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My- baby names and what they mean, with 24 results. My- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity during 1890-1899 (USAGE OF 0.76%) and are now much less conventional (USAGE 0.23%, DOWN 70%), with names such as Myrtie becoming somewhat outmoded. Myla (#335) is the most contemporarily stylish baby name in this compilation, while Myhra (TOP 55%) and Myatt (6%) are conventional My- last names.

My- names

Mya - Myrle | Myrna - Mystique

Mya - Myrle


Var. of Maia. Origin fr. Greek element. "Great; mother." My is also a marginally prominent birth name. See also Miah.

Var. of Maya. Stems fr. Spanish, Hindi, Russian. .. In Hindi, from Sanskrit, meaning dream .. Mla and Myam are creative variations. See also Myka.

Michaela and variants

Mykela, Mykala, Mychaela
Var. of Michaela. Based on Hebrew. "Who is like God?." Popular, and Mychaela, Mykela are similar to common -ela surnames Mandela (UPPER 68%), Manela (55%).

Form of Michal. Source fr. Hebrew word. "Brook." Unisex name. Rare, with the androgynous-sounding -al suffix for Mychal, like Mal.

Myshella, Myshell, Mychelle, Mychele
Forms of Michelle. Based on French, Hebrew languages. "Who is like God?." Uncommon. Myshell, like Merrell, Marnell, uses the -ell ending.


Form of Aisha. Derivative of Arabic language. "Alive and well." Myesha is popular as a baby name compared to other forms. See also Misha.

Myisha and variants

Myisha, var. Myiesha, Myeshia, Myesha2, Myeisha
Origin fr. Arabic word. "Woman; life." Myesha is a commonplace (TOP 96%) feminine name, whereas Myisha, Myeisha, Myeshia and Myiesha are infrequently used.

Micah and variants

Mykah, Myka
Var. of Micah. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Who is like God?." Mykah is novel as a birth name among the variant forms of Micah.

Myla and variants

Myla, var. Mylene, Myleen
Stems fr. English element. "Merciful." Myla, Myleen and Mylene are seldom found as feminine names.


Var. of Mayra. Origin fr. Irish, Latin. "Star of the sea." Myra is generally used as a baby name among the versions of Mayra. See also Mya.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of My- names: Mya, Myeisha, Myesha, Myisha, Myka

Top 2000 baby names ranking of My- names: Mykala, Myla, Myra, Myranda, Myriah

Top 2000 baby names ranking of My- names: Myriam, Myrle

Miranda and variants

Myrrilla, Myrilla1, Myrella1, Myranda, Myra2
Forms of Miranda. Origin fr. Latin word. "Worthy of admiration." Myra and Myranda are more prevalent as birth names among the versions of Miranda.

Myrilla2, Myrene, Myrella2, Myra3
Forms of Mira. Derived fr. Latin, Slavic, Hindi languages. "Wonderful; peace; prosperous." Myra and variants became more trendy in 2015, gaining +41 positions as birth names with Myra gaining the most.

Myrah1, Myra4
Var. of Almera. Source fr. Arabic word. "Princess." Myrah is unconventional as a girls' name among the versions of Almera.

Myrah2, Myra5
Var. of Elmira. Derived fr. Arabic element. "Princess." Myrah is novel as a birth name among the versions of Elmira.

Myra and variants

Myra6, var. Myriah, Myree, Myrah3
Derivative of Greek word. "Myrrh." Used frequently as children's names, Myree, Myra, etc. sound like the familiar Marie.

Based on American word. Combination of Myra and Ella. Myrella is not frequently adopted as a girls' name. See also Myrrilla.

Form of Mireio. Stems fr. French word. "Admire." Rare. Myrelle (cf. Murielle, Marielle) ends with the favored -elle. See also Marella.


Form of Miriam. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Star of the sea." Less popular today. Myriam was last recorded in 2003 in the Top 2000. See also Marian.

Form of Meryl. Origin fr. English element. "Shining sea." Not Top 2000 name. See also Marlea.

Merle and variants

Myrline, Myrlene, Myrleen, Myrle
Var. of Merle. Stems fr. Old French language. "Blackbird." Myrle is recognizable (TOP 62%) as a women's name, whereas Myrleen, Myrlene and Myrline are scantly used.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for My- names for girls.

1. Mya - Myrle
Maia [Mya], Maya [Mya], Michaela [Mykela, Mykala, Mychaela], Michal [Mychal], Michelle [Mychele, Myshell, Myshella, Mychelle], Aisha [Myesha], Myisha [Myesha, Myeisha, Myeshia, Myiesha], Micah [Myka, Mykah], Myla [Myleen, Mylene], Mayra [Myra], Miranda [Myra, Myranda, Myrella, Myrilla, Myrrilla], Mira [Myra, Myrene, Myrilla, Myrella], Almera [Myra, Myrah], Elmira [Myra, Myrah], Myra [Myrah, Myree, Myriah], Myrella, Mireio [Myrelle], Miriam [Myriam], Meryl [Myrla], Merle [Myrle, Myrleen, Myrlene, Myrline]

Myrna, Myrtle [Myrta, Myrtia, Myrtie, Myrtis, Myrtice], Misty [Mysti, Mystee], Mystique [Mystica]

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