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Kal- baby names and what they mean, with 26 results. Kal- names are used more often as feminine names.

Kala - Kallan

Kala1, Kalesta, Kalista, Kalla1, Kallesta, Kallie1, Kalli1, Kallista, Kally1, Kallysta, Kalysta
Forms of Calista. Derived fr. Latin, Greek elements. "Cup; fairest, most beautiful."

Variant of Kali.

Kalae, Kalah, Kalla2
Forms of Kayla. Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "Slim and fair."

Kalan, Kalen, Kalin1, Kalyn, Kalynn
Forms of Kaylin. Source fr. American element. Variant of Caitlin, Kayla or Kaylee ..

Form of Calandra. Source fr. Greek. "Lovely one."

Kalani, var. Kalana, Kalaine, Kaloni
Based on Hawaiian. "The heavens, sky; royal one."

Form of Calantha. Stems fr. Greek element. "Beautiful flower."

Kalee, Kaleigh1, Kaley1, Kalie1
Var. of Kaylee. Root fr. Gaelic. "Slender."

Kaleesha, Kalisa, Kalisha, Kalissa, Kalyssa
Var. of Ka-. Stems fr. American. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second ..

Kalei1, var. Kalea, Kaleah, Kalia
Derived fr. Hawaiian element. "The flower wreath; the beloved."

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kal- names: Kala, Kalani, Kalea, Kaleah, Kalee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kal- names: Kaleena, Kalei, Kaleigh, Kalene, Kaley

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kal- names: Kali, Kalia, Kalie, Kalin, Kalina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Kal- names: Kalista, Kalli, Kallie, Kalyn, Kalynn

Kalei2, Kaleigh2, Kaley2, Kalle, Kallee, Kalli2, Kalley, Kallie2, Kally2, Kaly1
Forms of Callie. From Greek. "Beautiful, lovely."

Form of Cayla. Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Slim and fair."

Kali, var. Kalli3
From Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Black."

Var. of Calida. Origin fr. Greek, Spanish elements. "Most beautiful; heated, with warmth."

From Somali element. "Chaste; holy."

Kalila, var. Kaleila, Kalie2, Kalilah, Kaly2
From Arabic element. "Darling, beloved."

Var. of Caoilainn. From Irish element. "Slender and white, fair or pure."

Kalina, var. Kaleen, Kaleena, Kalena, Kalene
Derived fr. Slavic element. "Flower."

Kalinda, var. Kalindi, Kalynda
Origin fr. Hindi element. "The sun."

Form of Callan. Source fr. Scottish element. "Rock."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Kal- names for girls.

1. Kala - Kallan
Calista [Kalli, Kally, Kalla, Kallie, Kalysta, Kallesta, Kallista, Kallysta, ..], Kala, Kayla [Kalae, Kalah, Kalla], Kaylin [Kalan, Kalen, Kalin, Kalyn, Kalynn], Calandra [Kalandra], Kalani [Kaloni, Kalana, Kalaine], Calantha [Kalantha], Kaylee [Kalee, Kaley, Kalie, Kaleigh], Ka- [Kalisa, Kalyssa, Kalisha, Kalissa, Kaleesha], Kalei [Kalia, Kalea, Kaleah], Callie [Kaly, Kalle, Kaley, Kalli, Kally, Kallie, Kallee, Kalley, ..], Cayla [Kaleigh], Kali [Kalli], Calida [Kalidas], Kalifa, Kalila [Kaly, Kalie, Kaleila, Kalilah], Caoilainn [Kalin], Kalina [Kaleen, Kalena, Kalene, Kaleena], Kalinda [Kalindi, Kalynda], Callan [Kallan]

Kallan, Kallie [Kali, Kalle, Kalli, Kally, Kallita], Calliope [Kalliope], Kalliope [Kallyope], Kallista [Kala, Kalli, Kally, Kallie, Kalesta, Kalista, Kallysta], Calypso [Kallypso]