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Kl- baby names and what they mean, with 18 results. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in the year 2012 and are somewhat less common today. Klima (top 9%) and Klapp (20%) are common Kl- last names.

Kl- names

Klaire - Klotid

Claire and variantsKlaire1, Klara1, Klaretta, Klarissa1, Klayre, Klaryce1, Kliara, Klyara
Forms of Claire. Stems fr. Latin language. "Bright, famous." Kyara is also a slightly prominent kid's name.

Klara2, var. Klaire2, Klari, Klarice1, Klarika, Klarisza1, Klarissa2, Klaryssa1
Derived fr. Hungarian, Latin words. "Famous, brilliant." Common as surnames, and Klara (top 88%) is comparable to popular -ara last names Khara (top 94%), Kamara (7%).

Clara and variantsKlara3, Klarra
Forms of Clara. Derivative of Latin word. "Bright, famous." Klara is found regularly (upper 88%) as a surname.

Clarice and variantsKlarice2, Klarise, Klarissa3, Klaryce2, Klarysa
Forms of Clarice. From Latin language. "Fame." Unconventional. Klarice, Klaryce, etc. are not listed in the US Demographics.

Klarisa, Klarissa4, Klarrisa
Forms of Clarissa. Derived fr. Latin element. "Most bright, most famous." Less popular today. Klarissa was the variant last found (2007) in the Top 2000.

Klarissa5, var. Klarisza2, Klaryssa2
Source fr. Latin. "Bright, famous." Uncommon. Klarissa, Klarisza and Klaryssa are not found in the US Census.

Form of Claribel. Root fr. Latin element. "Bright, famous and beautiful." Klarybel is unusual as a children's name.

Derivative of Polish, Latin elements. "Lame." Klaudia is rarely used as a birth name. See also Klodia.

Klaudia2, Klaudie, Klava, Klavdiya, Klodia
Var. of Claudia. Source fr. Latin word. "Lame." Scarce as baby names, but Klaudia, Klava, etc. are comparable to the more popular Klara.

Form of Clea. Source fr. Greek. "Glory." Rare as a children's name. See also Kalee.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kl- names: Klaire, Klara, Klarissa, Kloe

Klementijna1, Klementina1, Klementyna1
Var. of Clementine. From Latin element. "Merciful." Not in Top 2000.

Klementina2, var. Klementijna2, Klementine, Klementyna2
Source fr. Latin word. "Mild, merciful." Klementina, Klementine, etc. are seldom found as women's names.

Kliantha, Klianthe
Var. of Cliantha. Source fr. Greek word. "Glory flower." Kliantha and Klianthe are not in the Top 2000.

Var. of Clio. Root fr. Greek. "Glory." Klio is not in the Top 2000.

Var. of Chloe. Stems fr. Greek language. "Green shoot." Unconventional, with usage of 0.005% for Kloe as a girls' name in 2015, less than 0.005% the previous year. See also Kyle.

Var. of Chloris. Derived fr. Greek word. "Green, greenish-yellow." Klorce and Klorsi are creative forms. See also Klarise.

Klothilda1, Klothilde1
Var. of Clotilda. Root fr. Old German. "Famous battle." Klothilda and Klothilde are uncommon as children's names.

Klotid, var. Klothild, Klothilda2, Klothilde2, Klotilda, Klotilde
Origin fr. Hungarian, German. "Famous battle." Not Top 2000 names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Kl- names for girls.

1. Klaire - Klotid
Claire [Klara, Klaire, Klyara, Klayre, Kliara, Klaryce, Klarissa, Klaretta], Klara [Klari, Klaire, Klarice, Klarika, Klarisza, Klarissa, Klaryssa], Clara [Klara, Klarra], Clarice [Klarise, Klarysa, Klaryce, Klarice, Klarissa], Clarissa [Klarisa, Klarissa, Klarrisa], Klarissa [Klarisza, Klaryssa], Claribel [Klarybel], Klaudia, Claudia [Klava, Klodia, Klaudia, Klaudie, Klavdiya], Clea [Klea], Clementine [Klementyna, Klementina, Klementijna], Klementina [Klementyna, Klementine, Klementijna], Cliantha [Kliantha, Klianthe], Clio [Klio], Chloe [Kloe], Chloris [Kloris], Clotilda [Klothilda, Klothilde], Klotid [Klotilde, Klotilda, Klothild, Klothilde, Klothilda]

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