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Ka- baby names and what they mean, with 139 results. Ka- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its apex in the year 1992 (ADOPTION OF 5.75%) and is now much reduced (ADOPTION 2.31%, 60% LESS), with names such as Kaleigh going out of style. The trendier birth names here are Kali (#267), Kamila (#328), Kaia (#446), Katalina (#787) and Kalani (#841), while Kania (TOP 6%) and Kampa (16%) are popular Ka- surnames. Here is the list of Ka- names for boys.

Ka- names

Ka- - Kaira | Kait - Kalliope | Kalliope - Kani | Kanisha - Karisa | Karisma - Karolina | Karolyn - Katelyn | Katherine - Kazia

Ka- - Kaira

Ka- and variantsKa-, var. Kavonna, Katrisa, Katrice, Katiya, Katessa, Katisha, Katasha, Katana, Kashonna, Kasaundra, Kashana, Karisha, Karaina, Kanisha, Kanesha, Kaniesha, Kaneisha, Kaneesha, Kamesha, Kamara, Kamari, Kalyssa, Kalissa, Kalisha, Kaleesha, Kalisa
From American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Usage of Ka- and variants as baby names in 2015 was up 25% compared to the previous decade.

Candy and variantsKandy, Kandie, Kandi, Kaandi
Forms of Candy. Source fr. English language. "Sweet." Kendi is also a marginally prominent baby name.

Cara and variantsKarry, Karrie, Karra, Karine, Karalee, Karina, Kara, Kaira1, Kaara
Forms of Cara. Stems fr. Latin, Irish, Gaelic languages. "Beloved; friend." Karra (TOP 65%), like Garra (TOP 47%), Parra (1%), is a popular -rra suffix last name.

Casey and variantsKaysyee, Kaysy, Kaysie, Kaysi, Kaysee, Kaysey, Kayse, Kaycie1, Kayci1, Kaycee1, Kaycey, Kayce1, Kasie, Kasi1, Kasee, Kasey1, Kasci, Kaissie, Kacyee, Kacy1, Kacye, Kacie1, Kaci1, Kacey1, Kace, Kacee1
Var. of Casey. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Alert, watchful." Somewhat common as children's names, Kaycee, Kace, etc. are comparable to the popular Kaylee.

Acacia and variantsKassy, Kassja, Kasi2, Kasey2, Kacey2, Kacie2
Forms of Acacia. From Greek word. "Thorny tree." Kacey (upper 44%), Kacie (48%), Kasey (20%) and Kasi (95%) are frequently occurring female names, whereas Kassja and Kassy are scarcely used.

Kacie and variantsKacie3, var. Kaycie2, Kayci2, Kaycee2, Kayce2, Kacy2, Kasey3, Kacia, Kaci2, Kacey3, Kacee2
Based on American language. Kacie and its variants are probably .. Usage of Kacie, Kasey, etc. as baby names in 2015 was 1.5% more than the previous year.

Cady and variantsKayde, Kady1, Kadie1, Kadi1, Kade, Kadee1
Forms of Cady. Derived fr. Greek language. "Pure." Kady (top 25%), Kade (29%) and Kadi (49%) exist frequently as last names.

Khadija and variantsKadiya, Kadisha, Kadija, Kadesha, Kadeeja, Kadejah
Var. of Khadija. Derived fr. Arabic language. "Early baby." Used somewhat frequently as girls' names, Kadeeja, Kadiya, etc. are similar to the familiar Katia.

Cadence and variantsKaydence, Kadenza1, Kadence1, Kadena1
Var. of Cadence. Derivative of Latin. "With rhythm." Kadence and Kaydence are more commonplace as children's names among the versions of Cadence.

Kadenza and variantsKadenza2, var. Kadence2, Kadena2
Root fr. Latin element. "With rhythm." Adoption of Kadenza and variants as girls' names in 2015 was 41% less than 2005.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kacee, Kacey, Kaci, Kacie, Kacy

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kadejah, Kadence, Kadesha, Kadie, Kady

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kaela, Kai, Kaia, Kaila, Kailah

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kailani, Kaileigh, Kailey, Kaira, Kalei

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kaleigh, Kaley, Kalli, Kallie, Kamari

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kandi, Kandy, Kaneesha, Kaneisha, Kanesha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kanisha, Kara, Karina, Karrie, Kasey

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kasi, Kasie, Katrice, Kayce, Kaycee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kayci, Kaycie, Kaydence, Kayla, Kaylee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ka- names: Kayleigh, Kayley

Kady2, var. Kaidee, Kaedee, Kadienne, Kadie2, Kadia, Kadian, Kadi2, Kadee2
Root fr. American element. Variant of Katy or Cady. Less widespread today. Kady was the form last listed (2008) in the Top 2000.

Stems fr. Hindi element. "Monsoon flower." Kaeya is uncommonly used as a female name. See also Kaia.

Callie and variantsKaly, Kally, Kallie, Kalli, Kallee, Kalley, Kalle, Kaley, Kaleigh1, Kahley, Kalei, Kahlei, Kahle
Var. of Callie. Derived fr. Greek language. "Beautiful, lovely." Kahle and variants became less popular last year, falling -572 rankings as children's names with Kalli leading the decline.

