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The- baby names and what they mean, with 18 results. The- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in the 1910s (USAGE OF 0.9%) and have become much less popular since (USAGE 0.1%, 91%), with names like Theresa becoming less fashionable. Thea (#290) is the most contemporarily stylish girl name among these, while Theard (TOP 30%) and Theriac (57%) are popular The- last names.

The- names

Thea - Thersa


Form of Althea. Derivative of Greek. "Healing herb." Tha is also a moderately popular girl's name. See also Theta.

Form of Dorothy. Root fr. Greek. "Gift of God." Popular, and Thea is comparable to common last names Chea (TOP 6%), Phea (63%), which also end with -hea. See also Thu.

Var. of Timothea. Root fr. Greek language. "God's honor." A highly familiar birth name (#290 IN RECENT RANKINGS), Thea also occurs commonly as a female first name. See also Theta.

Thea4, var. Theia
Stems fr. Greek element. "Goddess." Thea and Theia became more trendy in 2016, rising on average +87 rankings as birth names with Thea gaining the most.

Tecla and variants

Thekla, Thecla
Var. of Tecla. Stems fr. Greek word. "God's glory." Sparing use. Thecla and Thekla are not listed in the US Census.

Theda and variants

Theda1, var. Theta, Theida
Derived fr. Old German language. "People." Less popular today. Theda was the variation last recorded (the 1950s) in the Top 2000.

Thelma and variants

Thelma, var. Thellma
Derived fr. Greek word. "Will, volition." Thelma is popular as a children's name compared to Thellma.

Themis, var. Themiss
Based on Greek language. .. Themis is the goddess of justice .. Thamis and Tremis are creative forms.

Theodora and variants

Theodora, var. Theodosia1, Theo, Theda2, Theadora
Derivative of Greek word. "God's gift." Theadora is exclusive as a birth name among the variant forms of Theodora.

Theodosia and variants

Theodosia2, var. Theda3
Based on Greek element. "God's gift." Theda and Theodosia are more common as baby names among these variations.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of The- names: Thea, Thecla, Theda, Thekla, Thelma

Top 2000 baby names ranking of The- names: Theo, Theodora, Theodosia, Theresa, Therese, Theressa

Theone, var. Theoni
Source fr. Greek language. "Godly." Unique. Theone and Theoni are not listed in the US Demographics.

Theophania, var. Theophanie1, Theofania
Derived fr. Greek. "God's appearance." Theophania, Theofania and Theophanie were not Top birth names in 2016.

Var. of Tiffany. Derivative of Greek language. "Revelation of God." Not that prominent as a children's name. See also Teophania.

Theophila, var. Theofila
Source fr. Greek element. "Loved by God." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Terena. Based on Latin language. Not Top 2000 name. See also Therma.

Theresa and variants

Theresa, var. Theressa, Theresita, Theresina, Therese
Origin fr. Greek word. "Late summer." Theresa and Therese have trended downward in popularity as birth names circa 1950-1959.

Therma, var. Thermia
.. May also refer to warmth, since .. Therma and Thermia are not in the Top 2000.

Form of Tirzah. From Hebrew. "Delight, pleasantness, cypress tree." Thersa is not often used as a girls' name. See also Teresa.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for The- names for girls.

1. Thea - Thersa
Althea [Thea], Dorothy [Thea], Timothea [Thea], Thea [Theia], Tecla [Thekla, Thecla], Theda [Theta, Theida], Thelma [Thellma], Themis [Themiss], Theodora [Theo, Theda, Theadora, Theodosia], Theodosia [Theda], Theone [Theoni], Theophania [Theofania, Theophanie], Tiffany [Theophanie], Theophila [Theofila], Terena [Therena], Theresa [Therese, Theressa, Theresita, Theresina], Therma [Thermia], Tirzah [Thersa]

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