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Si- baby names and what they mean, with 57 results. Si- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names reached its apex 17 years ago (adoption of 0.52%) and has become much lower since (adoption 0.18%, 65%), with names like Sierra going out of style. Siena (#642) and Sienna (#229) are two of the more fashionable girl names in this list, while Siers (top 17%) and Sienko (21%) are popular Si- surnames. Here is the list of Si- names for boys.

Si- names

Sian - Silence | Silesta - Sinead | Sinemmon - Sivney

Sian - Silence

Sian, var. Siana1, Sianna1
Based on Welsh, Hebrew languages. "God's grace." Sivan is a moderately common baby name.

Siana2, Sianna2
Forms of Shawna. Origin fr. English, Irish, Gaelic words. "God's grace." Unconventional, but Sianna is comparable to popular last names Senna (top 22%), Dianna (39%), which also end with -nna.

Ciara and variantsSiara, Sierra1
Forms of Ciara. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Black." Siara and Sierra are more commonly used as girls' names among the forms of Ciara.

Sybil and variantsSibell1, Sibilla1, Sibyl1, Sibylla1
Var. of Sybil. Derivative of Greek. "Prophetess, oracle." Sibyl is commonly used as a girls' name among the forms of Sybil.

Sibyl2, var. Sib, Sibbell, Sibel, Sibell2, Sibelle, Sibella, Sibilla2, Sibyll, Sibylla2
Derivative of Greek element. "Prophetess, oracle." Less popular today. Sibyl was the variation last recorded (1950-1959) in the Top 2000.

Sicili, Sissy1
Var. of Cecily. Stems fr. Latin, Old Welsh languages. "Blind; sixth." Sicili and Sissy were not Top birth names in 2015.

Sicily, var. Sicilia, Sicillia, Sicilly
Place name .. Outside Top 2000.

Sydney and variantsSidnee, Sidney1, Sidnie1
Var. of Sydney. Derived fr. Old English. "Wide island." Sidnee and Sidnie are more rarefied as baby names among the variant forms of Sydney.

Sidney2, var. Siddeny, Sideny, Sidneigh, Sidni, Sidnie2
From Old English language. "Wide island." Usage of Sideny and variants soared 15 years ago and is now lower, with Sidney falling out of fashion.

Sidonia and variantsSidonia, var. Sidaine, Sidonie, Sidony
Derived fr. Latin element. "From Sidon." Sidonia is popular as a birth name among these forms.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Si- names: Siara, Sibyl, Sidney, Sidonia, Siena

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Si- names: Sienna, Siera, Sierra, Signa, Signe, Sigrid

Stems fr. Latin element. "Of the stars." Sidra is an atypical women's name. See also Siara.

Siena and variantsSiena, var. Sienna
Origin fr. Latin. "From Siena." Siena and Sienna became more trendy in 2015, rising +87 rankings as baby names with Siena leading the rise.

Sierra and variantsSierra2, var. Siera
Derivative of Spanish element. "Saw." Usage of Sierra and Siera as children's names in 2015 was down 16.7% compared to a year ago.

Sigfreda, var. Sigfrieda1, Sigfrida, Sigfrieda2, Sigfryda
Origin fr. Old German language. "Peaceful victory." Unique. Sigfryda, var. (cf. Sigmonda, Signilda) have the unusual -da suffix.

Sigismonda, var. Sigismunda, Sigmonda, Sigmunda
Based on Italian, Old German. "Victorious shield." Not Top 2000 names.

Signa and variantsSigna, var. Signe, Signild, Signilda, Signilde, Signy
Root fr. Scandinavian element. Unusual name probably meaning "victory". Usage of Signe as a baby name has diminished since 1890-1899.

Sigourney, var. Sigornee, Sigournie
Uncertain origin .. Not Top 2000 names.

Sigrid and variantsSigrid, var. Sigred
From Old Norse language. "Beautiful victory." Sigrid and variants were favored during 1890-1899.

Sile, Sileas, Silke, Sisely, Siseel, Siselya, Sisile, Sisiliya, Sissela, Sissy2, Sissie
Forms of Cecilia. Origin fr. Latin, Old Welsh words. "Blind; sixth." Sisiliya and variants are seldom found as women's names, and Silke occurs often (upper 48%) as a surname.

Puritan virtue name that is now .. Rather uncommon as a baby name, Silence is found more often as a surname.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Si- names for girls.

1. Sian - Silence
Sian [Siana, Sianna], Shawna [Siana, Sianna], Ciara [Siara, Sierra], Sybil [Sibyl, Sibell, Sibilla, Sibylla], Sibyl [Sibell, Sibyll, Sibella, Sibilla, Sibylla, Sibelle, ..], Cecily [Sissy, Sicili], Sicily [Sicilly, Sicilia, Sicillia], Sydney [Sidnee, Sidney, Sidnie], Sidney [Sidni, Sideny, Sidnie, Siddeny, Sidneigh], Sidonia [Sidony, Sidaine, Sidonie], Sidra, Siena [Sienna], Sierra [Siera], Sigfreda [Sigfryda, Sigfrida, Sigfrieda], Sigismonda [Sigmunda, Sigmonda, Sigismunda], Signa [Signy, Signe, Signild, Signilda, Signilde], Sigourney [Sigornee, Sigournie], Sigrid [Sigred], Cecilia [Sissy, Siseel, Sissie, Sisile, Sissela, Sisiliya, ..], Silence

Celeste [Silestia, Silestena, Silestina, Silestyna, Silestyne, Silestijna, ..], Cilia [Silia, Sillia], Silja [Silya, Sillia, Silija, Siliya, Sillija, Silliya, ..], Silken [Silkie, Silkya], Sylvia [Silvia, Silvie, Silvania, Silvanna, Silviana, Silvianne, ..], Silvana [Silva, Silvina, Silvanna], Silver [Silverey, Silverie], Silvestra, Silvia [Silvy, Silvie, Silvya, Silvija, Sirvana, Sirvanna, ..], Seema [Sina, Sima, Simah], Samantha [Simantha], Cimarron [Simeron, Simarron], Simcha, Simla, Simone [Simonne, Simonna, Simonia, Simonina, Simonetta, Simonette, ..], Sheena [Sina, Sine], Cynthia [Sindy, Sinny, Sindya, Sinnie, Sinthia, ..], Cindy [Sindi, Sindy, Sindee, Sindie], Jane [Sinead], Sinead [Sina, Sine]

Cinnamon [Sinemmon, Sinnamon], Alexandra [Sinisa], Sintra, Hyacinth [Sinty], Siobhan [Sioban, Siobahn, Siobhian], Susan [Sioux, Siusan, Siouxsie], Cipriana [Sipriana, Sipriane, Siprianne], Cypris [Siprianne], Sirena [Sirene, Sireena, Sirenia, Sirenna], Cyrilla [Siri, Sirilla], Siri [Siriana], Siria, Scirocco [Sirocco], Cicely [Sis, Sissy, Sissie, Sisley], Sissy [Sissee, Sissey, Sissie], Sitka, Sivney [Sivnie, Sivneigh]

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