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Su- baby names and what they mean, with 20 results. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity 7 decades ago (USAGE OF 4.42%) and are now much less conventional (USAGE 0.14%, 97%), with names such as Sudie going out of style. Summer (#202) is the most fashionable birth name among these, while Sult (TOP 16%) and Sul (33%) are conventional Su- last names. Here is the list of Su- names for boys.

Su- names

Subaru - Suzu

Form of Soraya. Root fr. Persian, Arabic words. "Gem, jewel." Subria and Sunaru are creative forms.

Var. of Socorro. Origin fr. Spanish language. "Aid, help." Unusual. Compare Sucorra with common last names Sadorra (UPPER 88%), Sciarra (20%), which also end with -rra.

Suellen and variants

Suellen, var. Suelyn
Root fr. English word. .. Margaret Mitchell gave the name to .. Less common today. Suellen was the variation last appearing (1960-1969) in the Top 2000.

Var. of Consuelo. Source fr. Spanish. "Consolation, comfort." Suelo is not in the Top 2000. See also Seely.

Sukey1, var. Suky, Sukie1, Sukee1
Based on Hebrew element. "Lily." Sugey is a somewhat common baby name.

Var. of Soki. Possibly diminutive of Susan (Hebrew) "lily" .. Sukie is not a Top 2000 name. See also Suzee.


Form of Ursula. Derived fr. Scandinavian, Latin languages. "Little she-bear." Somewhat infrequent as a girls' name, Sula occurs more often as a surname. See also Suelo.

Sulamith, Sula2
Var. of Shulamith. From Hebrew element. "Peace." Sulamith is rare as a girls' name among the forms of Shulamith.


Derivative of Japanese language. "Child of goodness; beautiful child." Sumiko grew in popularity 96 years ago. See also Yumiko.

Summer and variants

Summer, var. Summers
Stems fr. Old English language. .. the season used as a girl's .. Adoption of Summer and forms was elevated in 1997 and is lower today.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Su- names: Sudie, Sue, Sueann, Suellen, Sula

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Su- names: Sumiko, Summer, Sunny, Sunshine, Suri

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Su- names: Susan, Susana, Susann, Susanna, Susannah

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Su- names: Susanne, Susette, Susie, Suzan, Suzanna

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Su- names: Suzanne, Suzette, Suzi, Suzie, Suzy

Derived fr. Hindi, Sanskrit words. "Well-behaved." Uncommon as a birth name, but Sunita is comparable to the more familiar Shanita.

Sunny and variants

Sunny, var. Sunshine, Sunnie, Sunni, Sunnee
Stems fr. English word. "Sunshine; happy, cheerful temperament." Usage of Sunny and variants as children's names in 2016 was up 1.2% compared to the previous year.

Form of Cypris. Based on Greek element. "From the island of Cyprus." Unique. Supriana, like Sipriana, Sypriana, ends with -iana. See also Sipriane.

Surayyah, Surayya
Var. of Thurayya. Derived fr. Arabic language. "Star." Surayya and Surayyah are rare as feminine names.


Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Princess." Adoption of Suri as a children's name in 2016 was 19% less than 2006. See also Susi.

Susan and variants

Susan1, var. Suzzanne1, Suzy1, Suzon, Suzie1, Suzette1, Suzi1, Suzetta, Suzelle, Suzee, Suzanne1, Suze1, Suzannah1, Suzanna1, Suzane1, Suzan, Suzana1, Susy1, Susie1, Susi, Susen, Susette, Susee, Suse1, Susanne1, Susannagh1, Susannah1, Susanna1, Susann1, Susanka, Susana1, Susanetta, Sunel, Sukie3, Sukey2, Suezanne, Sukee2, Suesonne, Suesann, Suesana1, Sueanne, Suesan, Sueanna, Sueann, Sue, Suanny, Sudie, Su
Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Lily, rose." Adoption of Susan, Sueanna, etc. as birth names in 2016 was down 41.4% compared to the previous decade.

Susanna and variants

Susanna2, var. Suzy2, Suzie2, Suzi2, Suzanna2, Susie2, Susy2, Susann2, Susana2, Susan2, Suezanna
Source fr. Hebrew. "Lily, rose." Suezanna is novel as a baby name among the variant forms of Susanna.

Susannah and variants

Susannah2, var. Suzzanna, Suzy3, Suzie3, Suzi3, Suzannah2, Suze2, Suzanne2, Suzanna3, Suzana2, Susie3, Susy3, Suse2, Susanne2, Susannagh2, Susann3, Susanna3, Susanah, Susana3, Susan3, Suesanna
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Lily." Susan (TOP 1%), Susanna (20%), Susie (8%), Suzanne (4%) and Suzy (41%) are conventional feminine names.

Suzanne and variants

Suzanne3, var. Suzzanne2, Suzette2, Suzannah3, Suzane2, Susanna4, Susanne3, Suesana2
Derivative of French, Hebrew. "Lily, rose." Unconventional, with usage of 0.008% for Suzanne, Susanne, etc. as birth names in 2016, higher than 0.007% the previous year.

Stems fr. Japanese element. "Long-lived." Rare. Suzu is not found in the US Demographics. See also Suzy.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Su- names for girls.

1. Subaru - Suzu
Soraya [Subaru], Socorro [Sucorra], Suellen [Suelyn], Consuelo [Suelo], Sukey [Suky, Sukie, Sukee], Soki [Sukie], Ursula [Sula], Shulamith [Sula, Sulamith], Sumiko, Summer [Summers], Sunita, Sunny [Sunni, Sunnie, Sunnee, Sunshine], Cypris [Supriana], Thurayya [Surayya, Surayyah], Suri, Susan [Suzy, Suzi, Suzon, Suzie, Suzette, Suzetta, Suzelle, Suzzanne, ..], Susanna [Suzy, Suzi, Susy, Suzie, Susie, Susann, Susana, Suzanna, ..], Susannah [Suzy, Suzi, Suze, Suzie, Suzanne, Suzanna, Suzzanna, Suzannah, ..], Suzanne [Suzane, Suzette, Susanne, Susanna, Suesana, Suzzanne, Suzannah], Suzu

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