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She- baby names and what they mean, with 48 results. She- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names reached the top of their popularity 55 years ago (USAGE OF 1.5%) and are now much less common (USAGE 0.1%, DOWN 95%), with names like Shelia becoming less trendy. Shew (TOP 8%) and Shenk (6%) are popular She- surnames.

She- names

She- - Shell | Shelley - Sherisa | Sherise - Shevon

She- - Shell

She-, var. Shevonda, Sherisa1, Shenelle, Shelonda, Shelanna
Origin fr. American language. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Not in Top 2000.


Origin fr. Gaelic language. "Admirable." Svea is also a slightly favored girl's name.

Form of Shayla. Based on Gaelic word. "From the fairy palace." Uncommon, with the -nn ending for Shealynn, like Sueann, Starlynn. See also Shalynn.

Sheva, Sheba1
Var. of Bathsheba. Root fr. Hebrew language. "Daughter of oath." Unconventional. Compare Sheva and popular last names Selva (UPPER 16%), Sova (8%), with the -va suffix.

Shebah1, Sheba2
Var. of Saba. Derivative of Greek, Arabic words. "From Sheba; morning." Sheba is recognizable (UPPER 88%) as a female name, while Shebah is atypical.

Sheba3, var. Sheeba, Shebah2
Source fr. Hebrew language. "Promise." Shema (UPPER 50%), Sherba (46%) are popular surnames.

Sheena and variants

Sheena1, var. Shena, Sheina1, Sheenah, Sheenagh
Root fr. Irish language. .. Made popular by singer Sheena Easton. Sheena exists often (TOP 50%) as a surname.

Jane and variants

Shene, Sheena2
Forms of Jane. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Less common today. Sheena was the version last found (1998) in the Top 2000.

Root fr. Arabic, Farsi, Persian languages. "City dweller." A baby name that is only intermittently used.

Sheila and variants

Sheila1, var. Sheyla, Shella1, Shelia, Shelagh, Shela, Sheilia, Sheilya, Sheileen, Sheilah, Sheilagh, Sheelah, Sheela, Sheelagh
Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "Blind." Sheila (UPPER 3%), Sheilah (68%), Shela (65%), Shelia (9%) and Shella (75%) are familiar as feminine names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of She- names: Shea, Sheena, Sheila, Sheilah, Shela

Top 2000 baby names ranking of She- names: Shelbey, Shelbi, Shelbie, Shelby, Shelia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of She- names: Shelley, Shellie, Shelly, Shena, Sheyla


Form of Cecilia. Based on Latin, Old Welsh elements. "Blind; sixth." Adoption of Sheila as a birth name in 2015 was down 22.6% compared to the year before. See also Shilo.

Source fr. English word. Nickname of Sheila. Sheiletta is unusual as a baby name.

Var. of Shayna. Root fr. Yiddish word. "Beautiful." Sheian and Sheine are creative forms. See also Sheila.

Form of Shaina. Source fr. Yiddish. "Beautiful." Unusual. Sheina (cf. Sadina) has the feminine -ina suffix. See also Shuna.

Sherryse, Sherrica, Sherissa, Sherise, Sherisa2, Sherez, Sheriesa, Sherese, Sheresa, Shereeza, Shereese, Shereece, Sherees, Sherece, Sheirys
Var. of Cherise. Root fr. Old French word. "Cherry." Sheirys, Sherece, Shereece, Sherees and Shereese are more uncommon as children's names among the variations of Cherise.

Shelby and variants

Shelby, var. Shellby, Shelbie, Shelbi, Shelbey, Shelbeigh, Shelbea, Shelbee
Derived fr. Old Norse language. "Willow; from the ledge estate." Shelby is a common (TOP 12%) women's name.

Var. of Shalisa. Root fr. Hebrew. Variant of Shalishah, a Biblical place .. Uncommon, with the -isa suffix for Shelisa, like Shalisa, Sharisa. See also Shelia.

Rochelle and variants

Shelly1, Shelley1, Shell1
Forms of Rochelle. Root fr. French, Old German words. "Little rock; rest." Shell (TOP 2%), Shelley (2%) and Shelly (4%) appear regularly as surnames.

Rachel and variants

Shelly2, Shellie, Shelley2, Shell2
Forms of Rachel. Source fr. Hebrew language. "Ewe, female sheep." Less popular today. Shelly was the version last recorded (2005) in the Top 2000.

Shell3, var. Shelle, Shella2
Possibly short form of Michelle or .. Unique, with the -ell ending for Shell, like Sheryell, Shanell.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for She- names for girls.

1. She- - Shell
She- [Sherisa, Shelanna, Shelonda, Shenelle, Shevonda], Shea, Shayla [Shealynn], Bathsheba [Sheba, Sheva], Saba [Sheba, Shebah], Sheba [Shebah, Sheeba], Sheena [Shena, Sheina, Sheenah, Sheenagh], Jane [Shene, Sheena], Sheherezade, Sheila [Shela, Sheyla, Shelia, Shella, Sheilya, Shelagh, ..], Cecilia [Sheila], Sheiletta, Shayna [Sheina], Shaina [Sheina], Cherise [Sherise, Sherisa, Sheriesa, Sherissa, Sherrica, Sherryse, ..], Shelby [Shelbi, Shelbee, Shelbie, Shelbey, Shellby, Shelbeigh, ..], Shalisa [Shelisa], Rochelle [Shell, Shelly, Shelley], Rachel [Shell, Shelly, Shellie, Shelley], Shell [Shella, Shelle]

Shelley [Shelli, Shelly, Shellee, Shellie], Shalom [Shelom], Shamira [Shemira], Shanelle [Shenell, Shenelle], Chanel [Shenelle], Shaneika [Shenika, Sheniece, Sheniqua], Cher [Sheri, Sherey, Sherie, Sherry, Sheryll, Sherice, ..], Shera [Sheraa, Sheera, Sherae, Sherah, Sheray, Sheralle], Cheryl [Sheryl, Sherryl, Sheryle, Sheryll, Sherrill, Sheryell, ..], Cherilyn [Sherylyn, Sherylin, Sherrilyn, Sherrylyn, Sherryline, Sherrylene, ..], Sharon [Sheron, Sherri, Sherry, Sheryn, Sherynn, Sherron, ..], Cherie [Shery, Sherry, Sheria, Shereena, Sherrill, Sherrelle, ..], Sharifa [Sherifa, Shereefa], Shereen [Sherine], Charlotte [Sheri, Sherie, Sherry, Sherye, Sheryl, Sherrie], Erica [Sherica], Sheridan [Sheridon, Sheriden, Sheridawn, Sherridan, Sherriden, Sherrydan, ..], Sherilyn [Sherlynn, Sherelene, Sherylann], Charis [Sherisa], Sherisa [Sherise, Sherita, Sherrina, Sherissa, Sherronda]

Cerise [Sherise], Shirley [Sherli, Sheryl, Sherlee, Sherlie, Sherrlie], Sherrerd [Sherrod, Sherard, Sherrard], Sherry [Sherri, Sherye, Sherree, Sherrey, Sherrie, Sherryn, ..], Chevonne [Shevaun, Shevone, Shervahn, Shevonda], Siobhan [Shevon, Shervan, Shevonne], Sheryl [Sherril, Sheryll, Sherryl, Sherrill, Sherrelle, Sherylayne, ..], Shavonne [Shevon, Shevonne]

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