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Son- baby names and what they mean, with 9 results. Son- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names was at its peak in the 1970s (USAGE OF 0.2%) and has become much diminished since, with names such as Sonja becoming less fashionable. Sontag (TOP 9%) and Sonier (25%) are conventional Son- last names.

Son- names

Sondra - Sonora


Var. of Alexandra. Derived fr. Greek element. "Man's defender." Popular. Compare Sondra with common surnames Sira (UPPER 47%), Skovira (53%), which also end with -ra. See also Vondra.

Form of Cassandra. Origin fr. Greek element. "Shining upon man." Sondra has declined in favor as a children's name since the 1940s. See also Sintra.

Sonndra1, Sondra3
Forms of Sandra. Source fr. English element. Short form of Alexandra (Greek) man's .. Sondra is a commonplace (UPPER 15%) female name, whereas Sonndra is infrequently used.

Sondra4, var. Sonndra2
Variant of Sandra, from Alexandra (Greek) .. Somewhat popular as birth names, Sondra and Sonndra are similar to the conventional Shandra.

Form of Susan. From Hebrew. "Lily, rose." Sonel is not a Top 2000 name. See also Jonel.

Sonia and variants

Sonia1, var. Sonya1, Sonnja, Sonnie1, Sonni, Sonje, Sondya, Sonja1, Sondja
Derived fr. English element. .. Queen of Norway Sonja. Sondja, Sondya, Sonje, Sonni and Sonnie are more unconventional as girls' names among the forms of Sonia.

Sonya2, Sonnie2, Sonja2, Sonia2
Var. of Sophia. Derived fr. Greek element. "Wisdom." Sonia (UPPER 7%), Sonya (8%) and Sonja (11%) are familiar feminine names, while Sonnie is scarce.

Sonoma, var. Sonohma
.. a picturesque county in Northern California. Sonoma and Sonohma are not often used as baby names.

Place name .. Scarce as a birth name, but Sonora is similar to the more conventional Sondra. See also Honora.

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1. Sondra - Sonora
Alexandra [Sondra], Cassandra [Sondra], Sandra [Sondra, Sonndra], Sondra [Sonndra], Susan [Sonel], Sonia [Sonya, Sonni, Sonje, Sonja, Sonnja, Sonnie, Sondya, Sondja], Sophia [Sonya, Sonja, Sonia, Sonnie], Sonoma [Sonohma], Sonora

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