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Ri- baby names and what they mean, with 33 results. Ri- names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these girl names is at its apex presently (ADOPTION OF 0.5%), except for names like Rianna which have fallen out of fashion. Riley (#35) and Rivka (#876) are two of the more trendy baby names here, while Rine (TOP 8%) and Riner (7%) are common Ri- last names. Here is the list of Ri- names for boys.

Ri- names

Ria - Rina | Rina - Riva

Ria - Rina

Ria and variantsRia1, var. Rie
Stems fr. Danish. Nickname of Maria or Victoria. Ria is conventional (top 94%) as a feminine name, whereas Rie is rarely used.

Form of Rhea. Based on Greek word. "Flowing." Riah is also a slightly favored girl's name. See also Rae.

Ryan and variantsRiayn, Rianne1, Rianna1, Riann, Riana1, Riane1, Rian
Forms of Ryan. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "King." Common, and Riann is comparable to popular last names Raimann (TOP 99%), Rann (25%), with the -ann suffix.

Rhiannon and variantsRianon, Riannon, Rianne2, Rianna2, Riana2, Riane2
Var. of Rhiannon. Based on Welsh. "Great queen, or goddess." Uncommon. Riana, Riane, etc. are not found in the US Demographics.

Riane3, var. Rianne3, Rianna3, Riana3
Stems fr. Irish word. Feminine of Ryan .. Rianna has trended downward in favor as a baby name circa 2002.

Rebecca and variantsRivy, Rivkah, Rivka, Rivi, Rivalee, Rivekka, Rivah, Riva, Ribecca
Var. of Rebecca. Root fr. Hebrew language. "To bind." Popular as children's names, Rivah, Ribecca, etc. sound like the conventional Reva.

Rica and variantsRica1, var. Riqua, Rikki1, Riki1, Rieka1, Rieca, Riecka, Ricky1, Rickie1, Ricki1, Ricca1
From Old Norse, Old German languages. "Complete ruler; peaceful ruler." Less used today. Ricki and Rikki were versions last found (1999) in the Top 2000.

Rikky1, Rikki2, Ricky2, Rickie2, Rica2, Ricki2
Var. of Frederica. Derivative of Old German word. "Peaceful ruler." Ricki (upper 74%), Rickie (86%) and Rikki (50%) are common feminine names, while Rica, Ricky and Rikky are uncommon.

Var. of Roderica. Root fr. Old German element. "Famous ruler." Rica, like the similar Ricca, exists more often as a surname. See also Risa.

Ricarda and variantsRicarda, var. Richmalle, Richmal, Richina, Richilene, Richette, Richia, Richenza, Richenda, Richelle1, Richele, Richella, Richela, Richel, Richardyne, Richardette, Richardina, Richardene, Richardella, Richarda, Richanda
Origin fr. Old German word. "Powerful leader." Somewhat common as girls' names, Richel, Ricarda, etc. sound like the common Rachell.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ri- names: Ria, Rian, Riana, Rianna, Richelle

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ri- names: Ricki, Rickie, Ricky, Rikki, Rilee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ri- names: Rileigh, Riley, Rilla, Rina, Rivka

Richelle and variantsRichelle2, var. Rikkie, Rikki3, Ricki3, Ricci, Ricca2
Derivative of American language. Feminine blend of Richard and Rachelle .. Ricca, Ricci and Rikkie are more unconventional as baby names among the variations of Richelle.

Rikky2, Rikki4, Rikke, Ricky3, Ricki4, Rickie3, Rickee
Forms of Erica. Derivative of Old Norse word. "Complete ruler." Less widespread today. Ricki and Rikki were forms last listed (1999) in the Top 2000.

Rickie4, var. Rikky3, Rikki5, Riki2, Rika, Ricky4, Ricquie, Ricki5
Based on Old German element. "Peaceful ruler." Rikki (top 50%), Ricki (74%) and Rickie (86%) are conventional as women's names, while Ricky, Ricquie, Rika, Riki and Rikky are rarely used.

Ricka, Rica4, Rieka2
Var. of Ulrica. Derived fr. Old German element. "Power of the wolf." Rieka, Rica and Ricka are rarely found as women's names, and Rica exists often (top 58%) as a surname.

Source fr. Arabic word. "Basil." Uncommon as a girls' name, but Rihana is similar to the more familiar Rina. See also Roana.

Riley and variantsRiley, var. Rileigh, Rilee
Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Courageous." Riley and variants are at the peak of their popularity today.

Rilla and variantsRilla, var. Rillette, Rilletta
Derivative of German element. "Small brook." Rilla has diminished in favor as a baby name since the 1880s.

Derived fr. Spanish, Arabic. "Rhyme, poetry; antelope." Not in Top 2000. See also Riona.

Origin fr. Arabic element. "Pomegranate." Rimona is sparsely used as a feminine name. See also Romana.

Regina and variantsRionagh, Riona, Rina
Var. of Regina. Derived fr. Latin. "Queen." Riona and Rionagh are more exclusive as baby names among the variant forms of Regina.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ri- names for girls.

1. Ria - Rina
Ria [Rie], Rhea [Ria], Ryan [Rian, Riana, Riane, Riann, Riayn, Rianne, Rianna], Rhiannon [Riane, Riana, Rianna, Rianne, Rianon, Riannon], Riane [Riana, Rianna, Rianne], Rebecca [Riva, Rivy, Rivi, Rivah, Rivka, Rivkah, Rivalee, Rivekka, ..], Rica [Riki, Ricky, Rieca, Rieka, Rikki, Riqua, Rickie, Riecka, ..], Frederica [Rica, Ricki, Ricky, Rikki, Rikky, Rickie], Roderica [Rica], Ricarda [Richia, Richina, Richmal, Richette, Richenda, Richenza, Richilene, Richmalle, ..], Richelle [Ricca, Ricci, Ricki, Rikki, Rikkie], Erica [Ricki, Rikky, Ricky, Rikki, Rikke, Rickee, Rickie], Rickie [Riki, Rika, Ricky, Rikki, Rikky, Ricki, Ricquie], Ulrica [Rica, Rieka, Ricka], Rihana, Riley [Rilee, Rileigh], Rilla [Rilletta, Rillette], Rima, Rimona, Regina [Rina, Riona, Rionagh]

Irene [Rina], Rena [Rina, Rinah], Carina [Rina], Katherine [Rina], Rinah [Rina], Catherine [Riona], Riona [Rionna, Rionach, Rionagh, Rionnah, Rionnagh], Ripley, Risa [Rise, Riesa], Rita [Rida, Riet, Rieta, Ritta], Margaret [Rita], Ritsa, Riva [Rivy, Rivi, Rifka, Rivka, Rivke, Rivkah, Rivalee]

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