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Sab- baby names and what they mean, with 10 results. Sab- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity 18 years ago (USAGE OF 0.38%) and are now significantly less common (USAGE 0.05%, 87.1% LESS), with names such as Sabrina becoming less trendy. Sabir (TOP 22%) and Saban (22%) are common Sab- last names.

Sab- names

Saba - Sabrina

Sabah1, Saba1
Var. of Sheba. Source fr. Hebrew element. "Promise." Saya is a somewhat common baby name.

Saba2, var. Sabah2
Root fr. Greek, Arabic words. "From Sheba; morning." Popular as last names. Compare Saba (UPPER 6%) and popular -aba last names Seaba (UPPER 76%), Haba (43%).

Sabelle1, Sabella1
Forms of Isabel. Based on Hebrew element. "God is my oath." Sabella and Sabelle are unique as girls' names.

Sabelle2, var. Sabella2
Stems fr. Latin language. Short form of Isabel. Sabelle and Sabella are rarely occurring feminine names, and Sabella exists regularly (TOP 9%) as a surname.

Root fr. English element. Place name .. Sabesa and Sabetia are creative variations.

Sabylla, Sabilla
Forms of Sibyl. Based on Greek word. "Prophetess, oracle." Sabilla and Sabylla are unique as baby names.

Sabina and variants

Sabina, var. Sabyna, Sabiny, Sabinna, Sabine
Root fr. Latin word. "Sabine." Adoption of Sabina, Sabiny, etc. as baby names in 2015 was down 100% compared to a year ago.


Origin fr. Slavic element. "Black." Unisex name. Less common today. Sable was last recorded in 1991 in the Top 2000.

Sabra and variants

Sabra, var. Sabrette, Sabrah
.. Also used to describe a native .. Sabra is widely used as a birth name compared to Sabrah, Sabrette.

Sabrina and variants

Sabrina, var. Sabryna, Sabrinna, Sabrene, Sabrena, Sabreena, Sabreen
Origin fr. Celtic. Mythology .. Sabryna and variants were popular as birth names 2 decades ago and have become less common, with Sabrina falling out of fashion.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Sab- names for girls.

1. Saba - Sabrina
Sheba [Saba, Sabah], Saba [Sabah], Isabel [Sabella, Sabelle], Sabelle [Sabella], Sabetha, Sibyl [Sabilla, Sabylla], Sabina [Sabine, Sabiny, Sabyna, Sabinna], Sable, Sabra [Sabrah, Sabrette], Sabrina [Sabreen, Sabrena, Sabrene, Sabryna, Sabrinna, Sabreena]

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