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Pe- baby names and what they mean, with 37 results. Usage of these girl names is at its apex presently (usage of 0.9%), except for names like Peggie which have become somewhat outmoded. Penelope (#34) is the most fashionable baby name in this list, while Peeler (top 4%) and Peavy (4%) are popular Pe- last names. Here is the list of Pe- names for boys.

Pe- names

Peace - Perfecta | Peri - Peyton

Peace - Perfecta

From Middle English word. Not strictly a virtue name. Popular as last name, and Peace (upper 3%) is similar to common -ace last names Place (upper 3%), Palace (37%). See also Peale.

Peachy, var. Peach
From the fruit .. Peachy and Peach are irregularly used as first names.

Peale, var. Peall, Pealle, Peele
Possibly related to the Latin word .. Compare last names Peals (top 53%), Pease (2%).

Pearl and variantsPearl, var. Pearla, Pearle, Pearleen, Pearlette, Pearline, Pearlie, Perl, Perla, Perle, Perley, Perlette, Perline, Perlita, Perlline
Root fr. Latin element. "Pearl." Pearl and variants became more trendy in 2015, gaining +1 ranking as birth names with Perla leading the upswing.

Margaret and variantsPeg1, Pegeen1, Peggie1, Peggy1
Forms of Margaret. Origin fr. Greek element. "Pearl." Pegeen is unconventional as a birth name among the variant forms of Margaret.

Peggy2, var. Peg2, Pegeen2, Pegg, Peggie2
Source fr. English, Greek. "Pearl." Pegeen and Pegg are more unusual as girls' names among the forms of Peggy.

Pelagia and variantsPelagia, var. Pelage, Pelageia, Pelageya, Pelagie, Pellagia
From Greek word. "Of the sea." Pelagia is common as a baby name among these forms.

Pelia, var. Peliah
Derivative of Hebrew. "Marvel of God." Palia and Pelo are creative variations.

Pelipa, Pelippa
Forms of Philippa. From Greek. "Horse lover." Outside Top 2000.

Form of Paloma. Based on Latin. "Dove." Unusual. Peloma (cf. Padma) uses the androgynous -ma suffix. See also Pallma.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pe- names: Pearl, Pearla, Pearle, Pearlie, Pearline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pe- names: Peg, Peggie, Peggy, Pelagia, Penelope

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pe- names: Penney, Pennie, Penny, Pepper, Perla, Perle

Penelope and variantsPenelope, var. Pen, Penelopa, Penina, Penna, Penney1, Pennelope, Pennie1, Penny1
Derivative of Greek. "Weaver." Adoption of Penelope, Pennie, etc. as birth names in 2015 was up 14.5% compared to the year before.

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Pearl." Rare, with the -ah ending for Peninah, like Petulah, Peliah.

Penny and variantsPenny2, var. Penee, Pennee, Penney2, Pennie2
Stems fr. English element. Penny, Penney, etc. became more trendy in 2015, rising on average +11 rankings as girls' names with Penny leading the rise.

From Greek word. "Fifth." Not in Top 2000. See also Panthea.

From Greek word. "Praisegiving." Not Top 2000 name. See also Penney.

Pepita, var. Pepa, Peppie, Peppy, Peta
Derived fr. Spanish, Hebrew. "Jehovah increases." Pepita, Peta, etc. are rarely used as birth names.

Spicy plant name sometimes used as .. A common baby name (#1511 in recent rankings), Pepper also occurs commonly as a last name. Cross-gender use.

Form of Priscilla. Derivative of Latin. "Ancient, venerable." Unusual, with the common feminine -lla ending for Percilla, like Priella. See also Mercilla.

Based on Latin word. "Lost." Unusual, with the -ita suffix, like Paulita, Perlita. See also Perita.

Based on Spanish. "Perfect, flawless." Unique. Perfecta (compare Perdita, Perita) has the -ta suffix.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Pe- names for girls.

1. Peace - Perfecta
Peace, Peachy [Peach], Peale [Peele, Peall, Pealle], Pearl [Perl, Perla, Perle, Perley, Perlita, Perline, Perlline, Perlette, ..], Margaret [Peg, Peggy, Peggie, Pegeen], Peggy [Peg, Pegg, Peggie, Pegeen], Pelagia [Pelage, Pelagie, Pelageia, Pelageya, Pellagia], Pelia [Peliah], Philippa [Pelipa, Pelippa], Paloma [Peloma], Penelope [Pen, Penna, Penny, Penina, Pennie, Penney, Penelopa, Pennelope], Peninah, Penny [Penee, Pennee, Penney, Pennie], Penthea, Peony, Pepita [Peta, Pepa, Peppy, Peppie], Pepper, Priscilla [Percilla], Perdita, Perfecta

Peri [Pera, Perah, Perita], Pamela [Permelia], Permelia, Parmenia [Permenia], Pernella [Pernelle, Pernilla, Pernille], Perpetua, Pnina [Perri], Perri [Perris, Perrin, Perrine, Perrianne], Perrin [Perren, Perryn, Perran, Perrine], Perry [Perri, Perrey, Perrie], Persia, Persis [Persys, Perssis], Petaluma, Petra [Petrova, Petrovna, Petronia, Petronija, Petronella, Petronelle, Petronilla, Petronille, ..], Petula [Petulah], Petunia, Payton [Peyton]

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