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Ro- baby names and what they mean, with 49 results. Ro- names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its highest during the years 1910-1919 (usage of 1.8%) and has become significantly less since (usage 0.47%, 73.9%), with names like Rosella going out of style. The trendier names for newborns in this compilation are Rosalie (#266), Rowan (#331), Rory (#679), Roselyn (#732) and Romina (#863), while Rojo (top 3%) and Rosen (1%) are familiar Ro- surnames. Here is the list of Ro- names for boys.

Ro- names

Roana - Rona | Ronda - Roshan | Roshan - Roza

Roana - Rona

Form of Rhona. Origin fr. Old Norse. "Ruler's counselor." Roaa is a slightly favored girl's name. See also Reina.

Roanna and variantsRoanna, var. Roanne, Ronni, Ronnie, Ronny
Variant of Rosanne. Popular, and Roanna is similar to common -nna last names Renna (upper 10%), Rohanna (96%).

Roberta and variantsRoberta, var. Roba, Robbee, Robbey1, Robbi1, Robby1, Robbie1, Robeena, Robella, Robelle, Robenia1, Robena1, Roberda, Robernetta, Robertena, Robertha, Robertene, Robertina, Robertine, Roberto, Robette, Robetta, Robettina, Robi1, Robin1, Robinett1, Robina1, Robinette1, Robinia1, Robyn1, Robynna, Robyna1
Derived fr. Old English, Old German languages. "Bright fame." Roba, Robbee, Robbey, Robby and Robeena are more uncommon as birth names among the variant forms of Roberta.

Robin and variantsRobin2, var. Robee, Robbey2, Robbi2, Robbie2, Robby2, Robbin, Robena2, Robene, Robenia2, Robina2, Robi2, Robine, Robinet, Robinett2, Robinia2, Robinette2, Robyn2, Robyna2, Robynette, Robynne, Robynn
Derived fr. Old English, Old German words. "Bright fame." Usage of Robin, Robbie, Robbin and Robyn as birth names has dwindled since the 1930s.

Rochelle and variantsRochelle, var. Roch, Rochele, Rochell, Rochella, Roschella, Rochette, Roschelle, Roshelle
From French, Old German words. "Little rock; rest." Rochelle (upper 6%), Roch (17%), Rochette (20%) and Rochell (27%) occur frequently as last names.

Based on Spanish. "Dew." Also a boys' name. Adoption of Rocio as a girls' name in 2015 was down 53.6% compared to 10 years ago.

Roda, Rodi, Rodie, Rodina
Var. of Rhoda. Derivative of Greek, Latin words. "Rose; from Rhodes." Unusual as girls' names, but Rodina, Roda, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Rosina.

Roderica, var. Roddie, Rodericka, Roderiga1, Roderika, Roderique, Roderqua, Roderiga2
Derived fr. Old German word. "Famous ruler." Roddie, Rodericka, etc. are hardly found as given names.

Rohana, var. Rohanna
Derivative of Hindi, Sanskrit. "Sandalwood." Compare surnames Rohena (top 40%), Rohan (7%).

Rolanda and variantsRolanda, var. Rolande
Source fr. Latin element. "Renowned in the land." Less widespread today. Rolanda was the variation last recorded (1994) in the Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ro- names: Robbi, Robbie, Robbin, Robena, Roberta

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ro- names: Robin, Robyn, Rochell, Rochelle, Rocio

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ro- names: Rolanda, Roma, Romaine, Romana, Romayne

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ro- names: Romelia, Romina, Romona, Rona, Ronna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ro- names: Ronni, Ronnie

Roline1, var. Roelene, Roeline, Rolene, Rollene, Rollina, Rolleen, Rolline, Rolyne
Based on Old German. "Free man." Uncommon as girls' names, but Roelene, Roline, etc. sound like the more conventional Raelene.

Form of Caroline. Stems fr. Old German. "Free man." Roline is unique as a birth name. See also Roeline.

Roma and variantsRoma, var. Romalda, Romana, Romelia, Romelle1, Romina, Romilda, Romma
Derived fr. Italian language. Place name .. Usage of Roma as a girls' name has dwindled circa the 1930s.

