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Mar- baby names and what they mean, with 80 results. Mar- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in the 1890s (adoption of 15%) and have become much less conventional since (adoption 1.24%, 92%), with names like Marina becoming less fashionable. The more fashionable baby names in this compilation are Margot (#593), Mariam (#563), Marlee (#454), Marley (#218) and Maryam (#567), while Mares (top 2%) and Marrs (4%) are conventional Mar- last names. Here is the list of Mar- names for boys.

Mar- names

Mara - Mariah | Mariam - Marion | Mariposa - Marlin | Marlisa - Maryweld

Mara - Mariah

Damaris and variantsMara1, Mari1, Maris
Forms of Damaris. From Greek, Latin elements. "Calf; to tame; gentle." Madi is also a marginally favored baby name.

Amara and variantsMara2, Marra1
Var. of Amara. Origin fr. Latin language. "Everlasting." Marra (cf. Karra, Jarra) is a popular -rra suffix surname.

Mara and variantsMara3, var. Marah, Maralina, Maralinda, Maraline, Mari2, Marra2
Root fr. Hebrew. "Bitter." Usage of Mari as a birth name has faded circa 1950-1959.

Form of Miranda. Origin fr. Latin. "Worthy of admiration." Usage of Maranda as a birth name has fallen off since 1994. See also Caranda.

Maravilla and variantsMaravilla, var. Marvel, Marvella, Marvelle, Marivel, Marivella
Root fr. Spanish, Latin words. "Miracle to marvel at." Maravilla (top 5%) and Marvel (5%) are found commonly as last names.

Var. of Mireya. Derived fr. Spanish, Latin. "Admired." Maraya was not among 2015's Top names. See also Marnya.

Marcella and variantsMarcella1, var. Marcela, Marcele, Marcelina, Marcelinda, Marceline, Marcellina, Marcelle, Marcelline, Marcelyn, Marchella, Marchelle, Marcile1, Marcie1, Marcilee, Marcille1, Marcy1, Maricel, Marsalina, Marquita1, Marsella, Marselle, Marsellonia, Marshella, Marsiella
Source fr. Latin word. "Dedicated to Mars." Marcella (top 10%), Marcy (16%), Marcie (19%), Marquita (22%), Marcela (30%), Marcelle (32%), Marcelina (35%), Marceline (71%) and Marchelle (87%) are conventional as feminine names.

Marcene and variantsMarcene1, var. Marceen, Marcena1, Marcenia, Marceyne, Marcina1
Source fr. Latin language. "Dedicated to Mars." Marcena and variants were favored as baby names during 1930-1939.

Marcia and variantsMarcia, var. Marcella2, Marcena2, Marcene2, Marchita, Marci1, Marciane, Marciana, Marcianne, Marcie2, Marcila, Marcile2, Marcilyn, Marcille2, Marcilynn, Marcina2, Marcine, Marcita, Marquita2, Marcy2, Marsha, Marseea, Marsia, Martia
From Latin language. "Dedicated to Mars." Marcia and variants became more trendy in 2015, rising +54 positions as baby names with Marcella rising the most.

Marcy and variantsMarcy3, var. Marcee, Marcey, Marci2, Marcie3, Marsee, Marsey
Derivative of Latin element. "Dedicated to Mars." Less used today. Marcy was the variation last recorded (1995) in the Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Mara, Marah, Maranda, Marcela, Marcelina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Marceline, Marcella, Marcelle, Marcelline, Marcelyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Marcene, Marchelle, Marcheta, Marci, Marcia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Marcie, Marcile, Marcille, Marcine, Marcy

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Maree, Margaret, Margarete, Margaretta, Margarette

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Margarita, Margarite, Margaux, Marge, Margeret

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Margery, Marget, Margherita, Margie, Margo

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Margot, Margret, Margrete, Margrett, Marguerita

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Marguerite, Margurite, Margy, Mari, Maria

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Mariah, Maribeth, Marie, Marielena, Marietta

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Mariette, Marika, Marilee, Marilou, Maris

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Marita, Marivel, Marjie, Marjorie, Marjory

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Markie, Markita, Marquetta, Marquita, Marsha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mar- names: Marvel, Marvella

Derivative of Irish, Latin elements. "Star of the sea." Unusual as a girls' name, but Mare is similar to the more common Mira. See also Mart.

Marelda, var. Marilda, Marrelda
Derivative of Old German element. "Famous battle maid." Marenda (top 96%), Marolda (44%) are familiar last names.

Compound form of Ella. Outside Top 2000. See also Marial.

Margaret and variantsMargaret, var. Marcheta, Marchieta, Marg, Marga, Margalit, Margareta, Margalo, Margarete, Margarethe, Margaretta, Margarette, Margarit, Margarida, Margarita, Margarite1, Margaruite1, Marge1, Margeen, Marged, Margeret, Margeretta, Margerie1, Margerita, Marget, Margery1, Margette, Margey1, Margharita1, Margharita2, Marghretta, Margherita1, Margie, Margies, Margisia, Margit, Margize, Margita, Margo1, Margot1, Margred, Margret, Margreth, Margrete, Margrett, Margrit, Margrid, Marguarette, Marguerita1, Marguarita, Marguerite1, Marguita, Margy1, Marit, Marjey, Marjery1, Marji, Marjie1, Marjorey1, Marjorie1, Marketa, Marjory1, Marketta, Markie, Markita, Marquetta
Based on Greek element. "Pearl." Margo (top 24%), Markie (33%), Margaret (39%), Marg (46%) and Marji (49%) exist frequently as last names.

