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Sy- baby names and what they mean, with 20 results. Sy- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in 2001 (usage of 0.9%) and have become much less conventional since (usage 0.21%, down 76.4%), with names like Sydnie becoming somewhat dated. Syer (top 56%) and Sypek (46%) are conventional Sy- last names.

Sy- names

Sybel - Syvonne

Sibyl and variantsSybel1, Sybella1, Sybelle1, Sybil1, Sybilla1, Sybill1, Sybille1
Forms of Sibyl. From Greek language. "Prophetess, oracle." Common, and Sybill is similar to popular -ill last names Skill (top 68%), Sthill (38%).

Sybil2, var. Sybel2, Sybella2, Sybelle2, Sybill2, Sybille2, Sybilla2
From Greek. "Prophetess, oracle." Sybil is a commonly occurring (upper 16%) first name.

Sarah and variantsSydel1, Sydelle1
Forms of Sarah. From Hebrew language. "Princess." Less used today. Sydelle was the variant last found (the 1930s) in the Top 2000.

Sadie and variantsSydell, Sydella, Sydelle2
Var. of Sadie. Source fr. Hebrew. "Princess." Sydell and Sydelle are more popular as children's names among the variant forms of Sadie.

Sydney and variantsSydney, var. Sydel2, Sydelle3, Sydnee, Sydni, Sydnie
Stems fr. Old English word. "Wide island." Sydney is a Top 2000 baby name.

Sydona, Sydonah, Sydonia
Forms of Sidonia. Based on Latin language. "From Sidon." Sydona, Sydonah and Sydonia are not Top 2000 names.

Syleena1, Sylena1
Forms of Selena. Derivative of Greek word. "The moon." Syleena and Sylena are not often used as girls' names.

Syleena2, Sylena2, Sylina
Forms of Selina. Based on Greek language. "The moon." Syleena, Sylena and Sylina are not often used as birth names.

Silvia and variantsSylvia1, Sylvie1
Forms of Silvia. Derivative of Latin word. "Woods, forest." Sylvia and Sylvie are more widely used as birth names among the forms of Silvia.

Sylvia and variantsSylvia2, var. Sylva, Sylvana, Sylvanna, Sylvee, Sylviana, Sylvette, Sylvianne, Sylvie2, Sylvina, Sylvonna, Sylvine, Sylwia
Stems fr. Latin element. "Woods, forest." Usage of Sylvia as a birth name has diminished circa the 1910s.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Sy- names: Sybil, Sybilla, Sydell, Sydelle, Sydnee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Sy- names: Sydney, Sydni, Sydnie, Sylva, Sylvia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Sy- names: Sylvie, Symone, Synthia

Form of Cyma. Origin fr. Greek element. "Flourishing, expecting a baby." Syma is sparsely used as a first name.

Var. of Samantha. Origin fr. English, Hebrew words. "God heard." Symantha is rarely adopted as a birth name.

Simone and variantsSymona, Symone
Forms of Simone. Root fr. Hebrew word. "Hear, listen." Symona is uncommon as a children's name among the forms of Simone.

Cynthia and variantsSynda, Syndee, Syndi1, Syndia, Syntha, Syndy1, Synthee, Syntheea, Synthia, Synthya, Synthie
Forms of Cynthia. Stems fr. Greek word. "From Mount Kynthos." Synda, Syndee, Syndi, Syndia and Syndy are more uncommon as birth names among the variations of Cynthia.

Syndi2, Syndie, Syndy2
Var. of Cindy. From English, Greek languages. "From Mount Kynthos." Syndi, Syndie and Syndy are unusual as baby names.

Sypriana, Syprianne
Forms of Cipriana. From Italian. "From Cyprus." Unusual. Sypriana and Syprianne are not found in the US Demographics.

Form of Sirena. Root fr. Greek word. "Enchanter." Syren is a somewhat popular kid's name. See also Seryna.

Form of Siria. Source fr. Spanish, Persian. "Sun-bright, glowing." Syria is rarely used as a given name, occurring regularly (upper 80%) as a surname.

Var. of Cyrilla. Based on Greek element. "Lord." Syrilla is unique as a baby name. See also Myrilla.

Var. of Siobhan. Based on Irish, Hebrew words. "God is gracious." Syvonna and Syvonny are creative variations. See also Eyvonne.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Sy- names for girls.

1. Sybel - Syvonne
Sibyl [Sybel, Sybil, Sybill, Sybilla, Sybella, Sybelle, Sybille], Sybil [Sybel, Sybill, Sybilla, Sybella, Sybelle, Sybille], Sarah [Sydel, Sydelle], Sadie [Sydell, Sydella, Sydelle], Sydney [Sydni, Sydel, Sydnee, Sydnie, Sydelle], Sidonia [Sydona, Sydonah, Sydonia], Selena [Sylena, Syleena], Selina [Sylina, Sylena, Syleena], Silvia [Sylvia, Sylvie], Sylvia [Sylvie, Sylwia, Sylvina, Sylvine, Sylviana, Sylvonna, Sylvette, Sylvianne, ..], Cyma [Syma], Samantha [Symantha], Simone [Symona, Symone], Cynthia [Syndy, Syndia, Syntha, Synthee, Synthya, Synthie, Synthia, Syntheea, ..], Cindy [Syndy, Syndi, Syndie], Cipriana [Sypriana, Syprianne], Sirena [Syrena], Siria [Syria], Cyrilla [Syrilla], Siobhan [Syvonne]

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