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Leon- baby names and what they mean, with 10 results. Leon- names are used more often as feminine names.

Leona - Leontyne

Leona, var. Leone1, Leonelle1, Leonia, Leonie1, Leontine1, Leontyne1
Based on Latin word. "Lion."

Leonara, Leonora1, Leonore1
Forms of Helen. Origin fr. Greek. "Sun ray."

Leonarda1, var. Leonarde
Stems fr. Old German element. "Lion strength."

Var. of Lenna. Stems fr. Old German language. "Lion's strength."

Form of Leandra. From Greek. "Lion man."

Leonie2, var. Leonda, Leondra, Leondrea, Leonline, Leone2, Leonela, Leonie3, Leoni, Leonine, Leontine2
Root fr. Latin language. "Lion."

Leonor1, Leonora2, Leonore2
Forms of Eleanor. From Old French, Old German elements. "Other, foreign."

Leonora3, var. Leonor2, Leonore3
Derived fr. Greek. "Compassion; light."

Leonora4, Leonore4
Forms of Lenore. Based on Greek language. "Light."

Leontyne2, var. Leontina, Leontine3
Based on French element. Feminine of Leon, made familiar by ..

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1. Leona - Leontyne
Leona [Leone, Leonia, Leonie, Leontine, Leonelle, Leontyne], Helen [Leonara, Leonora, Leonore], Leonarda [Leonarde], Lenna [Leonarda], Leandra [Leonelle], Leonie [Leone, Leoni, Leonie, Leonine, Leonela, Leondrea, Leonline, Leontine, ..], Eleanor [Leonor, Leonora, Leonore], Leonora [Leonor, Leonore], Lenore [Leonora, Leonore], Leontyne [Leontina, Leontine]