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Khadija - Kharissa

Khadija, var. Khadyja, Khadiya, Khadijah
Derived fr. Arabic language. "Early baby."

Khandice, Khandace
Var. of Candice. Derived fr. Latin word. "Clarity, whiteness."

Var. of Candy. Origin fr. English. "Sweet."

Var. of Carissa. From Latin, Greek languages. "Beloved; grace."

Var. of Charissa. Based on Greek. "Grace."

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1. Khadija - Kharissa
Khadija [Khadyja, Khadiya, Khadijah], Candice [Khandace, Khandice], Candy [Khandi], Carissa [Kharissa], Charissa [Kharissa]


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