Kai and variantsKai, var. Kaia
Derivative of Hawaiian. "The sea." Kai appears often (upper 16%) as a surname.

Var. of Hava. Based on Hebrew language. "Life, animal." Not in Top 2000. See also Kassja.

Form of Chava. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Life." Kaija is seldom used as a birth name. See also Kaska.

Kaila and variantsKaila, var. Kailah, Kaelah, Kaela
From Hebrew, Hawaiian elements. "The laurel crown; style." Kaela, Kaila and Kailah are more commonly used as girls' names compared to Kaelah.

Root fr. Hawaiian. "Sea and sky." Popular as a girls' name, Kailani is comparable to the common Kailyn. See also Kallan.

Cayla and variantsKayley, Kayleigh, Kaylee, Kayla, Kailie, Kaleigh2, Kailey, Kaileigh
Forms of Cayla. From Irish, Gaelic. "Slim and fair." Kaileigh, Kailey, Kaleigh, Kayla, Kaylee, Kayleigh and Kayley are more commonly used as birth names compared to Kailie.

Form of Kyra. Root fr. Greek element. "Lord." Kaira is scarcely used as a female name. See also Kaara.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ka- names for girls.

1. Ka- - Kaira
Ka- [Kavonna, ..], Candy [Kandy, ..], Cara [Karry, ..], Casey [Kaysyee, ..], Acacia [Kassy, ..], Kacie [Kaycie, ..], Cady [Kayde, ..], Khadija [Kadiya, ..], Cadence [Kaydence, ..], Kadenza [Kadence, ..], Kady [Kaidee, ..], Kaeya, Callie [Kaly, ..], Kai [Kaia], Hava [Kaija], Chava [Kaija], Kaila [Kailah, ..], Kailani, Cayla [Kayley, ..], Kyra [Kaira]

Catherine [Kaye, ..], Caitlin [Kayelyn, ..], Kaitlin [Kathlyn, ..], Calista [Kalysta, ..], Kala, Calandra [Kalandra], Kalani [Kaloni, ..], Calantha [Kalantha], Kalei [Kalia, ..], Kali [Kalli], Calida [Kalidas], Kalifa, Kalila [Kaylee, ..], Caoilainn [Kalin], Kalina [Kalene, ..], Kalinda [Kalynda, ..], Kallan, Callan [Kallan], Kallie [Kally, ..], Calliope [Kalliope]

Kalliope [Kallyope], Kallista [Kallysta, ..], Calypso [Kallypso], Kama, Kambria, Kamea [Kameo], Kamelia [Kamella], Cameron [Kamyron, ..], Kameron [Kamryn, ..], Kami [Kammie, ..], Camilla [Kamyla, ..], Kamilah [Kamillia, ..], Kamilla [Kamyla, ..], Kanani, Kanara [Kanarra, ..], Candace [Kanticia, ..], Kandace [Kandyce, ..], Candice [Kantisia, ..], Kendra [Kandra], Kani [Kaneeta]

Kanisha [Kaniesha, ..], Kapri [Kaprisha, ..], Kerry [Kara], Kara [Kary, ..], Caroline [Karolynne, ..], Charis [Karrisa, ..], Corinne [Karyne, ..], Corinna [Karynna, ..], Carina [Karita, ..], Carol [Karryll, ..], Karen [Karyn, ..], Kerensa [Karenza, ..], Karida, Karima [Karimah, ..], Karin, Karina [Karyna, ..], Careen [Karine], Karinya, Karis, Carissa [Karissa, ..]

Charisma [Karisma], Karisma, Karissa [Karyssa, ..], Charity [Karita], Carita [Karita], Carla [Karlla, ..], Karla [Karrla, ..], Charlotte [Karlyne, ..], Carly [Karlyta, ..], Karleen [Karlyn, ..], Carlene [Karlynn, ..], Karlotta [Karlotte, ..], Karma, Carmen [Karmyn, ..], Karmel [Karmelle], Carmel [Karmen, ..], Karmen [Karmina], Carna [Karnyella, ..], Karol [Karolyne, ..], Karolina [Karolynne, ..]

Carolyn [Karolynn, ..], Carson [Kason, ..], Christian [Karsten], Carys [Karys], Cassandra [Kassy, ..], Kasey [Kasie], Kasha, Kashmir [Kazhmir, ..], Cassidy [Kassodey, ..], Kasmira, Kassandra [Kassondra, ..], Cassie [Kasy, ..], Kassia, Kassidy, Kassie [Kassy, ..], Cassiopeia [Kassiopia, ..], Castalia [Kastalia], Kataniya, Kate [Katie, ..], Katelyn [Katlynne, ..]

Katherine [Kaylin, ..], Kathleen [Katlyne, ..], Cathy [Kathy], Kathy [Kathya, ..], Katie [Kaydi, ..], Katniss, Katriel, Katrina [Katryna, ..], Catriona [Katriona, ..], Keturah [Katura], Cavanaugh [Kavanaugh, ..], Kay [Kaylin, ..], Kaya [Kaia], Kelila [Kaylee, ..], Michaela [Kayla], Kayla [Kaylyn, ..], Kaylee [Kaylley, ..], Kaylin [Kaylynne, ..], Kezia [Kazia]

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