Romaine and variantsRomaine, var. Romane, Romayne, Romeine, Romene
Derivative of French. "Citizen of Rome." Romaine (upper 10%) and Romane (54%) exist frequently as last names.

Derived fr. Italian, Latin. "Citizen of Rome." A girls' name that is only scarcely used. See also Ronee.

Stems fr. Old Welsh element. "Winding river." Cross-gender use. Outside Top 2000.

Romola, var. Romala, Romella, Romelle2, Rommola, Romula, Romolla
Origin fr. Latin word. "Roman woman." Ramola and Romora are creative forms.

Ramona and variantsRomona, Romonda, Romonde, Romonia
Var. of Ramona. Based on Spanish, Old German languages. "Protecting hands." Usage of Romonda and forms was elevated during 1930-1939.

Romy, var. Romi
Derived fr. Latin word. "Dew of the sea." Romy and Romi were not among 2015's Top names.

Rona and variantsRona, var. Ronella, Ronelle, Ronna
Based on Old Norse. "Rough island." Somewhat common as baby names, Ronna, Rona, etc. sound like the familiar Rana.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ro- names for girls.

1. Roana - Rona
Rhona [Roana], Roanna [Ronni, Ronny, Roanne, Ronnie], Roberta [Robyn, Robyna, Robinia, Robynna, Robinett, Robinette, ..], Robin [Robyn, Robynn, Robyna, Robynne, Robinia, Robynette, ..], Rochelle [Rochell, Rochette, Roshelle, Rochella, Roschella, Roschelle, ..], Rocio, Rhoda [Roda, Rodi, Rodie, Rodina], Roderica [Roderika, Roderiga, Roderqua, Rodericka, Roderique, ..], Rohana [Rohanna], Rolanda [Rolande], Roline [Rolyne, Rolene, Rollene, Rollina, Rolline, Rolleen, ..], Caroline [Roline], Roma [Romma, Romana, Romina, Romelia, Romilda, Romelle, ..], Romaine [Romene, Romane, Romeine, Romayne], Romea, Romney, Romola [Romula, Romala, Romella, Rommola, Romolla, Romelle], Ramona [Romona, Romonda, Romonde, Romonia], Romy [Romi], Rona [Ronna, Ronella, Ronelle]

Rhonda [Ronda, Rondi, Rondel, Ronnda, Rondelle], Ronelle [Ronella, Ronnelle, Ronnella], Veronica [Ronni, Ronna, Ronny, Ronnee, Ronnie, Ronnica, ..], Ronni [Ronny, Ronney, Ronnie, Ronnelle, Ronnette, Ronnella, ..], Raquel [Roquel], Aurora [Rora, Rory], Rosa [Roza, Rosie, Rosina, Rosita, Rosetta, Rosette, ..], Rosabel [Rosabella, Rosabelle], Rosae [Rose, Rosai, Rosay, Rosey, Rosee], Rosalba, Rosalie [Rozely, Rozele, Rozelie, Rozella, Rozelle, Rozellia, ..], Rosalind [Rozelin, Rozelyn, Rozelind, Rozalynne, Rozelinda, Rozelynda, ..], Rosalyn [Roslyn, Rozlynn, Rosalin, Roselynn, Rosalynn], Rosamond [Roz, Rosmund, Rozamond, Rosmunda, Rozamund, Rosemonda, ..], Rosario, Rose [Rozy, Rozsa, Rozsi, Rozene, Rozina, Rozsika, ..], Roseanne [Rossana, Rozanna, Rozanne, Rossanna, Rozeanna, Rosehannah, ..], Roselaine, Rosemary [Rozmary, Rosmarie, Rosemaree, Rosemarey, Rosemarie, Rosemaria, ..], Roshan [Roshana, Roshawn, Roshawna, Roshandra, Roshaundra]

Rachana [Roshan], Ross [Rosse], Rowan [Rowen, Roanna, Roanne], Rowena [Rowina, Roweena, Rowenna, Roweina], Roxanne [Roxy, Roxie, Roxine, Roxiane, Roxianne, Roxyanna, ..], Roya [Royanna], Royale [Royall, Royalle, Royalyn, Royalene, Royalina, Royalynne, ..], Royce [Roice], Roza [Rozlyn, Rozalyn, Rozanna, Rozelle, Rozella, Rozletta, ..]

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