneisha, Kanesha, Kanisha, Kaniesha, Karaina, Karisha, Kashana, Kasaundra, Kashonna, Katana, Katessa, Katasha, Katisha, Katiya, Katrisa, Katrice, Kavonna
Derived fr. American language. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Kamari was a Top birth name in 2015.

Candy and variantsKaandi, Kandi, Kandie, Khandi, Kandy
Forms of Candy. Source fr. English. "Sweet." Kanai is also a somewhat popular kid's name.

Cara and variantsKaara, Kaira, Kara, Karina, Karalee, Karine, Karra, Karry, Karrie
Forms of Cara. Based on Latin, Irish, Gaelic words. "Beloved; friend." Kara (top 15%), Karra (65%), comparable to Khera (top 34%), Kabara (69%), are common -ra suffix last names.

Casey and variantsKace, Kacee1, Kacey1, Kacie1, Kaci1, Kacy1, Kacye, Kaissie, Kacyee, Kasci, Kasee, Kasi1, Kasey1, Kasie, Kayce1, Kaycey, Kaycee1, Kayci1, Kaycie1, Kaysee, Kayse, Kaysey, Kaysi, Kaysy, Kaysie, Kaysyee
Forms of Casey. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Alert, watchful." Kacey, Kaci, Kacie, Kasey and Kaycee were Top birth names in 2015.

Acacia and variantsKacey2, Kacie2, Kasey2, Kassja, Kasi2, Kassy1
Var. of Acacia. From Greek. "Thorny tree." Kacie and Kasey have faded in popularity as girls' names since 1992.

Kacie and variantsKacie3, var. Kacee2, Kacey3, Kaci2, Kacy2, Kacia, Kasey3, Kayce2, Kayci2, Kaycee2, Kaycie2, KC
Derived fr. American. Kacie and its variants are probably .. Popular as baby names, Kacie, Kacia, etc. are similar to the popular Kaia.

Cady and variantsKade, Kadee1, Kadi1, Kady1, Kadie1, Kayde
Forms of Cady. From Greek. "Pure." Less common today. Kady was the form last recorded (2008) in the Top 2000.

Cadence and variantsKadena1, Kadence1, Kadenza1, Kaydence
Forms of Cadence. Derivative of Latin word. "With rhythm." Kadence and Kaydence were among 2015's Top names.

Kadenza and variantsKadenza2, var. Kadena2, Kadence2
Stems fr. Latin element. "With rhythm." Well-used, with usage of 0.026% for Kadenza and variants as girls' names in 2015, though lower than 0.028% in 2014.

Kady2, var. Kadee2, Kadi2, Kadia, Kadie2, Kadian, Kadienne, Kaedee, Kaidee
Derived fr. American word. Variant of Katy or Cady. Kadie and Kady are more common as girls' names among these forms.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kadence, Kadie, Kady, Kaela, Kai

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kaia, Kaila, Kailah, Kailani, Kaileigh

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kailey, Kaira, Kaitlan, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kaitlynn, Kalei, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kalli

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kallie, Kamari, Kandi, Kandy, Kaneesha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kaneisha, Kanesha, Kanisha, Kara, Karen

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Karena, Kari, Karin, Karina, Karon

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Karri, Karrie, Karyn, Kasey, Kasi

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kasie, Katalina, Katarina, Kate, Katelin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Katelyn, Katelynn, Katerina, Katey, Katharine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Katharyn, Katherin, Katherina, Katherine, Katheryn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kathi, Kathie, Kathleen, Kathlene, Kathrine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kathryn, Kathryne, Kathy, Kati, Katia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Katie, Katina, Katrena, Katrice, Katrina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Katy, Katya, Kay, Kayce, Kaycee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kayci, Kaycie, Kaydence, Kaye, Kayla

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kayley, Kit, Kittie, Kitty

Source fr. Hindi language. "Monsoon flower." Kioeya and Kioya are creative forms. See also Kaye.

Callie and variantsKahle, Kahlei, Kahley, Kaleigh1, Kalei, Kaley, Kalle, Kalley, Kallee, Kalli, Kallie, Kaly, Kally
Var. of Callie. Derived fr. Greek language. "Beautiful, lovely." Kahle and variants became less trendy last year, dropping -572 rankings as children's names with Kalli leading the decline.

Kai and variantsKai, var. Kaia
Derived fr. Hawaiian language. "The sea." Kai and Kaia have gained in prominence as girls' names since 1880-1889.

Form of Hava. Stems fr. Hebrew. "Life, animal." Rare. Kaija is not listed in the US Demographics. See also Kasia.

Var. of Chava. Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Life." Compare surnames Kaina (top 39%), Kaila (92%).

Kaila and variantsKaila, var. Kaela, Kaelah, Kailah
Source fr. Hebrew, Hawaiian. "The laurel crown; style." Used widely as baby names, Kaila, Kaela, etc. sound like the conventional Keely.

Source fr. Hawaiian language. "Sea and sky." Kailani has gained increasing favor as a baby name since 1880-1889. See also Kailin.