Margery and variantsMargery2, var. Marchery, Marge2, Margeree, Margerey, Margerie2, Margi, Margey2, Margy2, Marje, Marjerie, Marjery2, Marjorey2, Marjie2, Marjori, Marjorie2, Marjory2, Marjy
Stems fr. French, Greek languages. "Pearl." Somewhat popular as girls' names, Margery, Marge, etc. are comparable to the conventional Marci.

Margo and variantsMargo2, var. Margaux, Margeaux, Margot2
Source fr. French. Variant of Margaret .. Used frequently as girls' names, Margo, Margaux, etc. are similar to the common Marge.

Marguerite and variantsMarguerite2, var. Margarite2, Margaruite2, Margharita3, Margherita2, Margherite, Margurite, Marguerita2
Root fr. French word. Variant of Margaret .. Margarite, Margherita, Marguerita, Marguerite and Margurite are more commonplace as birth names among these versions.

Mari and variantsMari3, var. Maribeth, Maridel, Marilee, Marilena, Marilene, Marilou, Marilisa, Marilu, Marita, Marycruz
Origin fr. Welsh, Latin languages. "Star of the sea." Somewhat popular as baby names, Marita, Mari, etc. are pronounced like the familiar Marty.

Maria and variantsMaria, var. Maree, Mariah1, Marialena, Marialinda, Marialisa, Marieanne, Marie, Marielena, Marietta, Mariette, Marika, Marya, Marja
Based on Latin language. "Star of the sea." Usage of Marialisa and variants soared a century ago and has become lower.

Root fr. Latin language. "Star of the sea." Popular as a birth name, Mariah is comparable to the conventional Mari. See also Myriah.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Mar- names for girls.

1. Mara - Mariah
Damaris [Mara, Mari, Maris], Amara [Mara, Marra], Mara [Mari, Marra, Maraline, Maralinda, ..], Miranda [Maranda], Maravilla [Marivel, Marvella, Marvelle, Marivella, ..], Mireya [Maraya], Marcella [Marselle, Marshella, Marsiella, Marsellonia, ..], Marcene [Marcina, Marcena, Marceyne, Marcenia, ..], Marcia [Marsha, Marsia, Martia, Marseea, ..], Marcy [Marci, Marcie, Marsee, Marsey, ..], Mare, Marelda [Marilda, Marrelda], Marell, Margaret [Markie, Markita, Marketta, Marquetta, ..], Margery [Marjy, Marjori, Marjory, Marjorie, ..], Margo [Margot, Margaux, Margeaux], Marguerite [Margurite, Margherita, Marguerita, Margherite, ..], Mari [Marilu, Marita, Marilou, Marycruz, ..], Maria [Marya, Marja, Marika, Mariette, ..], Mariah

Miriam [Mariam, Maryam], Marian [Marion, Mariane, Maryann, Maryanne, ..], Estelle [Marianela], Marianne [Maryam, Maryan, Maryann, Maryanna, ..], Maribel [Maribell, Maribella, Maribelle, Marybelle], Maricela [Maricel, Marisela, Maricella], Clare [Mariclare], Marie [Maree], Mariel [Mariet, Marijke, Marilla, Marielle, ..], Marietta [Mariet, Maretta, Mariette, Maryetta], Marigold [Maragold, Marrigold], Marika [Maryk, Maryka, Mariska, Mariske, ..], Mariko, Esmeralda [Marilda], Marilla [Marella, Marilis], Marilyn [Marylin, Marylyn, Marrilyn, Marylynn, ..], Marin [Marinn, Marrin], Mairin [Marin], Marina [Maryn, Marni, Marnie, Marnette, ..], Marion [Marian, Maryon, Maryonn]

Mariposa [Marriposa], Maris [Marys, Maryse, Marris, Marisse, ..], Marisa [Marysa, Mareisa, Maressa, Marysia, ..], Isabel [Marisabel], Marise, Marisela [Maryzela, Maresella, Marisella, Maricella], Marissa [Mariza, Maryssa, Maritza, Marrissa, ..], Maristela, Marjan [Marjon, Marjanne], Marjo, Marjolaine, Marjorie [Marjy, Marjie, Marjory, Marjorey, ..], Markeisha [Markisha, Markesha, Markiesha], Marketa [Markie, Markita, Marquita, Marqueta, ..], Marla [Marlys, Marlette], Madeline [Marlena, Marlene, Marline, Marlyne, ..], Marlee [Marlie, Marley, Marleigh], Marlen [Marlin, Marlyn, Marlynn, Marlenne], Marlene [Marna, Marlyn, Marline, Marlynne, ..], Marlin [Marlyn, Marrlen, Marlinn, Marrlin, ..]

Marlisa [Marlys, Marlyse, Marlissa, Marlyssa, ..], Marlise [Marlis, Marlies], Marlo [Marlon, Marlow, Marlowe], Marmara [Marnia, Marnie, Marnja, Marnya, ..], Marni [Marnya, Marnja, Marnina, Marnisha, ..], Merona [Maroona], Marquise [Marqui, Marquisa, Marquessa, Marquisha, ..], Merry [Marylee, Marylea, Marrilee], Marsala [Marsalla], Marseilles, Marsha [Martia, Marsia, Marsita], Martha [Marva, Marty, Martyne, Martynne, ..], Martina [Marty, Martie, Martine, Marteina, ..], Martinique, Marvell [Marvele, Marvella, Marvelle, Marvelyn, ..], Marvina [Marva, Marvadene], Mary [Marylu, Marysa, Maryse, Marysia, ..], Maryann [Maryanna, Maryanne], Meryl [Maryl], Maryweld

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