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Po- baby names and what they mean, with 13 results. Po- names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these girl names was at its highest during the years 1880-1889 (USAGE OF 0.04%) and has become much diminished since (USAGE 0.02%, 59%), with names like Polly becoming somewhat outmoded. Poppy (#747) is the most contemporarily stylish girl name among these, while Poss (TOP 5%) and Poole (1%) are conventional Po- last names. Here is the list of Po- names for boys.

Po- names

Pocahontas - Posy

Origin fr. Native American Indian. "Playful." Outside Top 2000.

Poli, Pola1
Forms of Amapola. Root fr. Arabic language. "Poppy." Popular as last names, and Pola (UPPER 28%) is similar to popular last names Prola (UPPER 80%), Plazola (23%), which also end with -ola.

Paula and variants

Polly1, Pollie1, Polina, Pola2
Var. of Paula. Derivative of Latin language. "Small." Usage of Polly as a girls' name has waned since 1880-1889.

From Arabic language. "Poppy." Not much used as a children's name, Pola occurs more commonly as a surname. See also Lola.

Mary and variants

Polly2, Poll1
Forms of Mary. Stems fr. Latin element. "Star of the sea." Polly is prevalent as a birth name compared to Poll.

Form of Paulina. Source fr. Latin word. "Small." Outside Top 2000. See also Kolline.

Polly3, var. Pollyanna1, Pollie2, Polli, Polley, Poll2, Pollee
From English, Irish languages. "Star of the sea." Less popular today. Polly was the form last found (the 1980s) in the Top 2000.

Eleanor Porter's novel "Pollyanna" made the .. Pollyanna is unconventional as a given name.

Stems fr. Latin element. "Apple." Scarce as a baby name, but Pomona is comparable to the more conventional Romona. See also Pamina.


Origin fr. Latin language. Flower name. Poppy has risen in popularity since 1880-1889. See also Pippy.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Po- names: Pollie, Polly, Poppy, Porcha, Porscha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Po- names: Porsche, Porsha, Portia

Porsha and variants

Porsha, var. Porschia, Porsche, Porscha, Porcha
Possibly a phonetic variant of Portia .. Porcha (TOP 99%) and Porsche (69%) are found often as surnames.


From Latin language. .. Portia was used by Shakespeare as .. Portia is familiar (UPPER 27%) as a female name.

Posy, var. Posey
Based on English language. "A bunch of flowers." Posy and Posey are rare as baby names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Po- names for girls.

1. Pocahontas - Posy
Pocahontas, Amapola [Poli, Pola], Paula [Pola, Polly, Pollie, Polina], Pola, Mary [Poll, Polly], Paulina [Polline], Polly [Poll, Polli, Pollie, Polley, Pollee, Pollyanna], Pollyanna, Pomona, Poppy, Porsha [Porcha, Porscha, Porsche, Porschia], Portia, Posy [Posey]

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