Cayla and variantsKaileigh, Kailey, Kailie, Kayla, Kaleigh2, Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kayley
Var. of Cayla. Based on Irish, Gaelic element. "Slim and fair." Usage of Kaileigh, Kaylee, etc. as children's names in 2015 was down 12.7% compared to the year before.

Catherine and variantsKait, Kaitey, Kaitie, Kaitlinne, Kaitlin1, Kaitrin, Kaitrine, Kaitriona, Kaitrinna, Kaitrionaugh, Kaity, Karena, Karen, Kari, Karin, Karri, Karon, Karrin, Karyn, Kasia, Karynn, Kasienka, Kasja, Kass, Kaska, Kassey, Kassia, Kasya, Kassy2, Kat, Kata, Katalin, Kataleen, Katalina, Katarina, Kate, Katchen, Katee, Katelijn, Katelle, Katell, Katenka, Katerina, Katey, Katerinka, Katinka1, Katha, Katharyn, Katharine, Katharyne, Kathee, Katheline, Kathelina, Katherin, Katherina, Katheryn, Katherine, Katherynn, Kathi, Kathileen, Kathie, Kathiryn, Kathleen, Kathleyn, Kathlene, Kathline, Kathyleen, Kathrinna, Kathrine, Kathryn, Kathryne, Kathyrine, Kathy, Kati, Katia, Katie, Katica, Katina, Katinka2, Katla, Katka, Katlaina, Katleen, Katouska, Katoushka, Katrena, Katrien, Katrina, Katrine, Katriona, Katrionaugh, Katushka, Katryna, Katuska, Katy, Kay, Katya, Kaye, Kit, Kittie, Kittee, Kitty
Var. of Catherine. Based on Greek word. "Pure." Katalina is a chic form.

Caitlin and variantsKaitlan, Kaitlann, Kaitlin2, Kaitlyn, Kaitlinn, Kaitlynn, Katelan, Katelyn, Katelin, Katelynn, Kayelin, Kayelyn
Forms of Caitlin. Origin fr. Old French, Greek languages. "Pure." Usage of Kaitlan, Kaitlynn, etc. as children's names in 2015 was 78.5% less than 10 years ago.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for K- names for girls.

1. Ka- - Kaitlan
Ka- [Kavonna, ..], Candy [Khandi, ..], Cara [Karry, ..], Casey [Kaysyee, ..], Acacia [Kassy, ..], Kacie [KC, ..], Cady [Kayde, ..], Cadence [Kaydence, ..], Kadenza [Kadence, ..], Kady [Kaidee, ..], Kaeya, Callie [Kaly, ..], Kai [Kaia], Hava [Kaija], Chava [Kaija], Kaila [Kailah, ..], Kailani, Cayla [Kayley, ..], Catherine [Kitty, ..], Caitlin [Kayelyn, ..]

Kaitlin [Kathlyn, ..], Calista [Kalysta, ..], Kala, Calandra [Kalandra], Kalani [Kaloni, ..], Calantha [Kalantha], Kalei [Kalia, ..], Kali [Kalli], Calida [Kalidas], Kalifa, Kalila [Kylilah, ..], Caoilainn [Keelin, ..], Kalina [Kalene, ..], Kalinda [Kalynda, ..], Callan [Kallan], Kallan, Kallie [Kally, ..], Kalliope [Kallyope], Calliope [Kalliope], Kallista [Kallysta, ..]

Calypso [Kallypso], Kama, Kambria, Kamea [Kameo], Kamelia [Kamella], Cameron [Kamyron, ..], Kameron [Kamryn, ..], Kami [Kammie, ..], Camilla [Kamyla, ..], Kamilah [Kamillia, ..], Kamilla [Kemilla, ..], Kanani, Kanara [Kanarra, ..], Kandace [Kandyce, ..], Candace [Kanticia, ..], Candice [Khandice, ..], Kani [Kaneeta], Kanisha [Koneesha, ..], Kapri [Kaprisha, ..], Kara [Kary, ..]

Caroline [Karolynne, ..], Charis [Karrisa, ..], Corinne [Korynne, ..], Carina [Karita, ..], Corinna [Korrina, ..], Carol [Keryl, ..], Karen [Kerynne, ..], Karida, Karima [Karimah, ..], Karin, Karina [Karyna, ..], Careen [Karine], Karinya, Karis, Carissa [Kharissa, ..], Charisma [Karisma], Karisma, Karissa [Karyssa, ..], Carita [Karita], Charity [Karita]

Carla [Karlla, ..], Karla [Karrla, ..], Charlotte [Karlyne, ..], Carly [Karlyta, ..], Karleen [Karlyn, ..], Carlene [Karlynn, ..], Karlotta [Karlotte, ..], Karma, Carmen [Karmyn, ..], Karmel [Karmelle], Carmel [Karmen, ..], Karmen [Karmina], Carna [Karnyella, ..], Karol [Karolyne, ..], Karolina [Karolynne, ..], Carolyn [Karolynn, ..], Carson [Kason, ..], Christian [Kristienne, ..], Carys [Karys], Cassandra [Krisandra, ..]

