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Shan- baby names and what they mean, with 24 results. Shan- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in the 1970s (ADOPTION OF 1.01%) and are now significantly less popular (ADOPTION 0.02%, 98.3%), with names such as Shanell going out of style. Shang (TOP 20%) and Shanks (2%) are common Shan- last names.

Shan- names

Shan - Shanna | Shannon - Shanti

Shan - Shanna

Shan and variants

Shan1, var. Shante, Shanita1, Shaniqua1, Shanika1, Shaneka, Shandi1, Shanae1
Derivative of English, Hebrew languages. "God's grace." Sham is also a somewhat common baby name.

Shan- and variants

Shan-, var. Shantoya, Shanti, Shantel1, Shanice1, Shandra1, Shandon, Shandell, Shandelle1, Shandel
Source fr. American language. Combination of the Shan prefix with .. Outside Top 2000.


Var. of Shayna. Origin fr. Yiddish. "Beautiful." Popular as last name. Compare Shana (UPPER 87%) and popular surnames Schena (UPPER 24%), Serina (48%), with the -na suffix. See also Shanie.

Shannah1, Shana2
Var. of Shoshana. Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Lily, rose." Shana is a common (UPPER 15%) first name, while Shannah is rare.

Shawna and variants

Shanna1, Shana3
Var. of Shawna. Origin fr. English, Irish, Gaelic words. "God's grace." Shana (TOP 15%) and Shanna (14%) are commonplace female names, and Shana exists commonly (TOP 87%) as a last name.

Shana and variants

Shana4, var. Shannah2, Shanna2, Shania1, Shandi2, Shanda1, Shanah, Shan2
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Lily, rose." Shan, Shana, Shanda, Shandi, Shania and Shanna are more familiar as girls' names compared to Shanah, Shannah.

Shaina and variants

Shanie, Shani1, Shanee, Shana5
Forms of Shaina. From Yiddish element. "Beautiful." Less common today. Shana was the variant last listed (2006) in the Top 2000.

Shanae and variants

Shanae2, var. Shannea, Shanea1, Shanay1
From American language. Possibly a phonetic variant of Sinead .. Somewhat common as girls' names, Shanae, Shannea, etc. are comparable to the common Shantae.

Sha- and variants

Shantel2, Shannae, Shanita2, Shanique1, Shaniqua2, Shanika2, Shanetta, Shanice2, Shanessa, Shanell1, Shanel1, Shanedra, Shanay2
Forms of Sha-. Derivative of American language. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Shanedra, Shanessa, Shanetta and Shannae are more exclusive as children's names among the forms of Sha-.

Chantal and variants

Shantelle1, Shantell, Shantel3, Shantay, Shantalle, Shantae, Shanda2, Shantal
Forms of Chantal. Source fr. Old French element. "Stone." Shanda exists frequently (UPPER 83%) as a last name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shan- names: Shana, Shanae, Shanay, Shanda, Shandi

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shan- names: Shandra, Shanea, Shanee, Shaneka, Shanel

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shan- names: Shanell, Shanelle, Shanequa, Shani, Shania

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shan- names: Shanice, Shaniece, Shanika, Shaniqua, Shanique

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shan- names: Shanise, Shanita, Shanna, Shanta, Shantae

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shan- names: Shantal, Shante, Shantel, Shantell, Shantelle

Chandelle and variants

Shantelle2, Shandelle2
Forms of Chandelle. Origin fr. French word. "Candle." Less used today. Shantelle was the form last recorded (1996) in the Top 2000.


From English language. .. Also possibly short form of Killashandra .. A moderately scarce children's name, Shandra is however used somewhat often as a last name. See also Shanedra.

Shandy, var. Shandie, Shandey1, Shandeigh1, Shandee1, Shandea
Name of a popular drink in .. Shanda (UPPER 83%), Shady (18%) are conventional last names.

Shaneika and variants

Shaneika, var. Shantey, Shantelle3, Shantella, Shanteigh, Shantee, Shanta, Shanisse1, Shanneice, Shanique2, Shanika3, Shaniece1, Shaneyka, Shanequa, Shaneese, Shaneikah, Shanecka, Shandeya, Shandey2, Shandeigh2, Shandee2
Source fr. American element. .. Some of the listed variants are .. Shandee, Shandeigh, Shandey, Shandeya and Shanecka are more unconventional as birth names among the forms of Shaneika.

Chanel and variants

Shannelle, Shannel1, Shanelle1, Shanell2, Shanel2
Forms of Chanel. From Old French word. "Pipe." Usage of Shannel and variants was more pronounced among parents in 1991, but now, Shanelle has become less fashionable.

Shanelle and variants

Shanelle2, var. Shannell, Shannel2, Shanita3, Shanisse2, Shanilly, Shaney, Shanella, Shanelly, Shanell3, Shanel3
Source fr. American. Modern phonetic spelling of Chanel, the .. Less used today. Shanelle was the form last found (1999) in the Top 2000.

Shani and variants

Shani2, var. Shanit
Root fr. Hebrew, Swahili elements. "Crimson; a marvel, wondrous." Less common today. Shani was the variant last found (1996) in the Top 2000.

Shania and variants

Shania2, var. Shanea2
Origin fr. Native American Indian. "I'm on my way." Somewhat common as children's names, Shania and Shanea are comparable to the familiar Shona.

Shanice and variants

Shanice3, var. Shannice, Shanise, Shaniece2, Shanese, Shaneice
Origin fr. English word. Rhyming variant of Janise. Shaneice, Shanese and Shannice are more rare as birth names among the versions of Shanice.


Var. of Susannah. Based on Hebrew language. "Lily." Shanna is familiar as a birth name among the forms of Susannah. See also Shaynah.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Shan- names for girls.

1. Shan - Shanna
Shan [Shante, Shandi, Shanae, Shanita, Shanika, Shaneka, Shaniqua], Shan- [Shanti, Shantel, Shanice, Shandra, Shandon, Shantoya, Shandell, Shandelle, ..], Shayna [Shana], Shoshana [Shana, Shannah], Shawna [Shana, Shanna], Shana [Shan, Shanna, Shania, Shandi, Shanda, Shanah, Shannah], Shaina [Shani, Shana, Shanie, Shanee], Shanae [Shanay, Shanea, Shannea], Sha- [Shantel, Shannae, Shanita, Shanika, Shanice, Shanique, Shaniqua, Shanetta, ..], Chantal [Shanda, Shantel, Shantay, Shantae, Shantal, Shantell, Shantelle, Shantalle], Chandelle [Shantelle, Shandelle], Shandra, Shandy [Shandie, Shandey, Shandee, Shandea, Shandeigh], Shaneika [Shanta, Shantey, Shantee, Shanisse, Shantelle, Shantella, Shanteigh, Shanneice, ..], Chanel [Shanel, Shannel, Shanell, Shanelle, Shannelle], Shanelle [Shaney, Shannel, Shanita, Shannell, Shanisse, Shanilly, Shanelly, Shanella, ..], Shani [Shanit], Shania [Shanea], Shanice [Shanise, Shanese, Shannice, Shaniece, Shaneice], Susannah [Shanna]

Shannon [Shani, Shanna, Shanon, Shannyn, Shannin, Shannen, Shannan, Shannae, ..], Ashanti [Shanti, Shantee], Shantelle [Shante, Shantel, Shantay, Shantal, Shantell, Shantahl, Shantella, Shantalle, ..], Shanti [Shante, Shanta, Shantee, Shantay, Shantai, Shantae]

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