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Tay- baby names and what they mean, with 5 results. Tay- names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these girl names was at its peak 25 years ago (USAGE OF 1.2%) and has become much lower since (USAGE 0.2%, 87%), with names such as Tayla becoming less fashionable. Taylo (TOP 80%) and Tayrien (70%) are popular Tay- last names.

Tay- names

Taya - Tayzie


Form of Taisiya. Derived fr. Russian element. From the Greek name Tha´s .. Teya is also a slightly prominent kid's name. See also Tia.

Tayla and variants

Tayla, var. Taylyn, Taylin
Derived fr. English word. A rhyming variant of Kayla, probably .. Common. Compare Tayla with popular last names Tedla (TOP 42%), Tella (36%), which also end with -la.

Taylor and variants

Taylor, var. Tayler
Based on Middle English, Old French languages. "Tailor; to cut." Taylor and Tayler are more prevalent as girls' names among these versions.

Var. of Tate. Derivative of Old English element. "Cheerful." Not in popularity charts. Also used for boys.

Form of Taisie. Source fr. Irish language. In legend, Taisie was a princess .. Talzie and Taysi are creative forms. See also Tashie.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Tay- names for girls.

1. Taya - Tayzie
Taisiya [Taya], Tayla [Taylyn, Taylin], Taylor [Tayler], Tate [Tayte], Taisie [Tayzie]

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