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Me- baby names and what they mean, with 85 results. Me- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its apex during 1980-1989 (usage of 4.24%) and is now much reduced (usage 0.67%, down 84%), with names such as Melissa going out of style. The most fashionable names for newborns here are Melody (#148), Melanie (#80), Mercy (#1013), Melina (#594) and Melany (#485), while Merlo (top 7%) and Melo (3%) are popular Me- surnames. Here is the list of Me- names for boys.

Me- names

Mea - Meena | Meera - Melia | Melina - Meralda | Meranda - Mersera | Mertice - Meta

Mea - Meena

Mia and variantsMea, Meya
Var. of Mia. Root fr. Israeli, Latin, Scandinavian words. .. In Latin and Scandinavian, a short .. Meya and variants rose in popularity in 2005.

Mead, var. Meade
Stems fr. Old English element. "Meadow." Meah is a moderately common girl's name.

Derivative of Gaelic word. "Intoxicating; she who makes drunk." Mahbh and Marhbh are creative variations.

Based on Irish, Gaelic element. "Jolly, jovial." Common as surname, and Meara (top 27%) is comparable to common surnames Malara (top 33%), Maehara (81%), which also end with -ara. See also Merry.

Var. of Maeve. Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Intoxicating; she who makes drunk." Rather quirky as a baby name, Meave occurs more frequently as a last name. See also Mauve.

Form of Mab. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic, Welsh. "Joy, hilarity; baby." Meave, like the similar Meade, occurs more often as a last name.

Place name .. Somewhat common as a girls' name, Mecca is similar to the common Mica. See also Meeca.

Mechaela, Meeskaela, Mekea
Forms of Michaela. Root fr. Hebrew. "Who is like God?." Not in Top 2000.

Michelle and variantsMechelle, Meechelle, Me'shell, Meshella
Forms of Michelle. Root fr. French, Hebrew words. "Who is like God?." Mechelle is a common (upper 43%) feminine name, while Meechelle, Me'shell and Meshella are rare.

Halimeda and variantsMeda, Medie
Var. of Halimeda. Source fr. Greek element. "The sea." Meda is familiar (upper 94%) as a feminine name, whereas Medie is unusual.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Me- names: Mea, Mecca, Mechelle, Meda, Media

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Me- names: Medie, Medora, Melia

Medea and variantsMedea, var. Medeia, Media, Medora1, Medorah
From Greek. "Ruling." Medea, Media, etc. are rarely found as women's names.

Stems fr. Arabic element. "City of the Prophet." Medina is seldom adopted as a children's name. See also Madena.

Derived fr. English word. A literary creation .. Medora is unconventional as a female name, registering frequently (upper 88%) as a last name. See also Madera.

Meeca, Meica
Var. of Micah. Derivative of Hebrew. "Who is like God?." Uncommon as children's names, but Meeca and Meica are similar to the more common Mica.

Meegan1, var. Meegan2, Meeghan
Root fr. Gaelic element. "Soft, gentle." Meegan and Meeghan were not among 2015's Top names.

Var. of Mika. Stems fr. Japanese element. "Beautiful aroma; beautiful increase." Unconventional. Meeka is not listed in the US Census. See also Mekea.

Form of Dominique. From French, Latin. "Lord." Meeks (top 1%), Meena (65%) are conventional last names. See also Mekea.

Amelia and variantsMeelia, Melia, Meline
Var. of Amelia. Based on Latin, Old German languages. "Rival, eager work." Meelia and variants became more popular in 2015, rising +112 positions as children's names with Melia leading the upswing.

Form of Mimi. Derivative of French language. .. Also used as a Spanish pet .. Meemee is unique as a birth name.

Source fr. Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Fish." Meena is unusual as a feminine name, registering commonly (top 65%) as a last name. See also Geena.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Me- names for girls.

1. Mea - Meena
Mia [Mea, Meya], Mead [Meade], Meadhbh, Meara, Maeve [Meave], Mab [Meave], Mecca, Michaela [Mekea, Meeskaela, ..], Michelle [Me'shell, Meshella, ..], Halimeda [Meda, Medie], Medea [Medora, Medorah, ..], Medina, Medora, Micah [Meeca, Meica], Meegan [Meegan, Meeghan], Mika [Meeka], Dominique [Meeka], Amelia [Melia, Meline, ..], Mimi [Meemee], Meena

Amira [Mera, Merah, ..], Meera [Meira], Mirta [Meerta, Meertha], Margaret [Mette, Meyta, ..], Meg, Megan [Meighan, Meghanne, ..], Mahalia [Mehalia], Mehitabel [Mehitable, Mehitabelle, ..], May [Mei], Meira, Meiriona, Myrna [Merna, Meirna], Malvina [Melvina, Melvine, ..], Millicent [Melly, Mellisent, ..], Melanie [Melony, Melloney, ..], Melantha, Melba [Melva, Mellba], Emilia [Melia], Permelia [Melia], Melia [Melya, Meelia]

Carmel [Melina, Melita], Melina [Mellina, Melibelle, ..], Melinda [Melynda, Mellinda, ..], Meliora, Melisande [Melysande, Melyssandre, ..], Melisha [Mellicia, Mellisha, ..], Melissa [Melly, Melosa, ..], Melita [Melyta, Melitta, ..], Melody [Melodia, Melodie, ..], Melusine [Melusina], Melva [Melvena, Melvina, ..], Malva [Melva, Melvina], Mina [Mena], Mendota, Menemsha, Menora [Menorah], Minorca [Menorca], Almera [Mera, Meera], Elmira [Mera, Meera], Meralda

Miranda [Meranda], Mercedes [Mercede, Mercedez, ..], Mercer, Mercia, Mercy [Mersey, Mercina, ..], Meredith [Merry, Merridie, ..], Muriel [Meriel, Merrill, ..], Miriam [Meriam, Meryam], Maribel [Meribella, Meribelle, ..], Mirabel [Meribel, Meribelle], Mary [Meriel, Meridel], Meridel, Meriel [Meryl, Merrill, ..], Maris [Meris], Marissa [Merissa, Meryssa, ..], Merle [Meryl, Merola, ..], Merona [Merrona], Merrill [Meryl, Merril, ..], Merry [Merryn, Merrily, ..], Mersera

Myrtle [Mertis, Mertle, ..], Meryl [Meryle, Meryll, ..], Mesa, Messina, Meta

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