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Gu- baby names and what they mean, with 15 results. Gu- names are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Gu- names for boys.

Guadalupe - Gustava

Derived fr. Spanish language. "Wolf valley."

Gudrun, var. Guthrunne, Guthrunn, Guthrun, Guro, Gudrunn, Gudrunne, Gudruna, Gudrinn, Gudrin, Gudren, Gudrid
Based on Scandinavian. "God rune."

Guenna1, Guendolynn, Guendolinn, Guendolin, Guendolen
Var. of Gwendolen. Stems fr. Welsh element. "Fair bow; blessed ring."

Guillemine, Guillemette, Guillema, Guillelmine, Guglielma1, Guillelmina
Forms of Wilhelmina. Root fr. Old German. "Determined protector."

Source fr. Italian. "Guide."

Guinevere, var. Guinna, Guinever, Guennola, Guenna2, Guenevere, Gueniver, Guenever
From Welsh word. "Fair and smooth."

Form of Josephine. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Jehovah increases."

Gulielma, var. Guglielma2
Root fr. Italian, Old German elements. "Will-helmet."

Derivative of Scandinavian, Old Norse elements. Pet form of names derived from ..

Gulzar, var. Gulzaar, Gul
From Persian element. "Rose garden."

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gu- names: Guadalupe, Gudrun, Guinevere, Gussie, Gusta, Gustava

Gunhilda, var. Gunnhilda, Gunnel, Gunne, Gunna, Gunilda, Gunilla, Gunhilde
Origin fr. Old Norse language. "Strife, battle."

Root fr. Old Norse. "Catious."

Derived fr. Old Norse. "Descendant."

Gusta, Gussie, Gus
Forms of Augusta. Source fr. Latin word. "Great, magnificent."

Gustava, var. Gustha
Source fr. Swedish language. "Staff of the gods."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Gu- names for girls.

1. Guadalupe - Gustava
Guadalupe, Gudrun [Guro, Guthrun, Gudrunn, Gudruna, Gudrinn, Guthrunn, Gudrunne, Guthrunne, ..], Gwendolen [Guenna, Guendolin, Guendolen, Guendolynn, Guendolinn], Wilhelmina [Guillema, Guglielma, Guillemine, Guillemette, Guillelmine, Guillelmina], Guida, Guinevere [Guinna, Guenna, Guinever, Guennola, Gueniver, Guenever, Guenevere], Josephine [Guiseppina], Gulielma [Guglielma], Gull, Gulzar [Gul, Gulzaar], Gunhilda [Gunne, Gunna, Gunnel, Gunilla, Gunilda, Gunhilde, Gunnhilda], Gunnborg, Gunnvor, Augusta [Gus, Gusta, Gussie], Gustava [Gustha]