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Kath- baby names and what they mean, with 7 results. Kath- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex in the 1950s (adoption of 3.01%) and is now significantly reduced (adoption 0.34%, 88.7%), with names like Kathie becoming somewhat dated. Kathol (top 32%) and Kathman (24%) are common Kath- last names.

Kath- names

Katha - Kathy

Catherine and variantsKatha1, Katharine1, Katharyn1, Katharyne, Kathee1, Kathelina1, Katherin1, Katheline1, Katherina1, Katherine1, Katheryn1, Katherynn, Kathi1, Kathileen1, Kathie1, Kathiryn1, Kathleen1, Kathlene1, Kathleyn1, Kathline1, Kathrine1, Kathyleen, Kathrinna1, Kathryn1, Kathryne1, Kathy1, Kathyrine1
Var. of Catherine. Stems fr. Greek word. "Pure." Katerine is also a moderately popular baby name.

Var. of Kate. .. Writer Kate Chopin. Popular as last name. Compare Kathe (upper 81%) with popular -he last names Krohe (upper 60%), Kehe (67%). See also Kathie.

Katherine and variantsKatherine2, var. Katha2, Katharine2, Katharyn2, Kathee2, Kathelina2, Katheline2, Katherina2, Katherin2, Katheryn2, Katheryne, Kathi2, Kathie2, Kathileen2, Kathiryn2, Kathirin, Kathirynn, Kathleen2, Kathlene2, Kathleyn2, Kathline2, Kathrene, Kathlyne, Kathrina, Kathrine2, Kathrinna2, Kathryn2, Kathryne2, Kathy2, Kathrynn, Kathyrine2
Derived fr. Greek word. "Pure." Katherine, Kathleen, Kathryn and Kathy are in the Top 2000.

Kathleen and variantsKathleen3, var. Katha3, Kathaleen, Kathaleya, Kathaleyna, Kathaline, Kathelina3, Kathleena, Katheline3, Kathlena, Kathlene3, Kathleyn3, Kathlin1, Kathline3, Kathylyne, Kathlyn1, Kathlynn, Kathyline
Root fr. Irish, Greek words. "Pure." Kathaleen (upper 54%), Kathleen (1%), Kathlene (42%), Kathline (91%) and Kathlyn (45%) are conventional as feminine names.

Kaitlin and variantsKathlin2, Kathlinne, Kathlyn2
Forms of Kaitlin. Phonetic form of Caitlin .. Kathlyn is a commonplace (upper 45%) women's name, whereas Kathlin and Kathlinne are infrequently used.

Kathy and variantsKathy3, var. Kathe2, Kathee3, Kathey, Kathi3, Kathia, Kathie3, Kathya
Based on Greek word. "Pure." Kathy is in the Top 2000.

Form of Cathy. Derived fr. Greek language. "Pure." Adoption of Kathy as a baby name in 2015 was 52.4% less than a decade ago. See also Kathia.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Kath- names for girls.

1. Katha - Kathy
Catherine [Kathy, Kathryn, Kathrine, Kathryne, Kathline, Kathyleen, Kathrinna, Kathyrine, ..], Kate [Kathe], Katherine [Kathy, Kathryn, Kathrine, Kathrina, Kathryne, Kathrynn, Kathyrine, Kathrinna, ..], Kathleen [Kathlin, Kathlyn, Kathleyn, Kathlene, Kathlynn, Kathline, Kathyline, Kathylyne, ..], Kaitlin [Kathlyn, Kathlin, Kathlinne], Kathy [Kathe, Kathi, Kathie, Kathee, Kathey, Kathya, Kathia], Cathy [Kathy]

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