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Sol- baby names and what they mean, with 7 results. Sol- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread 7 years ago (ADOPTION OF 0.02%) and is almost as conventional today (ADOPTION 0.02%, 12%). Solache (TOP 24%) and Solie (20%) are conventional Sol- last names.

Sol- names

Solana - Solveig

Solana and variants

Solana, var. Soline, Solina, Solenne
From Spanish, Latin languages. "Sunlight; eastern wind." Solara is also a somewhat popular baby name.


Derived fr. French, Latin elements. "Solemn, dignified." Popular. Compare Solange with common surnames Stanage (UPPER 48%), Sorge (11%), which also end with -ge.


Source fr. Spanish word. "Solitude." Adoption of Soledad was well-received in 1996.


Source fr. French word. "Sun." Soleil became more trendy in 2018, rising +208 positions as a girls' name to reach #1422.

Var. of Salama. Derivative of Arabic element. "Peace." Sodoma, Solom are familiar surnames. See also Solome.

Solomea, Solome
Var. of Salome. Derived fr. Hebrew. "Peace." Selome and Solose are creative forms.

Solveig, var. Solvej, Solvag
Origin fr. Scandinavian word. "Woman of the house." Solveig, Solvag and Solvej are not often adopted as baby names.

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1. Solana - Solveig
Solana [Soline, Solina, Solenne], Solange, Soledad, Soleil, Salama [Soloma], Salome [Solome, Solomea], Solveig [Solvej, Solvag]

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