Kasey [Kasie], Kasha, Kashmir [Kazhmir, ..], Cassidy [Kassodey, ..], Kasmira, Kassandra [Kassondra, ..], Cassie [Kasy, ..], Kassia, Kassidy, Kassie [Kassy, ..], Cassiopeia [Kassiopia, ..], Castalia [Kastalia], Kataniya, Kate [Katie, ..], Katelyn [Kitlyn, ..], Katherine [Kitty, ..], Kathleen [Katlyne, ..], Cathy [Kathy], Kathy [Kathya, ..], Katie [Kaydi, ..]

Katniss, Katriel, Katrina [Kotryna, ..], Catriona [Katriona, ..], Cavanaugh [Kavanaugh, ..], Kay [Kaylin, ..], Kaya [Kaia], Kayla [Keyla, ..], Michaela [Kayla], Kaylee [Kaylley, ..], Kaylin [Kaylynne, ..], Keala, Keandra [Kiandria, ..], Ciara [Kiera, ..], Caoimhe [Keva, ..], Cadhla [Kyla, ..], Keely [Keyllie, ..], Keena [Keeana, ..], Akiva [Kivi, ..], Kefira [Kefirra, ..]

Keiba, Keiki, Keiko [Kiko], Keila [Keilah], Keilana, Keilani, Ceilidh [Keilidh], Keisha [Kisha, ..], Keitha [Keithana], Cecilia [Kikylia, ..], Kelby [Kellbie, ..], Kelda [Kellda], Kelila [Kyle, ..], Kellen [Kellyn, ..], Kelly [Kellye, ..], Kelpie, Kelsey [Kelsy, ..], Kempley [Kemply, ..], Kendall [Kyndall, ..], Kendra [Kyndria, ..]

Kenisha [Kennesha], Kenna [Kennia, ..], Kennedy [Kennedie, ..], Kenya [Kennya, ..], Kenzie [Kinzie, ..], Keren [Kerensa, ..], Kerensa [Kerenza, ..], Ceri [Keri], Erin [Kerin], Cherith [Kerrith, ..], Kerrin [Keryn, ..], Kerry [Kerrie, ..], Cesarina [Kesare], Kesia, Cesia [Kesia], Ketifa, Keturah [Ketura, ..], Kevina [Kevynne, ..], Ceinwen [Keyne], Kezia [Kizzy, ..]

Khadija [Khadyja, ..], Charissa [Kharissa], Chloe [Kloe, ..], Chloris [Kloris, ..], Christa [Krystah, ..], Crystal [Krystyl, ..], Christiana [Krystyiana, ..], Christina [Krystyna, ..], Christy [Krysty, ..], Khristina [Kristina, ..], Christine [Kryssi, ..], Kia [Kiah], Kiana [Kionna, ..], Ciana [Kiana], Chiara [Kiarra, ..], Kiara [Kierra, ..], Kiki, Kiley [Kylie, ..], Kim [Kymme, ..], Kimberly [Kymbrely, ..]

Kimi [Kimiko], Kimiko, Kina, Kindra, Kineta [Kinetta], Kinneret, Kinsey [Kinzee, ..], Kioko, Kira [Kirra, ..], Kirby, Kiri, Kirsi, Kirsten [Kyrstin, ..], Kirsty [Kirstie, ..], Kishi, Kismet [Kismat], Cithara [Kithara, ..], Kitra, Kitty [Kittey, ..], Kizzy [Kizzie, ..]

Claire [Klyara, ..], Clara [Klarra, ..], Klara [Klaryssa, ..], Clarice [Klarysa, ..], Clarissa [Klarrisa, ..], Klarissa [Klaryssa, ..], Claribel [Klarybel], Claudia [Klodia, ..], Klaudia, Clea [Klea], Clementine [Klementyna, ..], Klementina [Klementyna, ..], Cliantha [Klianthe, ..], Clio [Klio], Clotilda [Klothilde, ..], Klotid [Klotilde, ..], Cody [Kody, ..], Cordelia [Kordelle, ..], Kodi [Kodie, ..], Koemi

Colette [Kolette], Kolina, Colleen [Kolline, ..], Connie [Konnie], Constance [Kostatina, ..], Konstanze [Kostya, ..], Cora [Koryssa, ..], Kora [Koryssa, ..], Coral [Koralline, ..], Courtney [Kourty, ..], Cordula [Kordulla, ..], Corey [Kory, ..], Kori [Kory, ..], Corin [Korin], Korina [Korynne, ..], Corinthia [Korinthia], Cornelia [Kornelya, ..], Kornelia [Kornelya, ..], Cosima [Kosma], Kourtney [Kortney]

Chrysantha [Krisandra], Krisandra [Krisanne], Chrissie [Krysia, ..], Krista [Krystie, ..], Christen [Kristen], Kristen [Krystynn, ..], Kristina [Krystyna, ..], Kristine [Krystine, ..], Krysanthe, Krystal [Krystle, ..], Krystalyn [Krystalline, ..], Kumiko, Kyle [Kyel, ..], Kylie [Kylin, ..], Kynthia, Cynthia [Kynthija, ..], Kyoko, Kyra [Kyrra, ..]

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